Upcoming Readings & Appearances

Hi, friends! I’ll be reading from my latest book College Dive Bar, 1AM at a few different places in the coming months:

Thurs, Sept 17 – Pittsburgh, Modern Formations (4919 Penn Ave) @ 8PM. My buddy Seth Bickford will also be reading this night and he’s hilarious so it should be a fun time. Facebook event.

Sat, Oct 3 – Pittsburgh, Bunker Projects (5136 Penn Ave) @ 5PM. This is a mixer for the Zine Fair the next day and I’ll be reading with a bunch of other fun, zine-y people.

Sun, Oct 4 – Pittsburgh Zine Fair, Union Project (801 Negley Ave) 2PM – 8PM. I’ll be selling books and zines here and it’s a great time, come by! Facebook event.

Tues, Nov 10 – San Francisco, RADAR Reading Series. More info on this to come. A reading in San Francisco! I’m psyched. Check RADAR’s event page here for more info closer to the date. 

Win an E-copy of College Dive Bar 1 AM

So this is cute: Go Deeper Press is running a dirty tweet contest. Winner gets an e-copy of my newest story collection College Dive Bar 1AM. More info here!

Also, they just posted a new excerpt from the story “Tristan” in the book. This one’s about giving a blowjob in a podium while a professor teaches. It was inspired by the movie Police Academy. 

Summer into Fall


Photo I took at the Honcho Summer Campout, August 2015

I’m so glad summer is almost over cause I’m OVER IT. Too much fun, too much activity, too much fomo. I mean, it’s been a good summer. But give me cold cloudy days and an excuse to do absolutely nothing for weeks on end and that is my true happiness.

Buy my book!

Buy me!

I’m feeling overwhelmed and slightly crazed lately. Beyond promoting my new book (which you should buy right now!) with a reading this September 17th in Pittsburgh and another reading in November in San Francisco, I’m working on another book project with a publisher friend (details to come soon) and doing various little projects and one-offs. One of which was last weekend at a campout where I edited and printed a zine entirely on-site in less than three days. I managed to stress myself out with it but there you go, and it turned out okay – check it out here.

Besides that I’m working on a couple of stories, slowly but surely. One is about a coach taking it for the team. The other is about a father’s responsibility to help out his horny son. They both have a “service-oriented” theme so depending on how they turn out I might package them together and sell them as an ebook.

For those wondering about the My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey book, it’s on the back burner. I mean, it’s basically finished, and I think it’s quite good, but I want to get more opinions on it and just let it sit a while longer before I figure out how to release it.

Fall intentions: I want to spend whole weekend days by myself doing nothing but writing. When I go to San Francisco, I also want to drive through the southwest and see Monument Valley. I want to enjoy all the comforts of home and friends. Below is one of my favorite “fall songs”, ‘Circles’ by Camper Van Beethoven.

Shots Fired


“Sorry, guys. I tried.”

Something that happens in porn that I like: unexpected cum shots where the performer is surprised or even slightly embarrassed about it. I just discovered this recently via this video of a “straight muscle stud” camming. He’s super hot, he can suck his own cock, and when he cums too quick he rushes to do it in his mouth. Then, in another video, he runs into the exact same problem. (Is it a problem? No, it isn’t.)

Then there’s this clip featuring my newest porn crush, Jay Rising. It’s an interesting one for a number of reasons (the dialogue at the beginning is endearingly awkward) but the bottom’s surprise cum shot (“Nope, gonna cum”) is a winner. A few minutes later in the clip he cums a second time, to which I say: good job!

More than anything in porn, I like when people seem to be enjoying themselves. A spontaneous cum shot speaks for itself.

My New Book is Available Right Now

highres_GDP017-EBookCoverJust a heads up: you can order my new collection of college porno stories – College Dive Bar, 1 AM – right now and forevermore from Go Deeper Press, in print or ebook editions (it will also be available on Amazon, B&N, etc. eventually). The print edition features gorgeous wrap-around cover art by Michael Kirwan. Either way, you’ll get to read a story about college weightlifters using cum as a protein supplement. Read an excerpt and order it right now!

Also available on Amazon in print and ebook editions.


photo of Natty SolteszGo Deeper Press asked me a few questions in anticipation of the release of my new story collection College Dive Bar, 1 AM (out this Monday!). I talk about lusting after straight guys, the girl who lent me her boyfriend’s incest porn when I was in high school, and “proper rape fantasies.” Check it out here!

New Book Alert!

College Dive Bar 1AM cover I’ve been holding this one up my sleeve for a bit: in a week and a half, Go Deeper Press is publishing the proper follow-up to Backwoods, a collection of college erotica called College Dive Bar, 1 AM. How about that?!

I wrote this one shortly after I finished Backwoods then promptly forgot about it until this past January. It’s intended to be kind of a mirror-reflection of Backwoods in that it’s mostly first-person, “primary source” kind of stories – there are stories structured as found letters, conversations, and advertisements. I think it’s a pretty fun collection and it features a beautiful wrap-around cover by Michael Kirwan (who illustrated Backwoods).

It comes out in print and ebook versions on July 28! More info and an excerpt here.

New QueerBurgher

pattycomicCheck out the latest issue of my newsletter QueerBurgher right here.

Some friends and I started QueerBurgher when our local gay newspaper folded. Since then there’ve been two Pittsburgh gay magazines that have started and subsequently ended. Currently there is no local gay periodical in Pittsburgh but there are still spaces for newspapers in all the Pittsburgh gay bars. The fun of QueerBurgher is making something fun and distributing it all over the city for free, which we do on a pretty erratic basis.

Bad (Good) Porn

cocksuckerIt’s a brave new world out there in the land of make-believe, what with your Facebooks and your Instagrands and your fearsome, roving mobs. And porn is a-changing as we speak – as we jack off, even. I can’t even begin to describe what effect an endless database of pinpoint-searchable pornography is having on our modern brains, mainly because I’d get so bored I’d walk away from the computer to eat a dried apricot or something.

I know internet porn is fun, though! And that sometimes you can end up wandering down the hallways of Xtube or PornMD and find yourself gazing in at something that makes you feel icky, if not icky enough to stop jerking off to it.

Item 1: “Stealthing”

From what I can tell this is a micro-genre, but there is an Xtube group dedicated to it as well as a couple of Tumblrs. Perhaps we can all agree that barebacking in 2015 isn’t as taboo as it was in the 2000’s (HIV drugs are real and good, people), but “stealthing” implies that the bottom is unaware that the condom is being removed. It’s impossible to tell what knowledge is or isn’t being shared on either side of the frame (though some videos describe it as roleplay and some as true stealth), and in that information gap is the potential for illicit excitement and moral stickiness.

Item 2: Cameras Errywhere

Hidden cameras videos are nothing new, but there’s something about what this guy does that takes it to the next level. He’s got one of those new-fangled at-home gloryhole setups that wouldn’t have got much traffic before the internets came along, and he uses it to solicit (presumably) straight-curious-discreet guys. What’s kind of brilliant is that he films them from a laptop that is (presumably) showing straight porn to them as they get blown. But what really blew my mind is when he goes the extra mile and intercuts pics that these men (presumably) sent to him beforehand. It’s all tremendously creepy and more than a little hot. You feel for the way they’ve been violated, but they look like they’re having such fun.

Am I bad for liking these things? Is the exposure I’m giving them via this post just making it worse? Are we all going to hell in a handbasket?