Home Alone

By Natty Soltesz

It was Friday night, Homecoming night; one of those mid-fall evenings when you’re just getting used to wearing a jacket and the leaves are skittering across the pavement.  We could hear the sound of the announcer up at the football field as we walked to Jason’s house.  Neither of us had any interest in going to the game anyway, but tonight was extra cool cause Jason’s parents were out of town and he had the house to himself.

Jason said he had a surprise for me once we got there.  I bugged him about it but he wouldn’t tell me what it was.  His house was dark, the whole street was dark – everyone was at the game.  We clomped up his wooden porch steps and went inside.

Freedom!  We turned on all the lights and put the Violent Femmes on the stereo.  There were two beers in the fridge and we drank them and danced around like idiots until we couldn’t dance anymore.

“Ready to check out the surprise?” Jason said, giving me a mischievous grin.  Jason knows he’s good looking; he has brown hair that goes past his ears and sticks out when he wears a baseball cap, which is most of the time.  When he smiles it’s all you can do not to smile with him.

“Hell yeah man,” I said, and followed him up the carpeted steps.  Jason’s room was where we usually hung out.  He had all kinds of cool stuff like an electric guitar, beanbag chairs, a shelf full of movies, and of course his N64.  In fact, I’d wondered if the surprise was the new Zelda, which we’d both been salivating over for weeks.

Instead, Jason reached into his sock drawer and pulled out a black videotape.

“What is it?” I said, taking it.  It said “Love Theater” on the top.

“It’s a porno, dude.  Brandt lent it to me.  It’s his dad’s.”

My heart quickened.  I’d never seen a porno before.

“What’s it like?” I asked.

“You wanna watch it?” I nodded; I was excited but nervous as hell.

Jason put in the tape and we plopped down on the red and yellow beanbags.  It was an older movie – probably from the ‘70s – and it was foreign, German or something.  The story involved a group of guys and girls traveling in a bus and (naturally) having all sorts of sex.  We were quiet as we watched it kick into gear.

“It’s kinda goofy,” Jason said.  It really was.  The first scene had a burly guy with an uncut dick playfully chasing two girls through a field in slow motion.  When he caught them, they rolled around and then the girls started sucking his dick.  I had never seen real live sex before.

“He’s got a big dick,” Jason said.

“Yeah,” I agreed.  We continued watching in silence that Jason would sometimes punctuate with a comment.  My cock was totally hard, and I wondered if Jason’s was too.  I glanced over at him once and thought I saw a rod in his jeans.  I’d tried to be quick but Jason caught my glance and gave a nervous laugh.

“Gettin a little turned on,” he said, resting his hand on his crotch.

“I know, me too,” I said, and Jason looked over at my crotch.  As the movie progressed, I would catch out of the corner of my eye Jason brushing his hand over his dick, casually rubbing it.  I started doing the same.

We were on the second scene now, and a girl was getting it from two different guys.

“These guys all have such big dicks,” Jason said.

“I know,” I said.  Then unthinkingly added,  “I wish I was that big.”

“Me too,” Jason said.  I felt relieved when he said that.  Jason looked over at me and I looked at him, our hands on our cocks.  “I wonder if we should compare?” he said.

I’d been anticipating this.  I could barely choke out the word, “Yeah.”

Jason unbuckled his pants and I did the same.  He stood up and so did I, letting our pants drop to the floor.  Jason took off his boxers, so did I.  Then we stood there before each other.  Jason lifted up his shirt so I could see – his dick was a lot like mine, maybe a little nicer, jutting up super hard from a bunch of brown pubes.  I wasn’t as hairy – but I’m blonde, so they were lighter, too.  His nuts hung low, unlike mine, which were all bunched up.

“It’s nice,” Jason said, nodding at my dick.

“Yeah, yours is too.”  Jason lifted off his shirt.

“Might as well get naked all the way.”  I followed suit.  We both had nice bodies from swimming all summer.  Jason had a little hair on his chest, but I was all smooth.

