new story alert

New Story Alert!

New story – Four Days in the Exurbs. This was originally published in the anthology Indecent Exposures. I hopes you likes it. Not much to report but it looks like I’ll be doing a reading out in San Francisco in November so that should be fun.

New Story Alert!

The sad news is that my favorite magazine, Handjobs, has ceased publication as of this month. Permit me a reminiscence, as this news affected me strongly. I found my first issue of Handjobs in 1997, in a bookstore in Phoenix – possibly the first porn store I’ve ever visited. For a long time it was […]

New Nifty Story Alert!

New story for February – Diary of a University Research Subject. This is a longer story (if you contributed to the Kickstarter campaign for my book Backwoods you might have received it in the mail in booklet form) so I decided to post it on Nifty in two or three installments. When all installments are […]

New Story Alert!

New story for the beginning of December: My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers, originally published in the anthology Never Easy – which is still available and highly recommended. This story continues my series of “My…” stories, along with My Brother’s Buddy Tony and My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly updates. […]

New Ebook Alert!

I’m putting out a new ebook in a few days called ‘Brojobs.’ That’s the cover above, by Johnny Murdoc – ain’t it wild? It largely consists of previously-published work, but will contain the fruits of my most recent story poll, ‘The Bachelor Party’ [being a story about “the bachelor party that everyone tries to forget”]. […]

Dad’s Best Friend

I have a story in this month’s issue of Handjobs Magazine, “Dad’s Best Friend.” Home for the summer after his freshmen year in college, Nate gets drafted to help Dad put a new roof on the house. Dad’s best friend, Alan Burke, is helping out, and the two men get to talking about the girls […]

New Story Alert!

Hey! It’s been a while since I wrote ‘New Story Alert!’ at the top of a post. Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything related to a post, but there ya go. I know I’m prolific. I know this. But during down times (which can last weeks if not months) when I’m thinking […]

New Story Alert!

I know I don’t give this blog a lot of love and attention lately, but I really do love it. Case in point: I’m currently working on my application for an artist fellowship, and while looking through the story files on my computer today (I was updating my resume and including my writing experience for […]

New Stories Alert!

So here’s my little literary swindle: remember the story poll I ran a month or so back? Well, if you want to read the story about getting gang banged by a high school football team (it’s called “Athletic Supporter”) you have to pay for it – it’s included in my just-released ebook, Str8 But Curious. […]

New Story Alert!

Just posted: The Doghouse, a tale of consensual fantasy incest that was originally published in Handjobs Magazine. Thanks to all who voted in my last story poll, I look forward to writing about getting gang banged by a high school football team. Continued apologies for being so absent around here – I still don’t have […]