New Story Alert!

New story for the beginning of December: My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers, originally published in the anthology Never Easy – which is still available and highly recommended. This story continues my series of “My…” stories, along with My Brother’s Buddy Tony and My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly updates. […]


Summer Reminisced

I want to write about my summer in a positive way and not feel like I’m bragging. Intention stated! Let it be known that I had a lot of great times this summer, and a lot of down times, too. I’d rather reminisce about the good stuff. Things I did this summer: – Banged on […]


Incomplete List of Certified Tearjerkers

[Note: the term “profound” is subjective, and so is everything else.] MOVIES 1. Fearless (1993, s. Jeff Bridges, d. Peter Weir) – overcoming fear of death 2. Thelma & Louise (1991, s. Susan Sarandon, d. Ridley Scott) – overcoming fear of death, profound intimacy 3. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993, s. Johnny Depp, d. Lasse […]


Life Update

Lately I feel like my apartment is closing in on me. It doesn’t help that I live in an attic and it’s hot as BAWLZ outside. I’m chipping away at ‘691 Suburban Dr’ but the fact of the matter is that it has become a chore in recent days. I think my current goal is […]


The Lambda Awards were Super Fun!

…even though I LOST [sad horn sound]. But in all honesty, the real disappointment for me would’ve been if I hadn’t been a finalist. I was counting on that shit! I just wanted a chance to go to the awards and see how the other half lives. So what can I say? I looked like […]


Anybody Out There?

Hey! I feel like I need to post something on here given how dormant this blog has been in recent weeks/months. I haven’t been writing much lately, though I did bust out an entire story in like four hours the other day – a highly erotic story, no less. This was comforting to me because […]


Media Regurgitation

Look out, I’m about to spew words about recent things I’ve consumed. Netflix movies Death Race 2000: Pretty goddamn brilliant. Proto-Starship Troopers-style sci-fi exploitation with a nice satirical bite. There’s a lot of Roger Corman productions on Netflix these days and I’m eating em up. The Big Bird Cage was another good one, also Switchblade […]



It’d be nice if I wrote every day, but it’s also unrealistic if I want to maintain my full-time job and semblance of a social life. So I’ll skip a day or two, usually during the work week. If I skip writing for two days in a row I start to feel it, so I […]


Work Life Update

Thanks for voting in my poll! I look forward to writing about the bachelor party that everyone tries to forget. Maybe I need to watch ‘The Hangover’ to prepare – Bradley Cooper’s douche-tastic personality may take a concealed starring role in the finished story. I’m working on thangs. Finished ‘691 Suburban Dr’ a couple of […]


Social Networking, Books, Writing, Dream

I exercised my constitutional right to disable my Facebook profile yesterday. I’m on Twitter so if you want to follow me feel free to do so: @nattysoltesz. Though I almost never post on Twitter because I don’t understand its purpose, beyond attempts to get the attention of people more famous than me. Am I missing […]