Practice Makes Perfect

By Natty Soltesz

Dad called me in to his room just as I was getting in the shower.  The tone of his voice sounded serious – so I wrapped a towel around my waist and cautiously opened his bedroom door.

Dad was standing in the middle of the room; he was wearing his grey workout pants and nothing else.  My dad’s a big, muscular guy, and the sober look on his bearded face made me nervous.  He held something in his hand, and looking closer I realized it was my cum rag.

“Son, I found this under your bed.”

“What the heck were you doing in there?”

“Never mind that.  I think it’s high time we talked about this.”

“About what?”  I was confused, cause my dad’s a pretty sexual guy, and I never felt like jerking off was a big deal.

“From the looks of this rag you’ve been stroking the lizard way too much.”  He tossed it into a pile of dirty clothes.  “Would you shut the door?”  He put his arm around my shoulder.

“It’s not healthy for a guy to spend so much time by himself.  I know it’s hard at your age.  Girls don’t know what they want, and guys only want one thing.  It can be frustrating.”

“To say the least,” I said.

“So you’re a virgin?”


“It’s okay.  I figured as much. And I want to help you, any way that I can.”  He wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me close; my face rested against his beefy, hairy chest.  He smelled like fresh soap and cologne.

“Geez, dad.  I feel like I’ll never get laid.  And if I ever do get the chance, I’m scared I might not know – like – what to do.”

“Son, every young guy has been in your position, but don’t let it get you down.  You’re a real handsome guy, and you’ll be pulling more pussy than you can handle in no time.”  His words were reassuring.  It was just like my dad to show such concern for me.  He was always a hands-on kind of father.

Looking me in the eyes, real “man-to-man”-like, he continued.

“If you’re really anxious about fucking, there might be a way I could help you out.  Are you interested?”


“You could get the experience you need, and we could both have a bit of fun in the process.”


“You can practice.  With me.”

“With you?”

“Hey, I may be your old man, but I still got spunk in me that would put a sixteen-year-old to shame.”  It was true – my dad’s a totally sexy guy.  Girls were always checking him out on the street.

“I can’t believe you’d be willing to do that for me.”

“Just think of it as a warm-up before the big game,” Dad said as he slipped off his workout pants.  “Everyone needs a dry run now and again.  It takes the edge off.”  I gazed at his hairy thighs and white briefs-clad bulge.

“Well…what do I do?”

“Get naked, for starters.”  I cautiously undid my towel and let it fall to the floor.  In no time my half-hard cock became a full-on boner.

“Phew,” Dad whistled, gazing down at my dick.  “You may look like your momma, but I could spot the Morelli genes in that dick from a mile away.”

“Thanks Pop,” I said, blushing.

“Now come closer, son.”  He put his knuckle under my chin.  “Don’t be shy.”  He lifted my face to his.  “You got plenty to be proud of, with that tight little body of yours and that thick man’s cock.  Go ahead and swagger a little bit when you’re showin off, okay?  Keep your confidence.”

“Okay,” I said.  I could feel the heat from his body as his hairy belly pressed into my smooth one.

“Now, kissing comes first and always.  I’m sure you’ve done this a lot, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s as far as I ever get.”  Dad laughed.

“Well, kissing’s a lot more fun when you’re working up to sex.  Don’t make it too sloppy, but don’t be afraid to get into it, either.”


“Okay.  So show me how you kiss.”  I took a deep breath, and pressed my lips to Dad’s.  I’d kissed him hundreds of times, but this was different.  His almost-bare body pressed to mine in a decidedly un-fatherly way.  His cock was chubbed up and rising, while my rock-hard boner was leaking against his thigh.  When dad opened his lips, I took it as a cue to slip my tongue inside.  Dad responded by wriggling his tongue up against mine.  Our heads twisted from side to side as we sucked face.  I was making out with my dad, just like I’d made out with my girlfriends, but this was ten times better.

“Wow,” Dad said, coming off of our kiss.  “You’re a hell of a good kisser.  You don’t got anything to worry about in that department.”

“Thanks, Pop.”  He put his hand on my hip.

“Now, when a girl goes down on you…well, that’s about the best feeling in the world.  But it’s important to stay focused, otherwise you’ll lose your nut before you should.”

Dad went down on his knees.  He held up my cock.

“I want you to close your eyes.  Concentrate on the way your dick feels, and don’t look down until you’ve got yourself under control.”

