Why I Quit Smoking Pot

Repost from old blog, 7/2/2009 This essay is five years old and was published in a now-defunct local magazine, Deek. I came across it the other day and realized it has its moments. I still don’t smoke.

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First Time Taking Acid

Repost from old blog, 3/28/2008I remember feeling unready. It was my senior year of high school, many of my out-of-town friends had tripped, and they announced that they were coming into town in a few hours, bringing blotter, and we were all going to trip together. N– had the house to herself that night, a […]


First Time Taking Ecstasy

Repost from old blog, 3/15/2008It was the fall of 1998; I was a freshman in college. N–, my best friend from high school, invited me to come along with her and two other girls to someone’s house in Morgantown, West Virginia, to take ecstasy. I’d already done acid and mushrooms by then. Kari* was driving, […]

First Time Smoking Pot

Repost from old blog, 3/20/08I was 16? 17? It was late fall and I was in my junior year of high school. My older brother, who I was close with at the time, had been smoking weed forever, and I’d been curious to try it. One weekend he arranged to get me high. After school […]