joe gage


Jak_Frost Says: Do you intend to write any porn film scripts/screenplays? I know you contributed to a Joe Gage film, but I think that in today’s over saturated online porn climate of “just the sex”, a porn film with an actual plot would be refreshing. Your talent is building hot, believable fantasies with crisp realistic dialogue. […]


Notes from the Porn Set

Repost from old blog, 8/7/2007 So I’m back from vacation on the west coast, the highlight of which was visiting, for one day, the set of Joe Gage’s latest porn film. It was a really positive experience. I stuck with the crew, which were filming five performers doing an anal scene and a watersports scene. […]


Dad Takes a Fishing Trip

Just a reminder that the movie I co-wrote with legendary director Joe Gage, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip, is ready and available for all your self-abuse needs. I wrote the first two sex scenes: one where three guys in a motel room get into it (actually based on portions of this chapter of my story […]


The Word Made Flesh

Repost from old blog, 3/18/2007 Pull up a chair – this is a long one, but it’s worth it. I’ve been a fan of porn director Joe Gage for a little while now. He directed some of the most well-respected and enduring porn films of the seventies – in particular the trilogy of “Kansas City […]