The Doghouse

By Natty Soltesz

I’d been running out of ways to casually pass by Mom’s bedroom when, finally, I saw that she was open mouthed and snoring.  The bedside light was still on and her romance paperback was splayed out in her hand.  I crept out the back door and crossed the silent dark streets in the direction of the highway.

Dad was in the doghouse.  Specifically, he was staying at the motor lodge on the edge of town since Mom kicked him out of the house.

Mom knows that Dad and I are close – in fact, she’s always been a little jealous of our relationship.  It was a big risk, sneaking out to see him, but I didn’t care.  I just wanted to see Dad.

He opened the door to his motel room wearing a pair of sweatpants, a look of surprise on his face that spread into a wide grin.

“My boy,” he said and gave me a big hug.  He ushered me inside his room, which was old-fashioned, like it was from the fifties.  There was a metal box next to the bed for Magic Fingers, and a bottle opener screwed into the bathroom door.  Even the bedding looked about twenty years past its prime.

“What’d you do, sneak out?” Dad said, sitting on the chair.  He motioned for me to sit on the bed.

“Yeah…” I said.  Dad tsk’d.

“If she finds out…”

“She won’t.  She worked a double today.  You know she doesn’t wake up until at least noon the day after she works a double.”

“How’d you know where I was?” Dad said.  He reached for a nearly-full bottle of Jack Daniels that was on the table and poured some into a plastic cup.  “I don’t suppose she told you.”

“I heard her on the phone with Aunt Sheila.”  Dad drank the whiskey in one gulp.

“Well I’m glad to see ya buddy, but you shouldn’t have snuck out.”

“But it’s been almost a week.  What happened, Dad?  Did you really cheat on her?”

Dad looked at me, real serious, and shook his head.  “Son, the god’s honest truth is that I’ve never cheated on your mom.  But I’m a red-blooded guy.  I like women, and they like me.”  It was true.  My dad is a studly guy – buff from working construction most of his life, and handsome too.

Dad poured himself another drink before continuing.

“There was this lady I was working for, someone your mom went to school with back in the day.  And, well, we got to flirting a bit.  It was a bad decision on my part.  This lady always had it out for your mom, so a few days ago she calls your mom up, starts spewing a bunch of nonsense, and, well, here I am.  You know how your mom is.  She gets an idea in her head and that’s that.”

“Yeah but she’s never kicked you out before,” I said. “It’s not fair.  I hate not having you around.”

“I imagine she’s on your case quite a bit, and I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s not your fault,” I said, brushing back the tears in my eyes.

“Now, now,” Dad said.  “She’ll come to her senses soon.  I hope.”  Dad picked up the bottle again.  “You want a drink?” he said, looking at me devilishly.  I shrugged my shoulders.

“Atta boy,” Dad said, and got up to grab a second cup from the bathroom.  He poured both cups halfway full and handed one to me.  “It’ll put hair on your chest,” he said.  I drank it in two gulps.  It burned like heck but left a warm feeling.

“So talk to me, son.  What’s new with you?”

“Not much.  School sucks.”

“How’s your girlfriend?  Tasha, right?”

“She’s okay.  Come to think of it, she’s like Mom. Always jealous when I talk to other girls.”

“That’s women for ya,” Dad said, leaning forward with the bottle.  I held out my cup and Dad filled it to the rim.  “I don’t think many guys would bother with them were it not for one little thing.”

“Well then, I don’t know why I bother with Tasha at all.”

“You mean she hasn’t given it up yet?”

“Oh she has.  Just not to me.  She says she wants to wait till prom.  Meanwhile I know she did it with Alec last summer.”

“So you’re 0 for 0?”

“Yep.  Except we’ve done just about everything else.”

“Well that’s fine,” Dad said, sliding back in his seat.  “But there’s nothing much better than sliding it into a tight, wet pussy.”

“I bet,” I said.  “Don’t rub it in.”

“Rubbing it is about all you’re doing,” Dad said.

“Ha, ha.  You should talk.  I mean…probably.”

“Nope, you nailed it,” Dad said, shaking his head.  He leaned forward with the bottle again.  I finished the rest of what was in my cup and held it out for more.  “Believe me, I’ve had plenty of time to fantasize about what I didn’t do.”

“Does Mom like sex, Dad?”

“Son, your mother is about the best lay I’ve ever had, as well she should be, or I would never have put up with her shit for this long.”

