Story-Sequel Poll: The Results

The results of my poll are in, and the story that readers chose to be continued is My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey. I’m pleased. It’s the one I voted for. (And yes, goddammit, I’m allowed to have a say in what I write.)

Ninety-nine of you voted. That’s insane. Do that many people really read this blog? Why don’t I get more comments? Are you all too embarrassed or something? Ideally you’re too busy jacking off. Anyway, I really don’t care. I was just pleasantly surprised to get such a great response. But how annoying that it didn’t reach one hundred, right?

So in conclusion, thank you for doing my poll. I hope you enjoyed my poll. I’m sorry my poll didn’t last longer.  Was it as good for you as it was for me?  I may do it again in the future.

Oh, and I’ve already written a first draft of the story. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the BukBuddies gallery of Joey, the model who inspired the original tale. He still yanks my crank.