Backwoods Non-Update Update

So here it is, summer, and I have nothing to report about the state of Backwoods. It’s in book limbo – everything is completed (though I’m sure it could use some editing), but no action is being taken to get it out in the world.

I anticipated this. My publisher set the summer release date, but I promoted that date more as an article of faith to hopefully get things moving faster. I always assumed I wouldn’t see the release until at least the fall, now I’m thinking it’ll come out by the tail end of 2011, but I haven’t had any contact with the publisher in months so I really have no clue. Hey, it’s an indie press. I’m sure they’re overworked and barely paid.

In any case, here’s another detail from Michael Kirwan’s illustrations. Michael has a pretty fantastic-looking book of his own coming out next month (August) that may feature some of the illustrations he did for Backwoods. Check it out here.