Skeleton Balls

My good buddy Nils draws whacked-out misfit comics and drawings.  Here are some of my faves.  Visit Skeleton Balls for more.

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“Rim Job”

Repost from old blog, 11/21/08

“Really only looking for a nice, long wet rim job”

“Clean shaven face”

“eat me out until I explode”



“Can’t get this at home”

“Not really looking to get penetrated”

“If you care what I look like, we’re NOT a match”

“should take 5 minutes”

“thick meaty ass”


And presenting the lost love of my life: Rim Guy

Vomit-Porn Fiction

Repost from old blog, 1/5/2007

It began. The shaking that always hits when I’m most afraid. And at the same time my stomach began the warm-up for the blew magoo.

“He’s gonna blow!” Hedley cried out triumphantly.

My guts began to do the wiggle. My throat began the gack dance. It was five seconds to launch. Four…three…

Hugghgh huhhgh huhhgh-” I began.

“He can’t stop it now!” Hedley yelled joyously.

He was right. Two…one…

I blew chunks. I magooed. I showed everyone my breakfast. “Huhhghg b-b-bub-bleeeeeaaaaah!

The barf poured from my mouth like Niagara Falls.

It shot out, then dribbled down my face. Into my hair. Into my nose. I was temporarily blinded by half-digested oatmeal.

“Now let him go!” Hedley cried gleefully.

Hands released my ankles. Gravity took over.

Down I fell into the toilet. Into a soup of steaming barf and reeking brown substance. The sound of my own cries echoed in the toilet bowl.

– From Barf-O-Rama: The Legend of Bigfart by Pat Pollari

Katherine Alice Applegate writes books for kids. In fact, K.A. Applegate writes a fuckload of books for kids – writes them as if it were a compulsion, or perhaps an obsession.


Damn Hippies

This is a long-time family favorite around my house: