Dr. Craig

By Natty Soltesz

I’d been having this pain in my stomach.  In retrospect it was probably just nerves, but mom insisted on sending me to the doctor.

I got there by bus on a rainy Wednesday afternoon.  I was the only one in the waiting room but I still sat for over an hour.  Finally a nurse took me back to an exam room.

“Get undressed and put on this robe.  Dr. Thompson will be in in a few minutes,” she said.  A half-hour passed before Dr. Thompson knocked, then entered.

“Hello Zachary,” he said in a deep voice.  He was an older guy, maybe in his mid-fifties, and he was quite tall.  He smiled warmly down at me.  “Do you go by Zachary?”

“Zach’s fine.”

“Zach.  Pleased to meet you.  Everyone calls me Dr. Craig.”  He held out his hand and I took it.  His hands were huge, the size of dinner plates – one of his fingers could’ve plugged up a bathroom sink.  But far from being some hulking giant he was slim and athletic under his white coat.  He had thin gray hair and a trimmed gray mustache; his jaw line was strong like granite.

“Let me think here…” he said, looking around the room.  “I want to move you to a different exam room, if that’s okay.”


“Okay then, right this way.”  As he ushered me out of the room he rested his hand on my lower back.  I liked that.  We went to a room at the very end of the hall.  Dr. Craig turned on the light and had me sit in the chair across from him.

“So what brings you here today?” he said, swiveling around and planting his feet on either side of mine.

“I’ve been getting stomach pains.”


“Mostly when I’m nervous, but lately I’ve been getting them more often, I guess.”  He asked me if I get nauseous or if I went to the bathroom a lot, and I told him no.

“So tell me, what generally makes you nervous?” he asked.

“School, mostly,” I admitted.  “Actually mostly gym class.”

“I see.  Well, why don’t you have a seat up on the table, and we’ll take a look,” he said.  He got his stethoscope and put it around his neck.  “Lift your robe off of your shoulders and let it rest in your lap, I’m going to listen to your breathing.”  He held my shoulder as he pressed the cold metal stethoscope to my chest.  “Take a deep breath.” He moved the stethoscope lower.  “Another deep breath.”  He moved it lower still, until it was pressing into the soft flesh of my lower abdomen.  “Once more,” he said. “Sounds okay.”

Next he checked my ears, then my eyes, bringing his face close to mine as he peered into them, his deep breathing audible.

“Looks fine there, too.  If you would, just lay back.  I want to examine your stomach.”  I lay back.  The gown was just covering my crotch.   “I’m going to put some pressure on your abdomen, just tell me if I’m pressing too hard.”  He put one hand on my shoulder and with his other he pressed two of his rough fingers into my tummy.  He kneaded, lower and lower, until I couldn’t take it – I started to get an erection.  He kept kneading as he asked me questions about how often I got sick and how severe it was, and my hard-on started tenting up my gown, though he didn’t seem to notice.  Finally his fingers got so low that they brushed the tip of my boner.  He stopped for a second. My face went hot and must have been bright red.  He took his hand away.

“Well, physically you seem quite healthy,” he said. “A lot of times stress can lead to these kinds of problems.”  He smiled down at me.  “Gym class, huh?”  I nodded and laughed nervously.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he said nodding toward my crotch.  “Happens to the best of us.  Mind if I take a look?”  Without waiting for word from me he lifted the bottom half of my robe and looked right at hard-on.  “No problems there.”  I was shocked, but his professional, doctor-ly manner never flagged, so I wondered if this was just part of the examination.

He lifted my cock with his thumb and two fingers.

“Your penis has a nice heft to it – it’s well developed, like most of your body.”  He started stroking it in his large fist.  “Do you reach orgasm easily?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Getting close right now, aren’t you?”  I nodded again.  He took his hand away.  “That’s good, very normal for your age.  Do you masturbate regularly?”  He turned and grabbed a tube of KY lubricant.

“Yeah, pretty much,” I said.

“And, if you don’t mind my asking, are you a virgin?”


“Well, one good technique for masturbation is to try to keep your strokes light and gentle.  Then, when the time comes for actual intercourse, you’ll have retained a lot of the sensitivity in your penis that some lose when they are too rough with themselves.”

“Now I want to check your backside,” he continued, “if that’s okay.”

