Knows Best

The problem with Dad is that he’s so good at hiding it. When Mom’s around, Dad never gives his son a nod or a wink or any indication of anything. Even when his boy prances around in his little blue shorts, Dad never lets on that he’s got a boner growing inside his pants.

“The Talk”

“Have you ever seen a grown man’s…?” He indicated to the snake in his trousers.
“No,” I croaked.
“It might be instructive…you know, just to get an idea of what you’ll look like when you’re older.”

Home Alone

“Yo – Jason? Bro? You home?” said a voice downstairs. It was Nick, his older brother. We scrambled to put our pants on.

Practice Makes Perfect

Dad was standing in the middle of the room; he was wearing his grey workout pants and nothing else. My dad’s a big, muscular guy, and the sober look on his bearded face made me nervous. He held something in his hand, and looking closer I realized it was my cum rag.