College Boys

College Boys, the latest anthology in which I have a story, is out and available. The book contains my story “College Dive Bar, 1 A.M.”, and I really feel like it’s the best story I wrote this past year, and in fact it’s been the jumping-off point for the new book I’m working on. Also, “College Boys” contains a story from my buddy Rob Wolfsham. So, in conclusion, you should check it out. Also, my mental process is suffering right now because I went to this shitty family restaurant and ate all of this terrible food.


Story Subgenre Poll

This is what came up when I Googled "sexy poll."

The last poll I did went really well, and I was surprised by how much it inspired me, so I’m doing it again. I doubt I’m going to get as many votes as I did last time (I was riding the wave of traffic I get whenever I post a new story to Nifty), but who cares. I’m only saying that because I have this irrational fear of not getting many votes, like throwing a party and having nobody show up.

At any rate, it closes in a week.




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Innocence, circa 1965

Repost from old blog, 5/27/2009

My thrift-seeking boyfriend recently picked up an old children’s reader (c. 1965) called Around Green Hills. The first story is about gender-bending twins and it’s sweet. The second is unintentionally creepy and may especially interest sufferers of coulrophobia. (more…)


Greatest Record Score of All Time

Repost from old blog, 8/7/2008

Ever have one of those dreams where you find a trove of wonderful and unusual stuff? Like a set of rare and incredible CDs by your favorite band; CDs that don’t exist but in your dream life?

I once had an experience like that, except it was real. At least I think it was real. Sometimes it seems so amazing that I’m not convinced it wasn’t a dream. (more…)