I did as I was told, shutting my eyes and raising my face to the ceiling.  One minute I was hearing my dad’s breath, and the next I felt the most incredible warm, sliding sensation engulf my entire dick.  My knees went weak and I had to grab Dad’s shoulder for support.  I thought I’d cum then and there, as my cock was worked over by that hot and heavenly suction.  But I kept my eyes closed and remembered to breathe.  I could feel Dad’s mouth sliding up and down my shaft, his rough tongue slathering the underside with thick and lolling swipes.

Finally, I opened my eyes.  Dad was bobbing on my dick, sucking it with ease.  He went down all the way, letting it poke in his throat before sliding back up again.  He ran his hands up my body, looking me in the eyes as he chugged my dick.  It was truly an effort for me to hold on to my load (and though I didn’t know it at the time, I was getting better head from my dad than I’d ever get from my inexperienced girlfriends).

He popped my cock out of his mouth.  “Feel good for you, son?”  I nodded, unable to speak.  “Tell me what feels good.  Girls need to know when they’re doing it right, they need encouragement.”

“Oh, Dad, it feels incredible.  Your…your tongue feels like it’s coaxing the come right out of me.  I can’t…I don’t think I can…”  Dad intuitively sensed that I was on the verge, and came off just in time.

“Fucking great job, boy,” he said, standing up and slapping me on the back.  “You held up well, especially for your first time.  That’s a sweet cock you got, too.  Lots of juicy pre-come.  Any girl would be lucky to suck on that.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“You ready for the next step?”  I nodded.  Dad slid off his underwear.  His fully hard pecker bounced out from a nest of black, bushy pubes.  The tip was wet with pre-jizz.  It was clear he was as turned on as me, and I thought that was pretty cool.

“Son, one of the most important things about having sex is the ability to please your partner.  Guys your age are just dying to get a nut.  They’ll fuck a girl without ever caring whether she’s getting off.  It’s no wonder they have a hard time scoring pussy.  You’ve got to give as well as you receive.”

Dad lay on the bed, on his stomach, his feet on the floor.  He spread his legs, opening the cheeks of his big, muscular ass and raising it into the air.

“Now son, eating pussy is an art, and I don’t expect you to really get the hang of it until you’ve had some practice with the real thing.  You’ve got to start somewhere, though, and I want you to treat my ass like it was a pussy.  Get down here, and give it the care and attention that a hot pussy deserves.”

My dad’s broad shoulders tapered down to his tight, curved back.  His firm ass, covered with a light dusting of black hair, flared out before me.  I’d seen this butt in his jeans, looking quite fine, any number of times.  But this was another matter entirely.

“Take my cheeks in your hands and pull them apart.  My asshole’s nice and clean, so don’t worry about that.  Just explore it.  Touch it a little first.”  I gently pulled apart his soft cheeks to reveal his pink butt hole.  Slowly, I ran my fingertip down his deep crack.  When I touched his hot, sticky asshole, Dad twitched and moaned.

“Now, don’t be afraid to get your face in there.  Take a nice, deep whiff.”  He smelled musky and manly.  Tentatively, I reached out my tongue, and touched it to his hole.  Dad’s whole body jerked.  “That’s really nice, son, but it might be better if you worked up to it first.  Really make love to my ass.  Turn that pussy into jelly.”

I started by nibbling on Dad’s pert butt cheeks.  Then I licked down his crack, drinking in his musky sweetness, being careful to rim right around his hole, my tongue flirting with the slick skin there but never fully delving in.  Dad was getting worked up, grinding his pelvis into the bed.

“Go for it,” he said breathlessly.  “Get your tongue in there.  Eat that pussy like you own it.”  I buried my face in Dad’s ass, working my tongue into his hot hole, feeling his sphincter clamp around it.  I feasted on that ass, getting it moist and slobbery.

“That’s it, boy.  Don’t be afraid to get messy, it’s a messy job.  Man, you are working wonders back there.  You sure you never done this before?”  It was a nice compliment.  I licked and sucked until Dad’s asshole went totally slack, and then I could really slide my tongue inside.  I was just hitting my stride when Dad told me to stop.

“From your enthusiasm I can tell you take to eating pussy just like your old man.  In fact, it’s my favorite thing to do next to fucking.”  He stood up.  His cock was red and pulsing, slick with the pre-come he’d leaked on the bedspread.

