Thanks Mark Simpson

Men bonding.

Mark Simpson, the seriously entertaining writer who coined the term metrosexual and wrote the book on Morrissey (and is – please forgive me – a hot piece of ass), wrote this great analysis of my MM4W Craigslist post:

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a couple of buddies wanting to re-enact the gang-bang, several-outsized-penises-pester-one-pussy porn that is so popular with straight men these days. It doesn’t mean they’re gay. It doesn’t even mean that they’re particularly bisexual. It just means that, like most men, they’re rather keen on cocks.

But the hysterical lengths men still feel they have to go to to refute any of ‘that creepy stuff’ – even as they spitroast or DP an obliging lady together, admiring each other’s sweating, flexing muscles, is a bit sad. If understandable. Because of course, if you’re male and ‘touch one another’, even just once, then you are GAY!!!!! Forever. Whereas if you’re female and touch one another you’re… HOT!!!!!

I appreciate Simpson taking the time to parse the psychological intricacies of horny Craigslist users.  One of the advantages of being a porno fiction writer is that I don’t have to analyze the things that give me boner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it when somebody else does.  There’s so much good writing and linkage on Simpson’s blog that all I can do is encourage you to check it out, however I particularly enjoy his piece (one in a series) about the website Active Duty.

For those who’ve found my site through Simpson’s blog I’m reposting my other Craigslist compilation below, and if I may, would like to direct you to some of the fine, sexually ambiguous & dick-loving characters in my porno stories: try Bradley Gets Fucked or Act Now.



Repost from old blog, 1/23/2009The GF
…is gone
…exists, so you must be DL
…doesn’t go down anyway
…(it’d be cool if you had one)
…just left me for some dude
broke up with me 5 months ago
has been cheating on me with my best friend
is leaving for a week on family vacation
left me hard
is away, plus she can’t suck well anyway
is not cutting it
works third shift so I’m S.O.L.
is coming home soon, so hurry!
got fucked for 2 hours this morning…BUT…
wants to get married?
— I love licking her pussy, so…


From the mail bag…

Repost from old blog, 6/24/2007

“Hi, I’m a horny, fat old disabled lady with a wild imagination. I love your stories. They have a touch of romance, daring, the taboo are well written and have good story lines. Last week I had a crazy erotic dream which involved having sex with a hermaphrodite extra terrestrial alien. To make it even more interesting I was that alien in my dream. Then out of curiosity I started reading some gay erotica and came upon your website. You’re a gifted writer.” Mary Beth

Needless to say, Mary Beth’s email made my day. You should email me too:


Roger Ebert sez…

Repost from old blog, 5/10/2009

From his review of “Little Ashes“:

I have long believed that one minute of wondering if you are about to be kissed is more erotic than an hour of kissing. Although a few gay Web sites complain “Little Ashes” doesn’t deliver the goods, I find it far more intriguing to find how repressed sexuality express itself, because the bolder sort comes out in the usual ways and reduces mystery to bodily fluids. Orgasms are at their best when still making big promises, don’t you find?


Dad Takes a Fishing Trip

Just a reminder that the movie I co-wrote with legendary director Joe Gage, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip, is ready and available for all your self-abuse needs. I wrote the first two sex scenes: one where three guys in a motel room get into it (actually based on portions of this chapter of my story 428 College St), and another where a young punk gets worked over by his supervisor. I think the latter scene came out the best, mainly because the actors really hammed it up.

Here’s what Handjobs Magazine had to say.

Order the movie here.



Repost from old blog, 11/14/2007

He got on the stop after mine; there was an empty seat next to me and I hoped and feared he would and would not take it.

He was beautiful, the kind of person I could never be – smiling, handsome, at ease. He took a seat next to another handsome man and started up a conversation with him. How? Living seemed to come so easy to others. I was a dead thing on my way to a dark house, bland meal, sleep. They smiled and talked and I didn’t understand. (more…)