Jason turned back to the porno and started stroking himself as he watched.  I started doing it too.  I was so aware of how close we were standing, but afraid to make a false move.  Then I felt Jason push my hand aside and take my cock in his hand.  I honestly thought I’d cum right there, but I managed to get my bearings.  After a minute Jason took my hand and put it on his dick.  It felt a lot like mine though the skin was tighter.  I couldn’t grip it as hard as I gripped mine, I had to kind of slide my hand along it.  But it seemed to be doing the trick – Jason’s eyes were half-closed and he was breathing heavily.

I remember thinking I wasn’t going to last much longer, when we heard the front door open downstairs.  Our hands sprung away like from fire.  Jason was wide-eyed.

“Yo – Jason?  Bro?  You home?” said a voice downstairs.  It was Nick, his older brother.  We scrambled to put our pants on.

“What’s he doing here?” I asked.

“I don’t know – he must be home from college.”  He was starting up the steps.  We didn’t have time to put on our shirts.  Jason clicked off the TV just in time as Nick rounded the hallway and peeked in the door.  We must have been red-faced and breathing like we’d just run a marathon.

“Hey bro – hey Nate.  What’s going on?”  Jason sat on the edge of the bed.

“Mom and dad went to Grandma’s, they won’t be back till Sunday.”

“No shit.  I figured something was up when I saw all the lights on.  What were you guys doing?”  He looked us up and down.  The video was still whirring in the machine.

“Nothing,” I said, sitting on the beanbag.  Nick took off his jacket and tossed it on the bed.  He was 21 and a football player – a masculine and handsome guy I’d always looked up to.

“What were you watching?”

“Just a movie,” Jason said, running his hand through his hair and putting his cap on backwards.

“What movie?” Nick asked, sitting down on the bed.  He wore a white t-shirt and his thick thighs filled out his blue jeans.

“Just something we rented,” Jason said.

Face/Off,” I said.  Nick looked at us suspiciously.

“Bullshit,” he said, and reached for the remote.  He flipped it on and cocksucking filled the screen.  “Whoa – dude – where’d you guys get a porno?”

“It’s Brandt Hoover’s dad’s,” Jason said.

“Oh man – I never had porn when I was you guys’s age,” Nick said, setting the remote down and leaning back on his elbows, his eyes on the screen.  Nick had short hair, dark brown like his brother’s, but he had a thick covering of stubble on his strong-jawed face and, from what I’d seen hanging around the house when Nick had still lived there, even more hair on his body.

I turned around and watched the movie.

“What is this – German?” Nick asked.

“That’s my guess,” I said.

“Man, these guys are huge.”

“That’s what we said.”  The shock of the interruption was wearing off.  We became three guys in our sexual prime, captivated by the glow of electric sex.  I could hear Nick shuffling around behind me.

“Man, I could stand to jack off,” Nick said.  We were silent.  “That’s what you guys were doing before I came up, right?”  Still silent.  “I don’t care – it’s cool.”

“Yeah, we were,” Jason said.

“You guys mind if I join you?” Nick said.  My heart was racing again.  This was almost too much.  Jason mumbled “Whatever.”  Nick sat up and looked down at me.

“Nate, you mind?”

“No, it’s cool.”

“Well alright,” Nick said, and I heard him unzipping his pants. Then I knew he had his cock out because I could hear his palm sliding against his shaft.  I heard Jason undo his jeans.  So I did the same, just letting my cock out of my boxers.  I stroked myself, paying as much attention to the sounds behind me as I was to the porno in front.

“I can’t say much for this porno but at least it’s doing the trick,” Nick said.  “Nate.”  I waited for him to follow up my name with something, but he just said it again.  “Nate.”  I turned around.

Nick was still leaning back on his elbows, his shirt pushed up above his meaty, hairy pecs, his pants and tighty-whities around his ankles.  His hand was riding up and down his big, hairy dick.  It was intimidating and exciting all at the same time.  I didn’t even try to pretend I wasn’t looking at it – and Nick seemed to be showing it off anyway.

“You guys have any pornos other than this one?”

“No, this is the only one I’ve ever seen actually.”  Jason started taking off his pants, glancing at my dick then at his brother’s.  I started taking mine off too.

“When in Rome,” Nick said, slipping his pants over his shoes and lifting off his shirt.

