Cute Paperback Alert!

Hiya! Rebel Satori Press recently republished my out-of-print novel ‘My Sister’s Boyfriend’ as an adorable pocket paperback! The pages are even kinda rough and pulpy like the old paperbacks I love and still read from the thrift store. Maybe this one will even end up in a thrift store! (Hope your grandma doesn’t buy it.)

You can order it here. Thanks!


I’m Still Alive

Thriving, even! It’s just that I post new stories (and the occasional thirst trap) on Patreon, now. Some recent ones include: Nightclubbing (a series where straight bros turn each other out), Practice After Practice (Coach teaches a boy how to fuck, condom optional) and a couple sequels to My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers along with much more. You should subscribe!

One caveat is that I am not able to post incest or even step-incest content there. I get around this with “coach” and “uncle-who’s-not-related” conceits, though I know that won’t cut it for everyone. Honestly Patreon has been such a boon for me and I’m grateful for my subscriber base and the platform. But I feel like I have less ownership over my stuff. That’s why I always want to post on this website, even if maintaining it is such a drag at times. If you’re reading this: thanks. And hang in there.


New Stories Alert!

Hi, friends. I just posted a bunch of new stories – check them out! These were initially Patreon-only content, but I had to purge them from Patreon as they have decided that incest stories (even “step-incest” stories) are outside their terms of service. Which is bullshit, but bullshit I’m pretty familiar with at this point, having published erotica for the last twenty or so years. Anyway, bad for my patrons/income, but good for you – I hope you dig them!


New Free Ebook Alert!

Hey yinz. It seems like a bunch of you had issues with downloading a copy of my ebook “Daddy’s Home!” after purchasing it and I’m really sorry about that. I’m going to try to reach out to you individually, in the meantime if you want a refund please contact me and I will make it right. Here’s the ebook, for free, for all. I hope you like it!

The fact is I’m spending less time maintaining this site and more time on Patreon. Unfortunately with Patreon I feel like I have less ownership over my work than I do on this website, but at the same time it’s lucrative and fun. You can join for just $1 a month, and I’ve been writing some really fun stuff over there. Give it a taste!


My Stupid Ebook Store

Hi friends,

If you ordered a copy of my ebook “Daddy’s Home” but didn’t receive the links, please hit me up and let me know, I’ll email you the links directly. I just noticed that people were having orders go through but were never downloading the book – it must be an issue with the online store plugin I used. I’ve disabled the store and unpublished the ebook, unfortunately, because I just don’t have time to figure this crap out and besides, my Patreon is going great.

Sorry for anyone this has inconvenienced!






Breonna Taylor

Antwon Rose

George Floyd

Less cops, more community.

I love you and I care about you.




New Story Alert!

Hi yinz! How is everyone holding up? Remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Hang in there and keep your distance. This fucking sucks. It will be over eventually, so stay safe in the meantime.

Here’s some new fiction; two parts of a story I’m calling the Cocky Little Fucker Saga. Read it here. Then, if you like it, hop on over to my Patreon to read the next three parts. There are more on the way. I’ve maybe had more fun writing this story than I have any story I’ve written in the past two years. Mass sexual tension is doing wonders for my writing, I’ve gotta say.

Hope you dig!



How are people doing? I gotta say, in the midst of all this uncertainty and, let’s face it, economic devastation that’s changing everyone’s lives to some degree, I’m am hornier than all hell and channeling it into my writing. My Patreon has been ON FIYAH for the last week with a story about a cocky, shit-talking stepson who turns his muscle dad into his personal faggot. Like, seriously: most recent writing days I can’t keep my hand off my dick. I know times are tight and getting tighter but if you have a buck or more to spare and want to spend some time stroking to my latest stuff, I recommend taking a gander at my Patreon. Or, you know, enjoy my free shit on here.

Jack off a lot! Doctors recommend it. My coping strategies have been: call friends and family, take walks (walks with friends are okay, I think), cook food, and limit my news/online media intake. What are yours?

Take care. Only leave home if you have to and, then: six feet apart. Wash hands again and again. Don’t touch your face. Be careful about touching surfaces. It’s all harm reduction right now, so don’t get worried if you don’t always follow the rules. Just minimize your risk, because it’s not something you want to get, and definitely not something you want to carelessly spread around to the people you love the most.