The Barn

By Natty Soltesz

A few minutes after Mom drove off, Dad came to where I was fixing the fence and told me to come with him to the barn, that there was something he wanted to teach me. “Should I get Steve?” I said.

“Steve’s already there,” Dad said and I wondered what was up. Dad had been giving me more responsibilities on the farm over the past couple months but I still didn’t know half of what my older brother knew.

Dad followed me inside the barn and told me to go up into the loft. He had a sly smile on his handsome face and when I got halfway up the ladder he gently smacked my butt. “Dad!” I said, and he laughed and climbed up after me.

Steve was there, reclining on a blanket draped over the hay, his arm behind his head. “Hey little bro,” he said, and now I was really curious because Steve wasn’t even in his work clothes. He wore a pair of shorts and a cut-off t-shirt that showed off his thick legs and strong arms.

“Go ahead and sit next to your brother,” Dad said. He pulled up the old milking stool and sat across from us. He clasped his big, work-worn hands in front of him and took a deep breath.

“Son,” he said, addressing me. “You’re almost a man, now. And there are some things I want to teach you about being a man, things I’ve already started teaching your brother.”

“What kind of things, Dad?”

“Well I know you’ve learned a bit about sex because of Jimmy, that little scamp,” Dad said and I blushed. Dad always knew more than he let on. Jimmy Hagerty lived down the way and he’d told me all about sex and taught me to jack off last summer. “But do you know what sex is for?”

“Yeah, to make babies,” I said.

“Well it can do that, for sure. But not always. Sex is, first and foremost, a pleasurable thing. It feels good. I know that Jimmy Hagerty taught you how to masturbate because your brother told me.”


“Jack off,” Dad said. “Pull your pud.” I blushed. It was weird to hear Dad talk about this stuff.

“Oh. Yeah.”

“It’s okay, son, even though it should have been me or your brother to teach you the fun of jerking off. But it’s time that you learned the pleasure of actual sex, and that’s something that should be experienced with the people you’re closest to, who love you the most: your family.”

I was relieved that Dad wasn’t angry at me for fooling around with Jimmy. And all this talk about sex was making my penis start to get hard.

“Sex can be experienced in many different ways,” Dad continued. “The sex that your mother and I have is one way, and sex with a woman is a special experience. But men can have sex with each other too, and that’s what we’re going to explore today. Why don’t you and your brother go ahead and get naked and we’ll get started.”

“Right here?” I said, but Steve had already stood up and was taking off his shirt.

“Sure, son. Would it help if I got naked, too?”

“I guess so,” I said. Dad stood and started unbuttoning his shirt. Steve pulled down his shorts and I was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear and he was just as hard as I was. So then I didn’t feel as embarrassed over the fact that I was hard, and when I took off my shorts my hard on bounced and Steve and Dad both looked right at it.

It had been a while since I saw Dad naked and it was a thrill to see him reveal his big and muscular hairy chest. When Dad took off his underwear his thick cock stuck out and hung from his body so heavy it almost looked like what our horses had between their legs.

“There,” Dad said, tossing his underwear off to the side. “Nice to be naked together, isn’t it?” I smiled. It was nice. It felt like a special thing we were sharing together.

Dad walked over to me. “Let’s see you up close, son. Been way too long since I’ve seen my boy in his birthday suit.” He put his big hands on me, ran them down my chest and cupped my butt. Then he felt underneath my balls and wrapped his hand around my cock and stroked it a little. “All grown up, aren’t you? You’re about as big as your brother.” Steve and I smiled at each other. Steve was quite a bit hairier than me and I’d never noticed how sexy his body was. But our cocks did look awfully similar.

Dad’s cock got totally hard as he felt me up. I couldn’t believe how big it got and I must have been staring. “Wanna feel it, son? Go ahead, give it a stroke or two.” I reached out and took Dad’s dick in my hand. It was as thick as a salami. I did as Dad suggested and stroked it slowly up and down a couple times. Dad sighed. I knew that kind of sigh, I’d made it many times myself when Jimmy had stroked my cock for me. I couldn’t believe I was able to give my dad this sort of pleasure, it seemed too good to be true.