I just kept watching the movie, wanting so bad to turn around and watch Jason’s big, hot brother jerk off.  It got to the last scene; a big, climactic orgy with everyone sucking and fucking.  Eventually I noticed something behind me had changed.  Nick was breathing heavier, the bed was bouncing more.  I turned back and got a shock – Jason was beating his brother off, his eyes glued to Nick’s big dick, stroking it up and down.  Nick had his head back, his eyes closed, his hips bucking a little as his little brother stroked him.  Then he looked up and saw me staring.  He lifted his hand and motioned me to come over.

I went over to the bed.  Nick took my cock in his hand, jacking me as Jason jacked him.  Then, to my utter shock, Nick leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth.  His lips slid down my shaft, easily swallowing my rock-hard meat, his tongue slathering the underside.  He came back up and held my balls as he took it all the way in again, bobbing up and down on my dick just like the girls in the movie.

I closed my eyes because I felt myself losing it.  When I caught my bearings I saw Jason going down on Nick, sucking on the tip of his big brother’s fat prick.  Nick moaned around my dick, sucking me steadily as Jason explored his brother’s dick, taking more of it into his mouth.

This all lasted a minute; ten seconds more and it might have been all over, at least for me.  But Nick backed off, wiping his lips off on his arm and catching his breath.  He stroked me as he looked down at his brother sucking him off.  He put his hand on the back of Jason’s head, urging him along.

Nick looked at me and indicated that I should go down too.  I got in front of him, this hulking mass of jock dude, and Nick spread his thighs, issuing me in between them.

Jason came off his brother’s cock, handing it over to me.  It was so big, its power was undeniable.  I licked up and down the sides of it.  There was a heady, sweaty smell coming from his crotch that I recognized from locker rooms.  I put the bulbous head in between my lips, tasting the salty, slippery pre-cum on the slit.  I cupped his heavy nuts in my hand, sliding more of his dick in my mouth and trying to be careful with my teeth.  I managed maybe as much as Jason had, sucking up and down the top and using my hand to stroke the rest of him.

I looked up and now Jason had his lean body stretched back on the bed while Nick bent down, sucking him off.  Nick took Jason’s smaller cock with ease all the way to the base, his nose buried in Jason’s pubes, then back up again.  I was glad I wasn’t getting stimulated at that point – I didn’t know how Jason was holding on.  I felt like I’d shoot at the slightest breeze.

“You guys should sixty-nine,” Nick said.  “Nate, get on the bed beside me.”  I did.  “Lay down – scoot up so your whole body’s on – yeah.  Jason, you get on top.  The other way.  Yeah – there you go.”

Jason’s dick came down from above and I opened my mouth to receive it.  At the same time I felt his mouth engulf mine.  It was mind blowing, it was – my first sexual position, sixty-nineing with my best friend.  Both of us were kind of frantically going at it – it was hard to slow the momentum with both of us getting it at the same time.

Nick was beating off, watching us.

“I’m gonna cum soon dudes – you too?” Nick said.  We just kept going, sucking each other in earnest.  “I’m so fucking close,” Nick said, getting up on his knees and pointing his cock at us.

I felt myself letting go.  Should I let Jason know in some way?  I wanted to warn him but it just came out as a muffled moan.  Then Jason was moaning too and my mouth was suddenly flooded with hot cum – big bitter globs that I swallowed down.  At the same time I was losing it in his mouth, my cum for the first time not oozing out cold over my fist or my mattress, but going right into his hot mouth.  He was swallowing too.

I heard Nick’s grunts get louder, his husky voice bellowing as he pointed his dick at us.  He shot his load all over us, most of it landing on Jason’s back but some of it hitting my stomach.

“Fuck, fuck,” he said, rubbing his dick on Jason’s body, slapping it against my sisde.

We were spent.  Nick got up and threw us a towel.  Jason wiped up and then handed it to me.  The video had reached the credits.  Jason went off to take a shower, so it was just me and big Nick.  We slid on our underwear and sat on the bed beside each other as the tape rewound itself.

“You spending the night?” Nick asked.

“I guess,” I said.

“That was fun, right?”  He got closer to me and put his hand on my side.  He was looking right into my eyes.  “You’re pretty hot.”  His mouth was next to mine, and we just sort of came together.  He was kissing me, his tongue sliding in my mouth and his hands clutching at my back.

“Don’t tell Jason,” he said.

I never did.