Str8 But Curious
1/2/2013: Promotion officially ended! Buy em or just read all the free stories on this website.

Hey yo.

I’m giving away two of my ebooks for Christmas. Just the PDF versions cause apparently you have sell your soul to Amazon if you want to give them away on there.

Here they are:

Str8 But CuriousĀ [PDF]
BrojobsĀ [PDF]

If you feel like giving me a gift back, write a review for one of my ebooks on Amazon. It’ll help me get sales.

In other news, I did all my Xmas shopping today in one fell swoop. I really rocked it out. I’ve been struggling with resentment over Christmas, that feeling that you have to buy things from stores or people will be mad. Do I even like giving gifts? I suddenly became unsure. But ultimately I knew it was something I wanted to do, so I did and did it in a way that was enjoyable to me and didn’t make me feel hassled.

In yet other news, I am DONE – like, really truly done – with 691 Suburban Dr (the sequel to 428 College St). Some friends read it and offered comments. I made some changes and I’m pleased with them. And a few days ago I submitted it to Dreamspinner Press, so cross your fingers for me.