I’m kind of curious about something. You mentioned feeling like your product is somewhat “watered down” with your ebooks. Do you feel that you’re putting out ebooks that have older material just to get them out the door so to speak or to pad their length?

If that’s not the case and I’m over-thinking this (which is definitely possible) then I’d be interested to hear exactly what you meant by your work being watered down and what you think a potential solution might look like.

Also, if it’s not clear, I’m not attacking you or anything, just a curious fan.


The only reason I’m releasing my stories in ebook form is to make money. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. I have to imagine that ebooks are exposing my work to entirely new audiences, one that’s never found my work on Nifty or on this website. So that’s another positive thing. My ebooks consist almost entirely of old material, and while I’m grateful for the money and the exposure there’s a part of me that looks at my Amazon author page and feels a little weird about the fact that this new audience is seeing all the skeletons in my closet.

But in reality, that’s what this website is, too. There are stories on this website that I’ve deliberately chosen to keep out of my ebooks because I think they suck. Yet I keep them up here because they must have meant something to me when I wrote them, and because if I start editing myself too much I might end up editing my work right out of existence.

It’s just weird because when I put out an ebook, I announce it on here and on Facebook because I want it to sell, I want to get the word out. But the fact that it’s not my newest work, that it isn’t representative of where I’m at now is what bothers me a little. Also I’m conscious of not releasing too much shit and oversaturating the market, because I want people to pay attention when I do release something that is new, that I’m truly excited about.

On the other hand, I’ve taken care to include at least one brand-new story that I’m excited about in every ebook I’ve release. So there’s that.