My cat’s been missing for the past four days.  I let him out Wednesday morning and he just never came home.  It’s been hard cause he’s sort of my family’s mascot – he’s big and cuddly and will let you do whatever you want to him. Anyway I’ve been posting about this on Facebook but […]


How I Spent My Los Angeles Vacation

My job sent me to L.A. for three days this week for a conference.  I stayed at a hostel in Venice Beach and I could see the ocean from my window.  Plus there were all these young international men getting shit-faced and walking around in their underwear. more…


The Mall

Repost from old blog, 1/28/2008 Breath shallow, feet taking me to my destination, I would enter the warm light of the bookstore and duck the imagined glare of the clerk. I might browse the science fiction section for a minute, but inevitably, I’d go to where I really wanted to be: the “Relationships” section. There […]


Fuck you, Caribou Coffee

Read some of the bullshit on these cups.  Caribou Coffee has this trash printed all over the window of their store, which I walk by most everyday.  It never fails to fill me with rage:  “Give your change to charity,”  “Plant lots of trees,” “Have a favorite charity,” “Indulge in CHOCOLATE therapy.”  The one I […]


Second Thoughts

Repost from old blog, 10/20/2006: As far as incest porn is concerned, this post is quite outdated. Today I was getting ready for work when I realized that some of my porn had finally downloaded. I opened it up for a quick look, and saw something completely new for the first time: I saw twin […]


Posting for Posting’s Sake

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Can’t really say why I’m on a downswing, it just happens.  In fact I’m sort of overdue for posting a new story (I used my Butt Magazine story as an unofficial stopgap).  I will soon. Besides that I’m just having a summer.  Rob Wolfsham just visited me and […]


First Time Taking Acid

Repost from old blog, 3/28/2008I remember feeling unready. It was my senior year of high school, many of my out-of-town friends had tripped, and they announced that they were coming into town in a few hours, bringing blotter, and we were all going to trip together. N– had the house to herself that night, a […]


First Time Taking Ecstasy

Repost from old blog, 3/15/2008It was the fall of 1998; I was a freshman in college. N–, my best friend from high school, invited me to come along with her and two other girls to someone’s house in Morgantown, West Virginia, to take ecstasy. I’d already done acid and mushrooms by then. Kari* was driving, […]

First Time Smoking Pot

Repost from old blog, 3/20/08I was 16? 17? It was late fall and I was in my junior year of high school. My older brother, who I was close with at the time, had been smoking weed forever, and I’d been curious to try it. One weekend he arranged to get me high. After school […]


Nobody likes you.

Repost from old blog, 12/28/2006 Nobody likes you. Nobody enjoys you. Nobody wants to hang out with you. The phone doesn’t ring. You could call, but that would be imposing, and they probably would rather you didn’t call, anyway. They think of you, briefly – one says “did you call him?” The other says “no, […]