Why Sex?

Wanted to mention this earlier: my writer buddy Johnny Murdoc recently posted the introduction I wrote for his book Blowjob 3, titled “Why Sex?,” in full on his website. Read it here.

This cheered me up today – it’s a review of Blowjob 3 where the reviewer really liked my introduction:

The collection of stories starts out with a delightful introduction by Natty Soltesz and her great quote towards the end sums up the feeling of the stories so well. Introductions can be hit or miss and this one definitely hits all the high notes. Don’t skip it.

I suppose said praise would soften the awkwardness of the reviewer referring to me as a female if I were offended by such things, but as it is I’m totally NOT offended and I’m sort of embracing the idea that my name is weirdly gender neutral, or at least confusing. Cause gender is confusing PERIOD.

In other news, I’m going to make another (!) concerted effort to post more on here.  Truth be told, I’m just fucking busy, working close to sixty hours a week. It sucks nuts and I’m totally over it. But expect a new story posted to this site in the coming week and a special sorry-I’m-a-fuck-up-and-forgot-to-post-last-week Nifty update tomorrow.