What’s New?

Geez, I don’t know.

I’m basically finished with my sequel to 428 College St, which is titled 691 Suburban Dr. I have it out to a couple of friends who are going to read it and get back to me with comments. I guess I’ll talk more about the genesis of ‘691’ when I finally put it out (in whatever capacity, I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do with it), but I’ll say now that it was done with the intention of writing something “easy” and modest. By which I mean to say, I had low expectations for how it was going to turn out, and it managed to exceed them. It’s got some interesting characters and some good themes, I think, and overall it was just a rewarding thing to write.

As you’re well aware if you read this blog, I put out my new ebook ‘Brojobs’ earlier this week. I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about the whole ebook thing. On the one hand, the ebook revolution is making me more money than I’ve ever made in any other capacity as a writer (though the magazines paid pretty well). On the other hand, I feel like my product is diluted, or something. Most of my ebooks consist of old stories, and it’s not that I’m not proud of what I’ve written over the years, but the quality is certainly variable. I’m definitely not complaining.

Other than not complaining, I’m working on painting another wall in my apartment, similar to a job I did last year. This one is much more complicated but it’s been pretty fun designing it. I’m also working sporadically on my first “real” novel (as opposed to a short story cycle like Backwoods), the details of which I’d still rather withhold as the project is hardly even a fetus, it’s like a tiny mass of barely-congealed cells at this point.