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This is what came up when I Googled "sexy poll."

The last poll I did went really well, and I was surprised by how much it inspired me, so I’m doing it again. I doubt I’m going to get as many votes as I did last time (I was riding the wave of traffic I get whenever I post a new story to Nifty), but who cares. I’m only saying that because I have this irrational fear of not getting many votes, like throwing a party and having nobody show up.

At any rate, it closes in a week.




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Innocence, circa 1965

Repost from old blog, 5/27/2009

My thrift-seeking boyfriend recently picked up an old children’s reader (c. 1965) called Around Green Hills. The first story is about gender-bending twins and it’s sweet. The second is unintentionally creepy and may especially interest sufferers of coulrophobia. (more…)


Greatest Record Score of All Time

Repost from old blog, 8/7/2008

Ever have one of those dreams where you find a trove of wonderful and unusual stuff? Like a set of rare and incredible CDs by your favorite band; CDs that don’t exist but in your dream life?

I once had an experience like that, except it was real. At least I think it was real. Sometimes it seems so amazing that I’m not convinced it wasn’t a dream. (more…)


The Bridge

Repost from old blog, 5/21/2008
P.S. – As of 2/19/2010 the full movie is on Hulu.Saw the documentary “The Bridge” a few days ago and can’t get it out of my head. It was inspired by an article in the New Yorker about the Golden Gate Bridge’s status as the world’s number one suicide destination, and the ongoing fight to build a barrier around its perimeter that would prevent people from jumping off.