Hello! Here’s a couple photos that my friend Anthony DeAngelis took of me, to be used in promoting my book. And I should mention that I’ve recently come out of the closet about some semi-nude photos of me by cult filmmaker Bruce LaBruce. This happened many years ago in Pittsburgh, and the photos initially popped […]


My Life In Camera Phone Pictures

A photo essay by Natty Soltesz My life has changed completely in the last four months, and one of the more minor changes was that I got a new phone that takes pictures. Here are some that I’ve taken during this period (some are very NSFW so I’m posting them after the jump). …more


Today in Gayface

Today I thought this guy was totally cruising me from across the lobby at my allergy clinic but then I realized it was the cover of this magazine.

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A.V. Phibes

I just came across this, another nice Art Frahm tribute (see Paul Richmond’s Cheesecake Boys), which in turn led me to more art by A.V. Phibes. More at Evilkid Productions