Jak_Frost Says:

Do you intend to write any porn film scripts/screenplays? I know you contributed to a Joe Gage film, but I think that in today’s over saturated online porn climate of “just the sex”, a porn film with an actual plot would be refreshing. Your talent is building hot, believable fantasies with crisp realistic dialogue. A porn film like that would be amazing.

I frequently fantasize about creating my own porn films. As far as plot is concerned, the word makes me think of a story that overlays several scenes and plays out through the course of a long film, with characters who are motivated by things other than just wanting to fuck one another.  I have to say that that idea bores me. My movies would be single scenes, little one-act plays, and like my stories they’d be heavy on situation, with clearly identifiable character types in archetypal situations. I think we’re on the same page as far as that’s concerned, but I just wanted to specify. These types of scenes exist, but they are really hard to find.

I would love to write another screenplay, it’s a type of writing I find really effortless and enjoyable. I suppose I haven’t pursued this type of work because I feel like it must be really difficult to get, and imagine that most of the writing is done in-house, but who knows? Any idea where I might find out? I’m game!