Blowjob #3

Hey there, more later about what an absolute shit pile my life has been these past couple weeks, but first something good: my friend/colleague Johnny Murdoc recently released the latest issue of his zine, except this time it’s a real book. I wrote an introduction for it, so you should definitely get it and tell […]


Jon Raymond

Jon Raymond is an Oregon-based writer you should get to know and appreciate. He’s published a novel, which I haven’t read, and a short story collection, Livability, which I highly recommend. He’s most well known from his collaborations with the filmmaker Kelly Reichardt, in fact two stories from Livability were made into films directed by […]


Two Lost Girls

Repost from old blog, 10/9/2006 “In countries like the U.S. and Great Britain, we exist in a wholly sexualized culture, where everything from cars to snack food are sold with a healthy slathering of sex to make them more commercially appealing. But if you’re using sex to sell sneakers, then you’re not just selling sneakers, […]


Recent Comics

The ACME Novelty Library Volume 20 by Chris Ware Chris Ware’s already mind-blowing work continues to evolve by leaps and bounds. This book is part of his ongoing Rusty Brown narrative, and one gets the sense that Ware has largely abandoned his initial conception for the project and gone wherever his nutso-genius brain has led […]


T.D. Jakes Has a Perspective

T.D. Jakes, minister, author of the supermarket book-aisle favorite He-Motions, has a perspective. I came across it at a truck stop on my way to Thanksgiving.  It may be a little hard to understand, but here goes: Proof that it’s not a typo: Aaaand your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it has something […]


Outside the Box

Repost from old blog, 9/26/2006 I just finished a book, The Girl in the Box by Ouida Sebestyen. I suppose it could be considered a teen novel, and from what I understand a lot of teen girls read and were freaked out by it around the time when it was published in 1988. The jacket […]


Coping with Incest

Repost from old blog, 11/25/2006 Incest is so fucking hot! Well, in theory, anyway. In actuality incest is pretty sad and pathetic, but that doesn’t stop it from being “one of the big players in our theater of desires,” to quote Alan Moore (who deftly dissected the incest fantasy in his fantastic graphic novel “Lost […]


The Mall

Repost from old blog, 1/28/2008 Breath shallow, feet taking me to my destination, I would enter the warm light of the bookstore and duck the imagined glare of the clerk. I might browse the science fiction section for a minute, but inevitably, I’d go to where I really wanted to be: the “Relationships” section. There […]


Comics Read

Repost from old blog, 11/5/2009 I recently read some new comics. Spent by Joe Matt Joe Matt writes autobiographical comics that lay starkly bare his less desirable personality traits. Nothing much happens in Spent: Joe Matt masturbates, goes out to dinner with friends, buys porn, masturbates some more – but I ripped right through it […]


“In a way the stilled kitten ruined the evening…”

Check out my guest-edited post on Dennis Cooper’s blog, just put up today:  Five Credulous Books from the Satanic-Panic Era.  I’ve been meaning to put this post together for over a year, since I started collecting these books.  I’m proud of how it came out, so have a click and a read and let me […]