A Five-Star Review!

Repost from old blog, 1/18/2008. Thought of it because of this business.
So I’m doing my regular Google ego-surfing and the first link that comes up is a new review posted to Amazon’s listing for Best Gay Romance 2008. With glee I scroll down to see what the reviewer had to say about my story, and I see this:

In “A Not-So-Straight Duet,” Natty Soltesz contributes two different stories of young men who deviate from their preconceived ideas about themselves. In the first story, two college students partner together for a business arrangement and discover they share a common desire. In the second story, the light of the day brings an intense revelation between two young men. Five Stars.

Five Stars! Wow! I’m proud and I start scanning the other blurbs (she wrote something about each story in the collection) to see how I measure up to the rest. The next story I check got five stars. And the next one?…five stars.
Every fucking story got five stars.

It’s the thought that counts.

Update for 2010: the reviewer ditched the stars at some point since I initially wrote this.