House Rules

by Natty Soltesz

“Dad?” I said, standing at the entrance to the garage where he was under the car, working.

“Yeah son?” he said, and rolled out.

“I finished cleaning my room.” I felt all nervous. Dad reached for his work bench and set down his wrench with a plunk. He regarded me as he smoothed down his greasy coveralls.

“Good,” he said, and made a quick adjustment in his crotch. I watched that like a hawk, and his eyes caught my glance. “And your mother is out for the rest of the night?”

“Yeah…she took her box fan with her to Aunt Carol’s, that’s how you know she’s planning to stay after the card game,” I said. Dad smiled, amused at my attention to detail. He looked me up and down and licked his lips. But then he stopped.

“What about scrubbing the bathroom floor? Did you do that?” he said.

I went beet red. Of course I’d forgotten – conveniently, because it was my least-favorite chore.

“S-sorry, Dad. I’ll go do it right now.” Dad shook his head at me.

“You know the rules, son: first you finish your chores, then we play. Now go and do as you’re told.” I’d turned to go when Dad stopped me. “But son…go ahead and get naked before you start. I wouldn’t mind the sight of that while I’m washing up.”

“Sure, Dad!” I said, the idea of getting on my hands and knees suddenly more appealing than it had seemed moments ago. I went to run upstairs but stopped myself and looked up at him. “You won’t get too clean, will you, Dad?” I said. But he just smiled.

“Of course not, son. Daddy knows how you like it.”


In less than half an hour I’d scrubbed from corner to corner, Dad walking around in his tightie not-so-whities and taking long, appreciative glances at my smooth, bent-over backside as he splashed water on his face and scrubbed a bit of the grease from his rough, thick fingers. When I was finished he led me into the living room, where he kicked back in his chair and let me snuggle up on the floor between his powerful legs.

“The rules are there for a reason, boy,” he said as I sniffed at his inner thighs, following my nose to his heavy, fragrant balls. “I’m your Dad, and it’s my job to raise you right. That means learning a sense of responsibility,” he said as I pressed my nose into his space between his nuts and thigh and inhaled like it was a drug. “We all like to have our fun,” he said, and I pulled back to watch it rise: my favorite thing in the whole world, my old man’s fat cock. “But if all we did was have fun all day, no work would get done.”

“I know, Dad,” I said, unable to keep my lips off his succulent, musky shaft as I dragged my face up alongside it. “But I just love having fun, especially with you…sometimes it’s all I can think about and I just sorta forget about my chores and everything else.”

“Well that’s natural for a growing boy like you,” Dad said, looking down at me appreciatively as I lapped at the precum pooling on the tip of his cock. I moaned when I tasted it. But then Dad took hold of my chin and pointed my face up at his. He held out a finger. “Just remember, I’m the only man in your life. I know you might be curious about other boys, but you can’t be running around letting them have their way with you, because that’s not a productive way to spend your time. Don’t I take good care of you?”

“Yes, you do, Dad,” I said, and Dad let go of my chin. I immediately slid my mouth down his cock.

“Awww, yes, son, you know how Daddy likes it. Suck that cock, slow and deep. Slow and deep.” I stretched my lips around Dad’s massive rod, savoring the smell and taste. “Take it all the way to the base…there you go.” I held my nose in Dad’s sweaty pubes, feeling his cock pulse in my throat.

“Let’s see my boy’s pretty little pussy,” Dad said as he pulled my head off his cock and picked me up to put me on the bed, on all fours. “There it is. Spread it for Daddy, arch your back. That’s my boy.” I felt Dad’s tongue in my hole. I moaned. “Mm, my boy tastes so good. Clean as a whistle.” He dug his tongue in deep, licked all around my hole.

“Daddy’s all you need, remember that, son,” Dad said as he stood up and pressed the blunt head of his cock against my tight hole. “This fat cock will fill your hole much better than any of those boys who come around.”

“I know, Dad,” I said as Dad drizzled spit onto the spot where his cock met my hole. He pushed inside. The head popped in and I moaned. “I love having fun with you.”

“That’s right, boy,” Dad said, pushing another inch of him into me. “We can have our fun, but only when your mom’s not around, and only when you’ve finished your homework and done your chores,” he added as he sunk the rest of himself into me. He started to fuck. “Daddy knows this pussy needs to be filled, but for now, I’m the only one who fills is. Understand? Your daddy’s boy until I say so.”

“Yes, Daddy!” I said, bracing myself as best I could as Dad began to rail my ass. “You take such good care of me.”

“Yes I do,” Dad said, grabbing onto my ass cheeks and splitting my hole open with his beer-can thick cock. “I know what my boy needs and I give it to him. But only after you finish your homework and do your chores, understand?”

“Yes Dad!” I said.

“Alright, well, Daddy’s gonna cum in you. Keep that hole open for me. Here it comes,” Daddy said, and he moaned as he held his cock deep and let it unload.

When he was done he pulled me in for a hug and a deep kiss. “Now let’s have some dinner,” he said.

“Can we do it again tonight, Dad?” I said as he held me. “Mom won’t be home till tomorrow morning.”

“We’ll see son. If you’re good and do the dishes after dinner like you’re supposed to, I can’t see why you couldn’t spend the night in bed with your old man and take a few more of his loads. Would you like that?”

“Yeah Dad!” I said.

“Good. Now go get cleaned up.”

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