“Okay…” I replied.  I was nervous as hell.

“Turn on to your stomach, and arch your belly inward.”  I did as he said.  The robe was open at the back and barely covering me at that point.  Dr. Craig tucked a pillow under my stomach, which raised my butt up a bit.  I heard the snap of the tube cap and a clink as he set it back down on the metal table.

“Have you had your prostate examined before?”

“No,” I said.

“It may be a little uncomfortable at first.  Hopefully not too uncomfortable.”  He spread my butt cheeks with one hand and pressed his finger – ungloved, from what I could tell – to my hole.  He gently massaged the lube into my butthole.  It didn’t seem possible that he could shove one of his huge fingers up there.  Thankfully he seemed aware of it.

“Just try to relax.  I’ve got big hands, so I typically take my time going in.  Deep breaths…”  He worked my asshole, pushing softly and kneading inward.  “You have a very healthy-looking anus.”

“Okay, here comes some pressure,” he said.  He pushed harder and the tip of his finger sank inside.  I tried to maintain my breathing.  Dr. Craig let it rest there.  “Tight, too.”  He stroked my back.  “Tight is good,” he said through an audible smile.  “More pressure…”  His finger sank deeper inside me, but once I was past that initial pain I was good to go.  Dr. Craig stopped around the first knuckle and did a circular sweep with his finger.  “I’m just feeling for any masses or abnormalities.  You’re fine.”

I was definitely turned on at that point – my cock was rock-hard and leaking in my bunched-up gown.  But I was not prepared for what came next.

“I’m going to exam your prostate now, which means I’ll have to go a little deeper.  Try to bear down.”  I tried, and his finger shot up deep inside me.  He rubbed something – I guess it was my prostate – and at first it felt like I had to pee.  But he kept massaging it, and I felt a big squeeze of juice ooze out of the tip of my cock.  It felt so good.  He didn’t stop, and I let myself hump my cock against the table, just once – but that was all it took.  As if out of nowhere, I was having an orgasm.  My asshole contracted tight around his thick finger as shot after shot of cum uncontrollably pumped out of me.  With his other hand, Dr. Craig stroked my lower back as I lost it.  I was gasping for breath.

When I finished, he slowly slid his finger out of me.

“Well now,” he said.  “Feel better?”

“Yeah,” I managed to croak.

“Go ahead and turn over, let’s get you cleaned up.”  I flipped over and sat up on the side of the bed.  Dr. Craig helped me slip off the gown – it wasn’t serving any purpose at that point anyway.

“Wow,” he said once he saw the pool of load I’d shot.  He handed me some paper towels to wipe up my stomach, and he wiped up what was on the table.  Just before he finished, though, he swiped some of my cum on his finger and popped it in his mouth as he walked over to the sink.  I’m not sure if he meant for me to see it.

I couldn’t help but notice something huge below his waist, raising the bottom of his lab coat like a flag pole.  He caught me looking while he washed his hands.

“What’s interesting, and what I’ve discovered in my years as a doctor, is that everyone’s bodies are unique in their own way.”  He walked over to me with a warm wet napkin, took my penis in his hand, and began washing it.  “Your penis is still developing, but already it has an impressive girth and length.”  The girth and length were increasing the more he rubbed it.  He looked into my eyes.  “And I’ve come to find, just from examining many different men, that I have something of an exceptional endowment.”

With that he unbuttoned his lab coat and pulled it open, undid his pants and let them fall to the floor, and lowered his boxer briefs.  My eyes must have widened to the size of saucers.  Exceptional didn’t cover it – his cock was a super-phallus, long and thick as a baby’s arm.  “Feel free to compare it to yours,” he said.

I took that invitation for what it was worth and reached out to feel that marble column of a dick.  As I stroked him, Dr. Craig removed the rest of his clothes until he was nude like me.  He had a great body for his age – smooth and toned.  He rested his hands on his hips, accommodating me as I indulged my curiosity.

“Does having such a large penis it make it difficult to have…intercourse?” I asked.

“Sometimes, yes, with certain types of sex.  Oral sex is an enjoyable option for partners who don’t have the capacity to take an organ of this size.  And I do enjoy oral sex.”

