New Thangs

Here’s some things that have happened since I last posted:

1) Backwoods was submitted to the Lambda Literary Awards in the ‘gay erotica’ category, which doesn’t really mean anything as there’s a bunch of books submitted. They’ll announce five or so finalists eventually, so we’ll see.

2) Dennis Cooper, one of my literary heroes, listed Backwoods as one of his favorite LGBTQ books of 2011.

3) Backwoods got its first Amazon review.

4) I’m working on another book, slow and steady, but it’s coming. Not to say too much about (I don’t want to jinx it) but it’s a novel (a real novel, not a novel-in-stories like Backwoods), it’s erotic and it features characters I’ve written about before.

**One that I forgot to add: I did a short piece on Point horror books for my good friend Laurie’s blog, Yinzr Readin.


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