“Why are women so weird about it, then?  I mean, if it feels good, why don’t they want to do it all the time, like us?”

“It’s a good question,” Dad said.  “I’ve known some ladies who liked it as much as guys.  But for a lot of women, I figure it’s cause they’re the ones getting poked.  There’s more at stake when you’re on the receiving end, you know?  Babies, diseases, stuff like that.  You gotta build up trust to let somebody in you like that.”  I considered this as I took another gulp of whiskey, which was going down easier with each swig.

“Crazy thing is – and I can’t believe I’m tellin you this – I’ve always been dying to know what it feels like, bein on the other end of things, so to speak,” Dad said with a smirk.

“Well you know Jimmy Pavnick,” – Jimmy’s my gay buddy from school – “He says he likes taking it up the butt, that it feels even better than fucking.  He was crackin us up the other day talking all about what it’s like.”

“I’ve had a finger or two up there,” Dad said.  “It did feel good.  I mean, gettin poked, you gotta figure it’s a whole other thrill.”  Dad picked up the bottle again.  “And life’s too damn short.  I don’t intend to deny myself much of anything from now on, especially if this is the way your mom’s gonna treat me when I tow the line.”  Dad took a deep breath.  “Sorry, son.  I’m just lettin off some steam.”

“It’s okay,” I said, watching Dad pour us another round.  I realized the bottle was nearly empty.  I thought, “He’s drunk.”  Then I realized, “I’m drunk.”

While we finished what had been left in the bottle, I started thinking.  I probably never would have said anything if I hadn’t been as buzzed as I was.

“Hey Dad,” I said.  “How horny are you, like, on a scale of one to ten?”  Dad smirked.

“Why’s that?”

“This is gonna sound nuts…”

“Go ahead,” Dad said.

“Nothing.  I was just thinking, our problems are similar, in a way.”

“I know what you’re getting at.  At least I think I do.”

“It just seems like, it’s just us here.  Nobody would ever have to know.”

“Nope,” Dad said.  “No they wouldn’t.”  He looked straight at me, smiling until I smiled back.  My cock started swelling up.  “Say it.”

“I can’t,” I said.

“We’re talking about you getting your first piece, and me trying something new.  Am I on the right track there?”

“Yep,” I said.

“Stand up, son.”

“But I’m hard,” I said.  Dad shrugged, stood.  His hard-on tented out the front of his sweat pants.  “That make it easier for ya?”

I stood up, facing him, my boner making a long lump down the leg of my jeans.  Dad reached forward to feel it.  “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I said.

“We’re drunk and horny,” Dad said.  “And no, I can’t believe it either.”  I reached for his cock.  It was so hard.  Dad stepped closer and put his arms around me.  I put mine around him.  We pulled close and started making out, with tongues and everything.  It was just like with Tasha in a way.  It didn’t matter that it was my dad, we were such good friends that it felt natural.

“You’re takin the lead, right?” Dad said once we came apart.  He slid down his sweat pants.  “Get naked with me,” he said.  I lifted off my shirt and started on my jeans.  “I’m yours tonight, buddy,” Dad said, standing there in all his glory.  Man he was a hot guy – all muscle and hair, with a big fat boner bobbing up front.  “How do you want me then?”

“I don’t know…”

“Bent over or missionary?”

“How do you fuck Mom?”

“Missionary, usually.”

“Um, do you have a preference?”

“How bout you bend me over the bed,” he said with a roll of his eyes.

“Okay,” I said, smiling.  Dad leaned over and put his elbows on the bed.  He planted his feet wide.  I took in the sight of my big hot dad, his strong back tapering to his waist and then his butt splayed out.  I got closer and saw his hole, pink, with a brush of hair going down either side.  I knelt down behind him, running my hand over his butt cheeks.  I ventured toward his crack with my fingertips, and ran a finger over his hole, making him gasp and clench up.

“Does that feel okay?” I said.

“I like havin my butt played with,” Dad said.  “Don’t be afraid.”  I slid my fingers across his hole again and Dad relaxed into it.  I could see his dick hanging half-hard between his legs, a big drop of precum on the tip.

“Do you eat Mom’s pussy?” I asked.

“Oh yeah.  She loves it,” Dad said.

“Do you think I could try…eating you out?”

