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I exercised my constitutional right to disable my Facebook profile yesterday. I’m on Twitter so if you want to follow me feel free to do so: @nattysoltesz. Though I almost never post on Twitter because I don’t understand its purpose, beyond attempts to get the attention of people more famous than me. Am I missing […]


Why Has Natty Deactivated His Facebook Profile THIS Time?

First off, usual disclaimers apply: deactivation is temporary, I’ll probably be back on Facebook before you know it, etc etc. The short answer to the above question is: people on the Internet annoy me. The answer that requires explanation is: because I believe the Occupy protests are the most important thing in the world now. […]


I’m going to be interviewed LIVE for a local web show, Positive OUTlook, this Thursday, September 1, at 1pm. Just go to to watch the live feed. Afterward it will be archived on their YouTube channel: The show is health oriented, so talk is going to be along those lines (fantasy as part […]


“I Want Your Fluids”

Repost from old blog, 2/16/2009So has everyone seen the BBC documentary about women who have loving, sexual relationships with objects like banisters and the Berlin Wall? If not, you must: Married to the Eiffel Tower It’s my bad blogger habit to just assume that everyone is exposed to the same shit as me. Everytime I […]


Five Good Amateur Porn Scenes

Repost from old blog, 2/11/2007   Note: Due to the continuous glut of amateur internet porn this is post is woefully out-of-date. Amateur “straight guy” porn – the web is overrun with it. You either love it, hate it, or jerk off and never think twice about it. I find it alternately arousing, annoying, fascinating […]



My cat’s been missing for the past four days.  I let him out Wednesday morning and he just never came home.  It’s been hard cause he’s sort of my family’s mascot – he’s big and cuddly and will let you do whatever you want to him. Anyway I’ve been posting about this on Facebook but […]


God Bless Ebert

As I fell into the rhythm of the words, as I savored the way Dickens was planting his signposts for the development of the plot, as I watched him create unforgettable characters in a page or two, I felt a kind of peace. This wasn’t hectic. I wasn’t skittering around here and there. I wasn’t […]

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