“Look at all that precum,” Dad said. To my surprise Dad reached down and swiped the liquid that was streaming down my cockhead onto his finger, then popped it into his mouth. “Mm,” he said, relishing it. “One of the things I’ve been teaching Steve is how delicious cum is and how it should never go to waste.” He took his cock from my hand and stroked up it. A great big drop of clearish-white juice appeared on the tip. He swiped it off and brought his big finger to my mouth. “Go ahead, taste it.” I wrapped my lips around Dad’s finger and licked off his precum.

“It’s delicious,” I said.

“Good boy,” he said, and tousled my hair. He turned to Steve. “Go ahead and get into position, Steve,” he said. I still wasn’t clear on what was happening, exactly, but when Steve flipped over and got on all fours on the blanket, his ass pointed toward us, I started to understand.

“Are we gonna cornhole?” I said. Dad looked at me, surprised.

“Don’t tell me that little shit Jimmy taught it to you already?”

“No, he didn’t. He said his brothers do it but they haven’t taught him yet.” What I didn’t say was that Jimmy and I had tried, once, but it had hurt so bad that we hadn’t gotten very far.

“Well good. I would’ve whupped Jimmy good if he’d taken your virginity before I could. Yes, I’m gonna teach you all about cornholing today. But a better term for it is fucking. When people talk about having sex, this is what they’re talking about. Except usually they’re talking about fucking a lady’s pussy. Well, a man’s ass is just as good as a pussy, maybe even better. See your brother’s ass there?” he said, directing my attention to Steve’s spread-wide butt. Steve wiggled it a little for our benefit. “I bet you never noticed what a fine ass your older brother has.”

“No, sir,” I said.

“Well, take a closer look. See how plump and round his cheeks are. That nice trail of hair that runs down the middle. But mostly look at that pink, tight hole. Believe me when I say I’ve seen and fucked my fair share of pussy in my life. Your brother’s got a pussy to beat most of those.” As Dad said this he leaned forward and ran his hand over Steve’s butt. Steve quivered. When Dad started talking about his hole he dragged his finger across it. Steve’s hole squinched up and then relaxed, like it was alive. It was true that I’d never noticed my brother’s butt before, but it wasn’t hard to see what Dad was talking about.

“The thing about your brother is that he’s a real pussy boy, a total bottom. He loves taking my dick – hell, any dick at this point. He’s getting quite the reputation around town, and that’s something he should be proud of.” Steve looked back at us. He did look proud, I thought. It was a side of my brother I’d never seen before. Usually he liked to tease and push me around. I was about as big as he was, anymore, and I think he was just starting to realize that he couldn’t bully me like he always had. But this was beyond anything I had imagined. Was I really going to get to slide my dick into my brother’s ass, to fuck him like our stallion fucked the mares?

“Just remember that being a pussy is nothing to be looked down upon, okay? A lot of people will tell you that a pussy is something dirty, unworthy of respect. But really it’s the opposite. Fine pussies like your brother’s don’t come along every day. And the time will come soon when you might be on the receiving end yourself,” Dad said, and turned me around. He cupped my butt in his hand. “Mm, yeah,” he said, and slid a finger between my cheeks. He pressed it to my hole. “Very nice, son. Might have to explore that sooner than later,” he said, and took his finger away, but just that little bit of contact made me realize I wanted it. I wanted Dad to see me as a pussy boy too. I wanted to be worthy of taking his big cock. When he came around to the front of me again and saw the look on my face he smiled. “You like the idea, getting fucked by your dad?”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“Good boy,” he said, and leaned down and kissed me. But it wasn’t a normal kiss – his tongue went into my mouth. He held it for a moment, writhing his tongue against mine. I’d never felt anything like it before and it took my breath away. “Like that?” he said, smiling at the look on my face. “That’s a tongue kiss. Go try it with your brother.”

I went over to where Steve was and he turned toward me. We laughed cause it was sort of strange to kiss your brother. But we came together and Steve slipped his tongue in my mouth so I did the same for him and before I knew it felt totally natural and made me really horny. We must have been doing it for a while cause Dad said “Okay, boys,” and we broke apart. “Look at how hard that made you two,” Dad said, coming to us and reaching for our cocks. He stroked Steve then he stroked me. “That’s gonna look really nice pumping in and out of your brother’s butt.”

I still wasn’t real sure about fucking but Dad took me through it step by step. He had Steve get on all fours again and it was funny how Steve just did everything he said and hardly said anything in return. Usually Steve talked back, talked endlessly, really – Mom always called me the quiet one.

