April 1, 2011

That’s when Backwoods is supposed to be released. From what I’ve seen release dates are subject to change, but I’m just glad to have some sort of anchor, something to remind me that this is really going to happen, my book is going to be published. Unless the whole thing is an April Fools joke. […]

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Coming, Crying, Assuming

So there’s this recently-released anthology of sex stories called Coming & Crying, which was funded by a well-received Kickstarter project. I came across it while developing my own project on Kickstarter, and from the start I was perturbed by the editors’ stated intent, which is (partly): We want to produce this book because we want to read it; […]


This Didn’t Happen

Repost from old blog, 2/21/2009A couple of years ago I was living in a tract of homes just outside of Upper St Clair. There wasn’t much to recommend about the area, and the only time I really spent outside my home was to come to and from work. The houses all looked the same with […]


Story Situation Poll Results

Congratulations, pollsters: you did the right thing. I know I pushed for the Seann William Scott/Stifler story, but truth be told I voted for the ill-fated story about a tanning salon clerk. But that’s cool – apparently THREE OTHER PEOPLE think it’s a good idea, too (even my devoted bf suggested I nix it). What […]


Story Situation Poll

This summer I started working on a series of nonfiction stories for a chapbook my friend is going to put out, tentatively titled Sex Makes Life.  Before that I was working on my college stories book, tentatively titled College Town U.S.A. But I put both of those projects aside recently to finish up a top-secret project […]


Backwoods Update

Rebel Satori Press/Queer Mojo posted my bio information on their website. Exciting! I finally signed and sent off my contract for Backwoods this past week. Word on the street is that Michael will be finished with the illustrations by July. Whenever I stop to really consider that I managed to do this, I manage to […]

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New Story Alert!

I’ve got a new story up on Butt Magazine’s blog. I used to write a lot more about my true-life escapades (back when I was a youngster and had a lot of true-life escapades) and I’d share that stuff now if it wasn’t so embarrassing to me (both for the dumb and dangerous things I […]


Recent Notebook

Idea inspired by/stolen from Johnny Murdoc.  These are two pages from a story called “Dumpster Letter” which is tentatively part of the book I’m working on. Can you even read this?  Rob Wolfsham says that Johnny writes like a serial killer.  I think I write like a teenage girl on Valium.


Kickstarter Love

So I’ve been posting some updates over on my Kickstarter project that you might want to check out, mostly lots of gushing over my backers (credit and love also due to the folks who’ve donated money via my PayPal link). The other day the folks at The Kickstarter Blog decided to highlight one of my […]


The Doghouse

I’ve got a story in this month’s issue of Handjobs magazine: “The Doghouse.” In a jealous fit, Mom tossed Dad out of the house and would have a fit if his son found out where he was. But son can’t stay away from Dad and finds him holed up in a motel room. Dad is […]

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