Anybody Out There?

Hey! I feel like I need to post something on here given how dormant this blog has been in recent weeks/months. I haven’t been writing much lately, though I did bust out an entire story in like four hours the other day – a highly erotic story, no less. This was comforting to me because I’d been feeling like I’d outgrown erotica or something – the two major projects I have in the works at the moment are definitely about sex but definitely take some detours from straight-up porn writing. But I just got the urge the other day to turn myself on, so I went with it and it was so fun. I need to revise it and then I might submit it to Handjobs and then of course I’ll post it on this website. Mainly I’ve been taking the time to see the world and meet new people, which seems like a good thing to do for the spring and summer. In the fall I plan to start serious work on a major project which I am so, so excited about. Thanks for reading!