E-book Imminent

Hello there! Behold the cover for my new e-book, designed by the peerless writer/book cover maker Johnny Murdoc. Str8 But Curious is a compendium of my best “straight-ish guy” stories. Most importantly it contains two brand new stories featuring fuckable (but not quite lovable) straight bait. Plus a nonfiction introduction by yours truly! I’m still […]


Backwoods Non-Update Update

So here it is, summer, and I have nothing to report about the state of Backwoods. It’s in book limbo – everything is completed (though I’m sure it could use some editing), but no action is being taken to get it out in the world. I anticipated this. My publisher set the summer release date, […]


Why Sex?

Wanted to mention this earlier: my writer buddy Johnny Murdoc recently posted the introduction I wrote for his book Blowjob 3, titled “Why Sex?,” in full on his website. Read it here. This cheered me up today – it’s a review of Blowjob 3 where the reviewer really liked my introduction: The collection of stories […]


Jon Raymond

Jon Raymond is an Oregon-based writer you should get to know and appreciate. He’s published a novel, which I haven’t read, and a short story collection, Livability, which I highly recommend. He’s most well known from his collaborations with the filmmaker Kelly Reichardt, in fact two stories from Livability were made into films directed by […]


Why I Quit Smoking Pot

Repost from old blog, 7/2/2009 This essay is five years old and was published in a now-defunct local magazine, Deek. I came across it the other day and realized it has its moments. I still don’t smoke.

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My (Legitimate) Sob Story

I never started writing erotica for the money.  Pursuing any type of writing for the money would be, amongst many other attributes, hilarious.  I started writing erotica because it was what I was meant to do, and I started publishing it on Nifty (and eventually on this website) because I felt it was good, and […]


A Five-Star Review!

Repost from old blog, 1/18/2008. Thought of it because of this business. So I’m doing my regular Google ego-surfing and the first link that comes up is a new review posted to Amazon’s listing for Best Gay Romance 2008. With glee I scroll down to see what the reviewer had to say about my story, […]


How I Spent My Los Angeles Vacation

My job sent me to L.A. for three days this week for a conference.  I stayed at a hostel in Venice Beach and I could see the ocean from my window.  Plus there were all these young international men getting shit-faced and walking around in their underwear. more…


The Mall

Repost from old blog, 1/28/2008 Breath shallow, feet taking me to my destination, I would enter the warm light of the bookstore and duck the imagined glare of the clerk. I might browse the science fiction section for a minute, but inevitably, I’d go to where I really wanted to be: the “Relationships” section. There […]