Best Seller! And New Story Alert!

MY SISTER’S BOYFRIEND recently cracked the Amazon Best Seller list! It hit #60 on the gay erotica section for like, part of a morning (as best I can tell). But I’m still excited! (Proof above).

I just posted a new story: Supplemental, from my short-story collection College Dive Bar, 1 A.M. You might remember me talking about this story as it’s the one about college weightlifters using cum as a protein supplement – one of the better concepts I’ve come up with, if I may say so.



Go Deeper Press recently published an interview with me to promote the release of my debut novel MY SISTER’S BOYFRIEND (did you know that my debut novel was recently released? Here, let me tell you a hundred more times…). In it I talk about masturbation, Bruce Willis, destroying nuclear weapons, and my thumb-sucking habit. Check it out, and buy my novel! Available from Go Deeper Press (ebook or paperback), Amazon (ebook here, paperback here), Kobo and probably other online outlets I don’t know about.

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My Sister’s Boyfriend: Coming Dec 1

I wrote a novel! And it’s coming out Dec 1 from Go Deeper Press. My Sister’s Boyfriend is the title, it’s a take-off from the short story “My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey” which I wrote in 2005 for the website Tommyhawk’s Fantasy World (I was paid $30 for that story, I believe). In 2013 that story won a poll regarding which of my older stories readers would want expanded into a novella-length version. As I worked on it it became a novel – the most novel-like novel I’d yet written (which is why I’m referring to it as my first novel, even though I’ve written other novel-ish things).

That’s a novel twelve years in the making. You can’t rush these things. (At least I can’t seem to.)

Anyway, I’m awfully proud of it, I’ll be sharing more details as it gets closer to Dec 1, and I hope you buy it! And like it!


New Story Alert!

Hi! Here’s a new porno story for ya: Living the Dream, originally published in my ebook Buddy (still available from Amazon). It’s about bros cumming in each other – go figure.

Another thing: the long-gestating novel version of My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey is coming out this December from Go Deeper Press! I’m pretty psyched cause it’s my first actual novel (I’ve done novel-length projects before but this one’s for real) and I think fans of the aforementioned story are going to like it a lot. More details as they come and as I’m able to post them on the internet…


Writin’ Pron

Lately I go to this Christian coffee shop to write, so I’ll be writing scenes about dad/son four-ways (that’s two dad/son couples commingling) while milquetoasty-hot guys with big butts in their khaki pants study their bibles at the table next to mine. Just doing my part for society, I guess.

That is all.


My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey: The Novel: The Update: Part 2

Yesterday I got a chance to go through someone’s massive collection of gay porn rags from the early 80s onward. Found this one (my story title made the cover!) and three others. Buy my book. 🙂

Hiya. Just a note to tell anybody who’s reading that I had my most productive day of writing ever in my life yesterday. I’m not going to say what my word count was because that’s private, but it was a lot for me, and I’d say a good 75% of it was good good good. It’s the first draft a novel I’ve been working on for the past two months, it’s about incest, and it’s a little crazy narrative-wise but I’m having so much fun with it.

The other piece of news is that the novel version of my ‘ole story “My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey” has found a publisher and should be out before this winter. More news as I get it.

Otherwise: just chilling, waiting for nuclear war. Fuck Trump. Fuck sociopaths. Ban nuclear weapons. What a fucked mess we’ve made of this world. What a shame.


I’m Barely on the Internet These Days

Of course that isn’t true because I have a smartphone and therefore my every move is being tracked. But as far as conscious consensual behavior with the internet, I’m rarely engaging that much right now, which means I’m sometimes not answering emails and certainly not up on my social media responsibilities. Apologies, I guess? It’s actually a happier state of being, I think.

With this in mind I did some social media housecleaning and rid this website of some (though not all) corporate logos. Fuck corporations. Every little bit helps (maybe).

I’m writing like a motherfucker. Every day, and I’m so excited about what I’m working on. I’m in this place where I’m making a lot of stuff but not necessarily putting it out into the world just yet and that feels fine. Better than fine. I’m so happy! With that said, the “My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey” novel may be on the horizon.




Porno Writer Seeks Intern

Author with sixteen years experience publishing fiction and essays (particularly gay erotic fiction) seeks intern who has or would like experience in:

– editing fiction
– updating a WordPress website
– researching calls for submission, readings, residencies, and grants
– querying
– social media marketing

This is an unpaid position with opportunities for compensation. Candidates should be collaborative, competent, and creative. Schedule flexible with a minimum commitment of ten hours a month.

Send an introductory email that includes name, location, and relevant experience to

Thank you!


The Alternative Fucks Blog Tour

Hey there! So me and some of the other authors from the recent erotica anthology Alternative Fucks (out now! all proceeds go to the ACLU! an original story by me about fucking your ex!) are doing this blog tour where we answer the five same questions. Here’s mine, and you can find links to the others below.

I don’t have access to any of my high school pics at the moment, so here’s one of me in college looking really stoned.

1. What group did you hang out with in high school?
I had a couple of good girlfriends. I wasn’t out in high school. I was friendly with a lot of people but things changed around my sophomore year, when more people started fucking and it became clear that something with me was…off. People didn’t know if I was gay or just weird. Joke’s on them – I’m both! I got voted “Most Original” in the yearbook.

2. What is the dirtiest story you’ve ever read?
I’m more than two-thirds of the way through the dirtiest story I’ve ever read, and it’s Hogg by Samuel R. Delaney. I read his memoir The Motion of Light in Water this fall and it blew my mind; I felt like I met a new friend. Hogg is his book of erotica, and it’s a doozy. Starts out gross and just gets grosser, but I’m buying every moment and dreading where it goes next.

3. What is your favorite movie and why?

I have way too many favorite movies for this question. I’ve used Thelma & Louise as one of my certified tearjerkers since I was a teen and it keeps affecting me in ever-more-entrancing ways. I love trash, of course, and I get these wonderfully terrible songs from the mostly-crappy movie The Apple stuck in my head lately. I saw Get Out last night which made me cry, laugh and cringe.

4. What is right by your side while you are writing?
A glass of water. Headphones in my ears, music in those. Sometimes coffee. My phone if I’m being half-assed about things.

5. Describe your dream vacation.
Robbing a bunch of stores and driving into the Grand Canyon. Just kidding. I guess I want to get out of this country – I’ve never been anywhere but the northern half of this continent. Seems like a good time to do it, too.

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