Writing Update

I’m hard at work on the novel (yes, novel) version of My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey. My other priority is to format 691 Suburban Dr (the sequel to 428 College St) and get it on Amazon. I want to work on that this weekend and I will let you know when it’s up. Oh, and I […]


Your Own Private Porno Story?

Would you ever consider writing a customized story for some extra cash?  – Ron Why yes, I would. In fact, I have, and I’d love to do it again. I’m not exactly cheap but I’m reasonable. Email me for details: bacteriaburger@gmail.com



I’m kind of curious about something. You mentioned feeling like your product is somewhat “watered down” with your ebooks. Do you feel that you’re putting out ebooks that have older material just to get them out the door so to speak or to pad their length? If that’s not the case and I’m over-thinking this […]



Jak_Frost Says: Do you intend to write any porn film scripts/screenplays? I know you contributed to a Joe Gage film, but I think that in today’s over saturated online porn climate of “just the sex”, a porn film with an actual plot would be refreshing. Your talent is building hot, believable fantasies with crisp realistic dialogue. […]


What’s New?

Geez, I don’t know. I’m basically finished with my sequel to 428 College St, which is titled 691 Suburban Dr. I have it out to a couple of friends who are going to read it and get back to me with comments. I guess I’ll talk more about the genesis of ‘691’ when I finally […]



Brojobs, my new ebook, is up on Amazon. I must say, I’m quite proud of the product description: Hey, bro. Here are fifteen stories about bros gettin down with other bros. From fuckin around with your big brother’s bro, to gettin bromantic at a drunken bachelor party, to bangin your brahs on a camping trip […]


New Ebook Alert!

I’m putting out a new ebook in a few days called ‘Brojobs.’ That’s the cover above, by Johnny Murdoc – ain’t it wild? It largely consists of previously-published work, but will contain the fruits of my most recent story poll, ‘The Bachelor Party’ [being a story about “the bachelor party that everyone tries to forget”]. […]

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Dad’s Best Friend

I have a story in this month’s issue of Handjobs Magazine, “Dad’s Best Friend.” Home for the summer after his freshmen year in college, Nate gets drafted to help Dad put a new roof on the house. Dad’s best friend, Alan Burke, is helping out, and the two men get to talking about the girls […]


My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers

In honor of the official release date for Never Easy, the anthology I helped produce with Johnny Murdoc and Rob Wolfsham, here is the beginning of “My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers,” one of three stories I wrote for the book. Never Easy is available on Amazon or you can order it directly from us via Queer […]