“I think that’d be more than fine,” Dad said.  I got in there and ran my tongue over his his hard, sparsely hairy cheeks.  Then I dragged it down his crack.  When my tongue made contact with his hole Dad bucked and groaned.  I was so turned on.  I ground my tongue right against Dad’s butthole and ate him out.  Dad was into it, backing up against my tongue, groaning and moaning as I dug it in deeper.

I got my finger wet and brought it to his hole.  “Here we go,” I said.  I pressed and the tip of my finger popped in.  Dad gasped.  His hole was so tight.  I didn’t want to hurt him, but I must have been too hesitant because Dad backed up and sank the rest of my finger into his butt.  I slid my finger out then in again, marveling at the tightness, like a vice.  My cock was so ready.

“What about lube?” I asked once I’d withdrawn my finger.

“Got it,” Dad said, and got up to grab his bag from beside the TV.  “I picked this up on Monday.  Four days in a motel room, spit won’t cut it after awhile,” he said, handing me a tube of KY.  He took his position again, bent over the bed.

“I guess we don’t need a rubber,” I said.

“I can’t see any reason for it.  Score one for butt sex with your Dad, I guess.  Right?”

I laughed and got behind him.  “I’m so nervous.  I don’t know why,” I said.

“I’m the one should be nervous,” Dad said.  “Just go slow, we’ll do alright.”  I lubed up his hole and set the tip of my cock against it.  I pushed forward.  The head of my dick flattened then popped inside.  Dad made a sound in his throat.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Yeah buddy,” Dad said, all guttural.  I was catching my breath, entranced by the sight of my cock spearing my dad’s spread butt, when he leaned back and another inch sank inside.

“Goddamn,” Dad said, sinking back some more.  I took the cue that we were good to go and shifted my hips forward, sinking my shaft fully into Dad’s butt.

And there you had it, a host of firsts:  my first piece, Dad’s first poke, and the previously unimaginable fact that I was boning my own dad.

“This feels amazing,” I said.

“I am with you,” Dad said.  I slid out a little; pushed back in.  It was indescribable, that tightness around my cock for the first time.  I did it again, pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in.

“What’s the verdict?” Dad said.

“A-plus,” I said, going for another pump.  “And for you?”

“Let’s just say your buddy Jimmy knows what he’s talking about,” Dad said between breaths.  His big body heaved forward as I thrust into it.  “It’s different, but in a way it’s about the best thing I ever felt.”

“That’s what Mom’s been getting all these years.”

“Well now I know she’s even luckier than I thought.”

“You make me wanna try it,” I said.

“That can be arranged,” Dad said.  I was banging him slowly, just enjoying the feel and frankly, not wanting to loose it too soon.

“Does Mom like it rough or gentle?” I asked.

“A bit rough to tell you the truth.  I can take it however you want to dish it out, son.  In fact I think I’d prefer it if you knocked me around a little bit.  Gimme the full treatment, you know?”

I took that to heart and started working over my Dad like I imagined him doing it to Mom.  Long strokes from the back, rough thrusts balls-deep.  Skin was slapping against skin.  The bed was shaking and Dad’s moans were getting louder and louder.  I gave his ass a slap.

“Fuck me, boy.  Fuck your old man.”

“Goddamn, Dad, I’m gonna cum.  Where should I cum?”

“Shoot it in me.  Shoot it right inside your pop.  Fuck, I’m gonna blow too.”  He took a hand away from the bed and stroked his cock.  Suddenly his hole got tighter and his moans got feverish and he started yelling out, “Goddamn, fuck my ass!  Fuck yeah!”  Without a word I shot my load, just blast after blast right up inside him.  It was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced.

We took a shower afterward.  I was way too drunk to walk home, so Dad and I climbed into bed together.  I snuggled up to him, my arms wrapped around his back, and found myself boning up.

“Wanna pork me again, don’t you?” Dad said.  I offered a weak “Yeah.”

“Can’t say I blame ya,” Dad said, flipping on the light and getting on all fours.  “Have at it son.  We won’t get too many chances to fuck like bunnies once I’m back home.”  As I prepared to slide my aching cock into the snapping tight butthole of my dear ol’ dad, I considered canceling the wake-up call we’d placed and letting Mom discover I’d snuck out.  Maybe Dad and I would both get in trouble, and that was fine by me.  Life in the doghouse was pretty sweet, after all.