Daddy’s Home! Pay What You Want Thru Friday!

Hey, friends! My new ebook is for sale right here on this website. It’s called Daddy’s Home and it contains three stories of consensual incestuous debauchery. Check out the story descriptions here and grab yourself a copy!

Through Friday, July 27 I’m offering it as a pay-what-you-want download. That means it’s free! Or $5 (suggested donation). Or, if you want to throw some support my way, bump it up!

This book contains all new material that I wrote during my stint on a commune in Tennessee, where I lived for the last two years. Maybe it was the newness of the experience that led me to retreat into comforting daddy/family fantasies. I didn’t have much internet access down there and so my ability to release stuff and engage on the internet was limited. Well, Natty Daddy’s back in the city (Pittsburgh), and I’m ready to show off what I’ve been working on. Get it right here. Hope you dig!




New Ebook Coming

Hello to all those out there in internet land. I’m going to put out a new ebook soon, a collection of three incest-themed erotica stories. It’s called “Daddy’s Home!” and because Amazon and a lot of the other online publishers don’t accept incest erotica I’m going to set up a store and sell it here on my website. Wish me luck with that! In the meantime here’s the cover which I made today. xoxoxo, Natty


Recent Collages

I make collages. I’ve been doing it for a while. I like color and vintage stuff and it makes me happy to create little visuals. Below are some recent ones; check out older ones here. I post semi-regularly on my Instagram, too.


New Story Alert!

I just posted a story from my 2011 Lambda-Award nominated story collection Backwoods. It’s called The Opera House (read it here) and it’s about two young auto mechanics enjoying and occasionally despising one another. That’s them above, as depicted by the recently-late, frequently-great illustrator Michael Kirwan. I wrote a little remembrance of Michael on my Tumblr the other day, check it out here.

Anyway, the story is one of my favorites from that book; hope you like it, too!


Let Me Write You a Story

Heya. So I’ve been doing custom story work with a patron/client for the last couple months and it’s been great. I’ve written two sequels to stories on this website as well as one original. I’ve enjoyed the work so much that I thought it might be worth it to post a little notice on my website seeing if anybody else would be interested. If there’s a story of mine to which you’ve always wanted to read a sequel, or if you have an idea for a story you’d like me to flesh out, hit me up on my contact page. My rates are reasonable.


Best Seller! And New Story Alert!

MY SISTER’S BOYFRIEND recently cracked the Amazon Best Seller list! It hit #60 on the gay erotica section for like, part of a morning (as best I can tell). But I’m still excited! (Proof above).

I just posted a new story: Supplemental, from my short-story collection College Dive Bar, 1 A.M. You might remember me talking about this story as it’s the one about college weightlifters using cum as a protein supplement – one of the better concepts I’ve come up with, if I may say so.



Go Deeper Press recently published an interview with me to promote the release of my debut novel MY SISTER’S BOYFRIEND (did you know that my debut novel was recently released? Here, let me tell you a hundred more times…). In it I talk about masturbation, Bruce Willis, destroying nuclear weapons, and my thumb-sucking habit. Check it out, and buy my novel! Available from Go Deeper Press (ebook or paperback), Amazon (ebook here, paperback here), Kobo and probably other online outlets I don’t know about.

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My Sister’s Boyfriend-buy it now!

It’s pornographic, it’s literary, it’s exactly what you think it is and probably a good bit more: my first novel is available right now.

“That long, hot summer after I graduated from college. The summer I wasted in my hometown, smoking pot and working a crappy job at the highway porn store. The summer I started sleeping with my sister’s boyfriend Joey….”

Nate Audley is affable, aimless, and prone to the charms of his would-be brother-in-law Joey, a seducer with sexuality to spare. They indulge in the fantasy of forbidden flesh, but Nate can’t shake what’s at stake: his relationship with his family. Sometimes come is thicker than blood in the first novel from peerless porn writer Natty Soltesz.

Buy it now from Go Deeper Press (or from Amazon via this link).