I’ll be at the Pittsburgh Zine Fair Sunday October 14th, selling my books, collages and other stuff. Come say hay!

In other news, I’ve been pretty busy with some new jobs but still (always) finding time to write. I have a novella and a novel in the pipeline – I’m most excited about the novel, and I hope to have a second draft of that done by next spring. I feel like that’s a long time but honestly, novel writing is a fucking undertaking! Every time I think of my manuscript, with its numerous detours, loose ends and messy passages I just get overwhelmed. It’s a lot to keep in the ole brain box all at once. But I have a goal, and I feel good about that.

p.s. – I don’t know why the link to comments aren’t showing up on my posts; it’s a weird little bug that I haven’t had time to try and fix. But comments are open, you just have to click on the post title to get to the form.