The Story-Sequel Poll


I love getting email from readers, and whenever I post a story on Nifty I get a good handful of them.  Inevitably, one or two readers ask if I intend to write a sequel to whatever story they’ve just read, and  I always say the same thing:  Nope.

I’ve written serials before, and though I enjoyed it, they are truly the least-read stories on my website.  But the main reason I don’t write sequels is that I just like leaving things open ended.  It’s too easy to fall into the trap of piling on the action until “Frat-Fuck-Fest-Part-32” becomes an orgy with Sam Worthington and his passel of cousins.  You know – unrealistic.

But still, it’s fun to wonder about what might happen if certain stories were continued.  Recently a reader named Matt suggested a sequel to Dr. Craig, and it gave me the idea to post a poll and allow readers to pick one story, to which I will then write a sequel.

If I only get five votes, I probably won’t do it. If I do get an adequate response, I will compose a sequel to whichever story garners the most votes, and I’ll post it on my next scheduled update, February of 2010.

I chose these five stories based on their popularity and also on whether I thought they’d be fun to continue.  The poll will close on January 6 January 3 (sorry, I didn’t realize I’d get as many votes as I’m getting and I don’t feel like waiting that long). Please vote!

Which Story Should I Expand into a Novella?

Total Voters: 25

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