From the mail bag…

Repost from old blog, 6/24/2007 “Hi, I’m a horny, fat old disabled lady with a wild imagination. I love your stories. They have a touch of romance, daring, the taboo are well written and have good story lines. Last week I had a crazy erotic dream which involved having sex with a hermaphrodite extra terrestrial […]


Dad Takes a Fishing Trip

Just a reminder that the movie I co-wrote with legendary director Joe Gage, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip, is ready and available for all your self-abuse needs. I wrote the first two sex scenes: one where three guys in a motel room get into it (actually based on portions of this chapter of my story […]



Repost from old blog, 11/14/2007 He got on the stop after mine; there was an empty seat next to me and I hoped and feared he would and would not take it. He was beautiful, the kind of person I could never be – smiling, handsome, at ease. He took a seat next to another […]


New Story Alert!

Here it is, folks, the end result of my experiment in reader-assisted decision making: My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey, Part II. I hope ya like it. That poll (and its results) was inspiring – I wrote this story before voting was even finished, figuring if a different story won I’d just write a sequel to that […]


My Writing Habits

I mostly hate when writers write about writing. But it’s the night before my 31st birthday, so fuck it. Aside from some conversations I’ve had with my therapist, I’ve never formally examined my writing habits. I realized while redesigning my website that as a writer I’m somewhat prolific. Not Stephen King prolific, but I’m definitely […]


Thanks, Handjobs Readers!

Dear Handjobs: I really enjoyed your hot story Biology Lesson by Natty Soltesz in the November 2009 issue. The boys learned a lot from that sex pot teacher! How about a follow-up piece where Mr. Christianson invites the boys’ dads to learn a thing or two about their sons’ lusty desires, such as how they […]


Story-Sequel Poll: The Results

The results of my poll are in, and the story that readers chose to be continued is My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey. I’m pleased. It’s the one I voted for. (And yes, goddammit, I’m allowed to have a say in what I write.) Ninety-nine of you voted. That’s insane. Do that many people really read this […]


The Word Made Flesh

Repost from old blog, 3/18/2007 Pull up a chair – this is a long one, but it’s worth it. I’ve been a fan of porn director Joe Gage for a little while now. He directed some of the most well-respected and enduring porn films of the seventies – in particular the trilogy of “Kansas City […]

New Anthologies

There are two new anthologies out with my stories in them.  Both of these books contain excerpts from my book Backwoods (which is currently in slush-pile limbo).  Check em out.


The Story-Sequel Poll

I love getting email from readers, and whenever I post a story on Nifty I get a good handful of them.  Inevitably, one or two readers ask if I intend to write a sequel to whatever story they’ve just read, and  I always say the same thing:  Nope. I’ve written serials before, and though I […]