The Lambda Awards were Super Fun!


…even though I LOST [sad horn sound]. But in all honesty, the real disappointment for me would’ve been if I hadn’t been a finalist. I was counting on that shit! I just wanted a chance to go to the awards and see how the other half lives. So what can I say? I looked like a million bucks (adjusted for inflation, of course, because my clothes were from the 1970s). I hugged Armistead Maupin. One of the dudes who used to be on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy said he liked my jacket. I told Olympia Dukakis that I always get her mixed up with Shirley Maclaine (no I didn’t, but she was there). I schmoozed Susie Bright and made connections with some interesting writer/publisher folks. And afterward I tore shit UP on the dance floor with fellow Rebel Satori author Emanuel Xavier and (London…Paris…) Dwayne Milan. </namedropping> Had a blast and couldn’t have asked for much more. Except for maybe the award. But it’s good to have something to work toward.

Also, it is possible that my fly is down in that photo.