Nobody likes you.

Repost from old blog, 12/28/2006

Nobody likes you.
Nobody enjoys you.
Nobody wants to hang out with you.
The phone doesn’t ring.
You could call, but that would be imposing, and they probably would rather you didn’t call, anyway.
They think of you, briefly – one says “did you call him?”
The other says “no, did you?”
They laugh – oh well.
They see a movie, they go drinking, dancing, fucking. They have similar interests, similar musical tastes. They have shared experiences, all of which solidify their bonds.
They have full and wild and fascinating lives.
They are full of goals that they will achieve.
Conversation flows effortlessly, things happen that they will talk about afterwards, stories they’ll have for the rest of their lives.
These things never happen when you’re around.
Your presence breeds discomfort. Nobody knows what to say.
You are kept around only out of habit, or because you make them feel better about themselves.
Try to tell yourself that you are worth something, that you have secrets, that one day you will laugh in their faces.
Sit back and watch it never happen.