“First thing to do is get that pussy ready for your cock. This is more enjoyable than people give it credit for, though it might seem weird at first. Just know that I insist your brother is always clean and ready for me,” Dad said as he knelt down behind Steve and took Steve’s firm butt in his hands. “This is called a rim job, but it’s the same thing as eating pussy. You just get your tongue in there and work it around.” To my amazement, Dad stuck his face in between Steve’s butt cheeks and licked right up his crack. Steve groaned and squirmed. Dad held his butt steady and licked deeper. He was licking Steve’s asshole, pressing his tongue into it as deep as he could. Steve was making noises like I’d never heard before.

“Hear how much he moans, David? He loves having his ass worked over.” Dad stroked his cock while he ate out Steve’s butt. I went around them to get a better angle. Dad’s big round butt was spread out behind him. He had a hairy crack and a deep pink hole that looked a lot like Steve’s and the idea crossed my mind that it might be fun to do to him what he was doing to Steve, but I didn’t say it.

“Your turn,” Dad said, and gave Steve’s butt a slap before he stood up. I got in Dad’s position. Steve’s ass was gleaming with Dad’s saliva. His hole looked a little wider than it had before and I thought of what Dad had said about how nice my cock would look going into it. It made my dick pulse to think I was going to get to put my cock in such a smooth and tight-looking place. With a deep breath I swallowed my trepidation and brought my tongue to Steve’s ass. “That’s it,” Dad said. “Tease it a little. Lick all around it, take your time before you dive inside.” I followed Dad’s instructions and found it turned me like crazy. I just kept thinking about my cock going in there, in my big brother, and that here I was getting his hole ready for it. When I pushed my tongue into the muscle of his hole I could feel it resist at first, and then release. When it relaxed I pushed more inside. The deeper I licked the more Steve moaned.

“That’s right son, eat that pussy out good. He wants our cocks bad, now. See how hard he is?” Dad said, and reached under Steve to shake his cock at me. “Here, I’ll stroke it while you eat his pussy. It’s a good thing to do for a buddy.” Steve really went wild once I started doing that. He was bucking against my face and trying to get more and more of my tongue into him. Dad said that meant he was ready for a finger and that I should get one wet and slide it inside to feel how tight it was going to be around my cock. I did as he said. Steve’s hole resisted at first but then I was pumping my finger in and out of him and he was backing up into it – we got a real rhythm going. “Give him another finger,” Dad said, so I did, and this one went in without any trouble at all.

“He’s ready,” Dad said, letting go of Steve’s cock. He pulled Steve’s hips back so that his butt was closer to me and told me kneel behind him so that my cock was in the right position.

“One important thing before we you have your first piece of tail. When you do fuck a real pussy, you need to use protection – a condom. You don’t want any babies yet, and I sure as hell don’t want any grandchildren. But one of the wonderful things about using your brother as your pussy is that you don’t need to use condoms at all. No fear of him getting pregnant. So go ahead, son, slide your cock inside your brother and enjoy that pussy.”

“Yeah Dave, go for it,” Steve said. I held on to my brother’s hips. Dad helped to line my cockhead up with Steve’s hole. “Okay son, push in,” he said, holding my shoulder and speaking softly into my ear. I pushed forward and watched as my cock got gobbled up by that wet, pink hole. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt, like dipping myself in a vat of warm butter. Steve was moaning and Dad was slapping my shoulder as I slid every inch of myself inside. Finally my balls were pressed against my brother’s ass. I could feel Steve tightening and releasing around my cock.

“Oh my god,” I said.

“Feel good?” Dad said, laughing.

“Feels incredible,” I said.

“You feel so good inside me, bro,” Steve said.

“Go ahead and pull back. That’s it. Now push it in again…” I followed Dad’s instructions until the natural instinct took over. I was fucking, I realized, fucking my brother’s ass, the hot insides of him gripping and squeezing my cock better than my hand or Jimmy’s hand ever had. All the sudden I knew I was going to lose it. Dad must have noticed it on my face cause he put his hand back on my shoulder and firmly told me to stop.

“I almost came,” I said.

“I know,” Dad said. “I’m proud you were able to stop. Now go ahead and slide out but don’t worry, you’ll get another turn. I just wanna have some of that for myself and give you a glimpse of a how a real man fucks.”

