1/2/2013: Promotion officially ended! Buy em or just read all the free stories on this website. Hey yo. I’m giving away two of my ebooks for Christmas. Just the PDF versions cause apparently you have sell your soul to Amazon if you want to give them away on there. Here they are: Str8 But Curious [PDF] […]


Here’s Somebody Jacking Off While Reading One of My Stories

Well, I can’t be exactly sure that he’s reading one of my stories – in these photos by Marlen Boro, the model Ollie is reading some section of the anthology that also contains stories by Johnny Murdoc and Rob Wolfsham. Regardless, Ollie has made a fine choice of reading material, and should you wish to follow […]


Incomplete List of Certified Tearjerkers

[Note: the term “profound” is subjective, and so is everything else.] MOVIES 1. Fearless (1993, s. Jeff Bridges, d. Peter Weir) – overcoming fear of death 2. Thelma & Louise (1991, s. Susan Sarandon, d. Ridley Scott) – overcoming fear of death, profound intimacy 3. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993, s. Johnny Depp, d. Lasse […]


My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers

In honor of the official release date for Never Easy, the anthology I helped produce with Johnny Murdoc and Rob Wolfsham, here is the beginning of “My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers,” one of three stories I wrote for the book. Never Easy is available on Amazon or you can order it directly from us via Queer […]


New Anthology Announcement

So this, my friends, has been a long time coming. I’m pleased to announce a new erotica anthology featuring stories from me, Johnny Murdoc and Rob Wolfsham. We’ve been working on this book for the past two years and it’s now available for pre-order through Queer Young Cowboys. This book was made in the spirit […]


Media Regurgitation

Look out, I’m about to spew words about recent things I’ve consumed. Netflix movies Death Race 2000: Pretty goddamn brilliant. Proto-Starship Troopers-style sci-fi exploitation with a nice satirical bite. There’s a lot of Roger Corman productions on Netflix these days and I’m eating em up. The Big Bird Cage was another good one, also Switchblade […]


Daddy/Boy – The Unexpurgated Edition

Here ’tis: the original version of my most recent ebook, originally rejected by Amazon and now released in all its incest-laden glory. Includes fourteen of my best intergenerational fuck stories, plus a brand-new story (“Chuck and Skippy”), a preface and a section of annotations detailing story inspirations and other randomness. **Buy it here via Queer […]


Social Networking, Books, Writing, Dream

I exercised my constitutional right to disable my Facebook profile yesterday. I’m on Twitter so if you want to follow me feel free to do so: @nattysoltesz. Though I almost never post on Twitter because I don’t understand its purpose, beyond attempts to get the attention of people more famous than me. Am I missing […]


Just So Horny by Michael Kirwan

Michael Kirwan’s recently-released book Just So Horny arrived in the mail today. You might remember that Michael Kirwan did the illustrations for my getting-closer-to-being-released (seriously! more on that later) book, Backwoods. Well the awesome news is that three of the illustrations Michael did for Backwoods are included in Just So Horny. They’re full-page illustrations and […]


Why Sex?

Wanted to mention this earlier: my writer buddy Johnny Murdoc recently posted the introduction I wrote for his book Blowjob 3, titled “Why Sex?,” in full on his website. Read it here. This cheered me up today – it’s a review of Blowjob 3 where the reviewer really liked my introduction: The collection of stories […]