All I had to do was lean forward slightly to take the head of his cock in my mouth.  It was like sucking on an apple.  Pre-cum welled up his piss slit.  I took as much as I could but had to come up for air.

“Do you like that, giving oral sex?” he asked.

“Yes.  For you, anyway.”  Dr. Craig smiled.

“My sexual partners are always engaged by the size of it, it never fails.  You’ll be able to take some more if you try and let your throat relax.”  I leaned down and held it against my face, just basking in the heat and power of it.  I let it slide against my eye and the side of my face.  Then I took a deep breath went down on him again, letting his cock stretch my lips wide.

Dr. Craig’s breathing had quickened.

“Try going a little lower.  Let it rest in the back of your throat…that’s it.  Take a moment; relax.  Theeere you go…”  I was stuffing maybe half of it down my throat and I still had room to wrap my fist around the base.   I figured I’d reached my limit.  I thought of it like a delicious sundae that you know you won’t be able to finish, but sure enjoy trying.

Dr. Craig held my head steady with one hand and rocked his cock into my throat with shallow thrusts.  He pressed his fingertip to the soft gullet under my chin to feel his cock sliding in and out.

“Mmmm.  You’ll set me off if you keep that up.”  I straightened up and wiped my mouth.  Dr. Craig looked at my rock-hard prick as he stroked it.  “It’s truly amazing, the intense sexual response in younger people like yourself.  Look at all this pre-ejaculate you’re producing.”  He casually swiped some up and ate it.  “Mmmm.  Most men experience a recovery period between orgasms, and it only gets longer as you age.  But it wouldn’t take much for you to orgasm again, would it?”

“No,” I said.  “Not at all.”

“You’re a very healthy young man,” he said, looking into my eyes as his face approached mine.  His lips locked with mine and we made out, his clean-tasting tongue making its way into my mouth.  The head of his prick was poking my stomach.  His big hands reached underneath my ass and he lifted me off the table.  I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist, clinging to him as we frenched.  He walked his fingers to my spread-wide butthole.  I moaned into his mouth as he pressed his finger to me.  It slid in easily this time.  I took his finger to the last knuckle and only wanted more.

Still holding me up, Dr. Craig adjusted his prick and let it ride against my hole.  Just to feel it there, the weight and mass of it, was a thrill.  He lay me back down on the table and threw my legs over his shoulders.  I felt his cockhead aim right at my hole and press down.  The pressure was intense and made me light-headed.

Being that he was a doctor, I trusted him not to cause me undue pain.  Dr. Craig must have known that trying to fit his dick in my ass was a futile thing, so after we both got some pleasure from having it poised at the entrance, he backed off and slowly replaced it with his fat finger.  I moaned as it went inside.

“Try to remain quiet,” Dr. Craig said.  He pumped my ass with his digit, hovering just above me to watch my reactions.  He rubbed my smooth chest, pinched my hard little nipples and jerked my cock.  I took his cock in my hand and stroked it in time with his finger thrusts, imagining that it was him inside me.  His thrusting was too insistent, his fat finger hitting that same spot.  I tried to warn him but quickly realized it was too late – his hand was still working my cock and I was shooting again, my ass clenching around his finger, my cock pulsing in his hand as a shot of cum soared over my shoulder and another streamed across my naked chest.

“Oh, God,” Dr. Craig said, and suddenly his cock was swelling, and then pulsing in my hand.  Jet after jet of his cum showered my body.  I basked in it, rubbing some into my skin.  It seemed his cum would never stop, well, coming.  His finger never left my butt as we both passed the peak.

When we caught our breath he slid it out and got me more towels to clean myself with.

“Amazing.  I never meant to lose control like that.  But the sight of you, ejaculating as you did…it just sent me over the edge.”  As he pulled up his briefs he gave me one last lick at his prick.  He seemed amused that I was so taken with it.

“I think we both enjoyed this today, yes?”  I nodded.  It went without saying.  “I’m going to schedule you for another appointment in two weeks,” he said.  “We can talk some more about our bodies then, and explore some of their differences.”

Only after I left did I realize Dr. Craig hadn’t diagnosed me with anything or even addressed the problem I’d come there for.  What was I going to say to my mother?

I stopped at the gas station a block from my house and bought a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.  I decided that, when my next appointment came, I’d tell mom I had a date. That always seemed to work.