Dad was a lot rougher with Steve than I had been. As soon as I stood up he got behind Steve and pushed him so that he was lying on his stomach. He kicked Steve’s legs open wide and, holding his thick cock in his hand, pushed it right into my brother in one mighty thrust. Steve called out, he sounded almost pained. “Don’t worry, he can take it,” Dad said, holding himself deep inside my brother and stroking his back and sides tenderly. He reared up his backside and started pounding himself into Steve like a piston. The sound of their skin slapping together filled the barn as Dad fucked his thick cock into Steve’s ass with deep, steady thrusts. “Fuck yeah,” Dad said. “This is the stuff. Tight young pussy – you can’t beat it. We’re lucky to have a pussy like this in the family, Dave, believe me.” I loved watching Dad’s strong back and butt as he pumped himself into my brother. A sheen of sweat formed on his muscular back and butt and I had to reach down and feel it. “Yeah,” Dad said, looking at me as he thrust. “You like watching your old man fuck?”

“Yeah Dad,” I said.

“Kiss me,” he said, and he kept fucking as we made out. I had my hand on Dad’s strong butt. I loved feeling it flex, hardening and softening as he fucked Steve. For a moment it was like Steve wasn’t even there, it was just me and Dad. I liked that.

Dad broke off from me. “Whew, almost lost it there. Hot!” He pulled out and now Steve’s ass looked a whole lot more used than it had, almost red in color and gaping. “Your turn, son.”

I went for it, following Dad’s lead and not worrying as much about Steve’s comfort. He was moaning and groaning just the same. When I slapped Steve’s butt Dad laughed. “That’s it, son, get that pussy. Enjoy that cunt.” I loved hearing Dad talk dirty like that. “Look at my boy fuck,” he said into my ear, running his hand down my back and cupping my smooth butt. “Beautiful.” We kissed some more. I was enjoying Steve’s ass but I was in absolute lust for my dad. Just kissing him made me want to cum.

“I’m close,” I said.

“Go for it, son. Shoot your load right inside that pussy. Fill him up.” I pumped harder, faster. Steve’s asshole was gripping me like a vice, like it was trying to draw the cum out from my balls and milk it out of my cock. “That’s a boy,” Dad said. “Fuck that pussy you stud.” Dad kissed me just as I started to cream, his hand tightly cupping my butt and his finger dipping into my crack and tapping against my own tight hole. My tongue danced with his as my nuts scrunched up and began to pump wad after wad of hot jizz deep into my brother’s cunt. “Fuck, I’m gonna nut too,” Dad said. He leaned back and pointed his cock at me and Steve. Just before he came he grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his big nuts. I held them as he shot a big streaming wad of family seed across Steve’s ass. The next shots landed right where my cock was pumping into Steve’s hole, and as I kept fucking I pushed some of Dad’s wad inside Steve where it mixed with mine. Then Dad got down and licked up the ropes of cum that had landed on Steve’s plump ass. He licked up every drop then kissed and shared it with me.

I thanked Dad and Steve when we were done. Steve said “Anytime, little brother. This ass is all yours.” He went to clean up and me and Dad used the blanket to clean off our cocks.

“Was it good for you, son?”

“That was the best thing I’ve ever felt,” I said.

“It was beautiful to watch,” Dad said. He tossed the blanket aside and wrapped his hand around my waist, brought me in for a tender kiss. Despite just losing my load I felt my cock start to rise again, and when I looked down I saw that Dad’s was half hard again, too. “Well aren’t we just a couple of horny fuckers?” Dad said. I laughed. “Now don’t tell your brother this but you know you’ve always been my favorite. You feel free to slide your cock into Steve as much as you want. Just take care that your mother doesn’t find out.”

“Could I maybe try taking your cock sometime?” I said.

“Took the words right out of my mouth, son,” Dad said. “We’ll try that very soon, I think it’ll be a special experience. And how would you like to work over your Dad’s pussy sometime?”

“I’d love that, Dad.”

“I think I would, too,” Dad said. We kissed again and now we were fully hard. My cock pressed against Dad’s thick thigh and his pressed against my stomach. “I think you and I are gonna have a lot of fun together, son. Tell your old man you love him.”

“I love you, Dad,” I said. I’d never meant it more.