The Railroad Yard

Repost from old blog, 2/18/2008At age ten I encounter my first porno magazine. I’ve been riding bikes with John M—, a fellow paperboy. He’s a year younger than me, kind of a runt. He’s not really a friend. “Didja ever see a Playboy?” he asks, and I say no. We bike to the railroad yard, […]


Depression in Book Form

Repost from old blog, 9/29/2007A few years ago, during one of my frequent identity crises as a writer, I somehow got the idea that I would be good at writing greeting cards. So I decided to purchase a book about freelance writing for greeting card companies. That book was called…Freelance Writing for Greeting Card Companies, […]



Hey, I deactivated my Facebook account.  It’s just temporary, I just needed a break.  But I didn’t want anyone to think I “un-friended” them.


Saturday Morning

Repost from old blog, 2/4/2008I used to lay in bed on Saturday mornings. I could feel the summer sun shining through my window. I listened to the sound of children playing, dogs barking, cars rolling down the road. Life happening. There was too much. I was paralyzed. I wanted to experience all of it, but […]


Greatest Record Score of All Time

Repost from old blog, 8/7/2008 Ever have one of those dreams where you find a trove of wonderful and unusual stuff? Like a set of rare and incredible CDs by your favorite band; CDs that don’t exist but in your dream life? I once had an experience like that, except it was real. At least […]


Thanks Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson, the seriously entertaining writer who coined the term metrosexual and wrote the book on Morrissey (and is – please forgive me – a hot piece of ass), wrote this great analysis of my MM4W Craigslist post: Now, there’s nothing wrong with a couple of buddies wanting to re-enact the gang-bang, several-outsized-penises-pester-one-pussy porn that […]


My Writing Habits

I mostly hate when writers write about writing. But it’s the night before my 31st birthday, so fuck it. Aside from some conversations I’ve had with my therapist, I’ve never formally examined my writing habits. I realized while redesigning my website that as a writer I’m somewhat prolific. Not Stephen King prolific, but I’m definitely […]


The Bee is Me

Repost from old blog, 11/10/2006 Sitting in the car outside the store, waiting for my boyfriend to get directions. I was engrossed in my cellphone, examining it absentmindedly, cleaning the dust out of the crannies, the grease off of the screen, not thinking of anything much. Then, I thought to look up and out the […]