I’ve been working hard for the past several weeks on my new ebook, Daddy/Boy, and I submitted it to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing on Friday. Yesterday I received word that Amazon will not be offering this title for sale. It is “blocked.” The reason? “It is in violation of our content guidelines.” So, you might […]


Coming Soon

Features fourteen tales of intergenerational sex, including one brand-new previously-unpublished story, “Chuck and Skippy,” plus an entertaining preface and quasi-entertaining story annotations. Will be available on Smashwords and Amazon. Cover design by Johnny Murdoc.


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I exercised my constitutional right to disable my Facebook profile yesterday. I’m on Twitter so if you want to follow me feel free to do so: @nattysoltesz. Though I almost never post on Twitter because I don’t understand its purpose, beyond attempts to get the attention of people more famous than me. Am I missing […]


New Thangs

Here’s some things that have happened since I last posted: 1) Backwoods was submitted to the Lambda Literary Awards in the ‘gay erotica’ category, which doesn’t really mean anything as there’s a bunch of books submitted. They’ll announce five or so finalists eventually, so we’ll see. 2) Dennis Cooper, one of my literary heroes, listed […]

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More Backwoods Frustration

So you can now order Backwoods, the print version, on Amazon for $9.04. That’s only some cents over the price of the ebook version on Amazon. Why is it so cheap? I have no idea! Furthermore, I have yet to see a copy of it. I can’t believe it. How is it that I could […]


Str8 But Curious – The Preface

Note: this is the preface to my ebook, Str8 But Curious, which you can purchase as an Amazon Kindle book or as a PDF. Don’t Be It, Dream It by Natty Soltesz I’ve had my share of straight guys. Maybe I’ve had my fill. I bagged the majority during my college years, that magical time […]


Str8 But Curious PDF

Hey all you non-Kindle users who are interested in checking out my new ebook, Str8 But Curious: now you can purchase a PDF version directly from me. I’m pricing it a dollar cheaper – $3.99. Just click on the button below to order it. I will send the PDF to the email address that you […]


New Stories Alert!

So here’s my little literary swindle: remember the story poll I ran a month or so back? Well, if you want to read the story about getting gang banged by a high school football team (it’s called “Athletic Supporter”) you have to pay for it – it’s included in my just-released ebook, Str8 But Curious. […]

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