“Now, if eating pussy takes a certain finesse, fucking it requires an even gentler touch and a careful approach.  You got me pretty lubed up back there, but…”  He grabbed a tube of lube from his dresser drawer.  “…but spit don’t always cut it, and sometimes, neither does a girl’s natural juices.  That’s why lube is important.”  He handed it to me, and lay back down on his stomach.

“Get your dick nice and greased up, and be sure to put some on my asshole, too.  Be careful, cause it can be a shock when it’s chilly.”  I slathered it on my cock, then rubbed it into Dad’s quivering asshole.  “That’s the way.  Now, if there’s nothing else you take away from this today, remember one thing:  when breaking open a pussy, you’ve got to take it slow.  Girls, especially those your age, can be tight.  And with a piece like the one you’re swingin, you better take it easy or you’re liable to split that pussy in two.  Line your dickhead up with my hole, and when you feel me start to relax, go ahead and push in — but slowly, just until I let you inside.”

I did as Dad said, letting his asshole kiss the tip of my dick. When he relaxed I bore down gently.  The more pressure I applied, the more I felt his hole give way.  Then, suddenly, the head of my dick sank inside.

“Fuck!” Dad gasped.  “Now hold up and let me catch my breath.”  But my dick had a mind of its own and just kept going.  “Shit!  Fuck!  Go slow, son!”  I managed to calm myself and hold still.  Dad was panting underneath me.  I closed my eyes like I had during the blowjob, and tried to collect myself.  If I wanted to show off for Dad, I was going to have to last more than ten seconds in that tight ass.

Slowly, Dad’s butt raised up and swallowed more of my dick, then more and more, faster and faster until his soft ass cheeks pressed against my pelvis, and my dick was as deep as it could go.

There we go, you’re all the way in.  Let’s take a moment to get our bearings.  You got a little eager there, but I can’t fully blame you.  A tight pussy like mine would be hard to resist for a virgin like you.  Just find that space in your head where you’re in control of your dick.  Then try working it a little.”

I won’t lie, it took me a while; but eventually I felt like I could move my dick without spontaneously spurting.  I raised my hips ever so slightly, and dad’s asshole squeezed my dick in its tight, velvety grip.  I sank it back inside, pressing my balls against his ass.  Dad moaned.  I waited till I could do it again, then again, and then I was fucking him – slowly, but surely.

“Ahhh, that’s it.  Nice and slow.  No need to hurry, let’s make it last.  Slow and deep, that’s the way.  Ah, fuck, you’re hittin my spot.”  I watched my fat dick disappearing into Dad’s big butt.

“Now when you’re making it with a girl, it’s best to fuck gentle.  But with me, go ahead and fuck as hard as you want.  Yeah, that’s it.  Fuck me hard, boy, make me feel that cock up my ass.”  He moved with me, working his ass back to meet my thrusts.  I grabbed his beefy butt cheek in my hand, and went with the urge to slap it.  Dad moaned in appreciation.  It was all too much.  I was reaching the edge, and I had to stop or I’d go over.  I pulled out slowly.

“Nice control, son.  I’m really impressed.”  He turned on to his back.  “Once you feel ready, try fucking me this way.  It’s good to change positions, it mixes things up and gives you a chance to re-charge.”  I held Dad’s legs in the air as I re-entered him.  His ass took me easily this time; I slid right in.

“Now, I know this feels pretty fucking good.  It feels good for me, too.  But don’t just focus on your dick inside me.  Really make love to me, make me feel good all over.  Feel my tits, pinch my nipples a little.  That’s the way.”  Dad’s chest was powerful and strong.  I loved the feel of his hairy pecs and tight stomach.  I took his thick prick into my hand and started stroking him.

“Aw yeah, son, you’ve got it down.  It’s always good to give your partner the same kind of pleasure you’re getting.” I laid on top of him, working his tool with my greasy fist.  His lips found mine and we made out again.

“This is about as intimate as you can get with another person,” dad said.  “I’m gonna cum soon, you think you can cum with me?  Yeah, keep stroking my cock. Fucking go to town on that pussy, don’t be afraid.  Give daddy what he needs.”

Our mouths locked together, and our tongues jousted as I began to lose control.  My whole body shuddered, I thrust in and shot my first blast of nut, deep inside his ass.  Dad’s hole clamped tight around my dick, milking the come from my balls.  He groaned, hunching his dick into my fist.  With a great grunt he let his sperm fly free, his assspasming around my dick as he shot his load.  It coated our stomachs like hot soup, and I mashed my lips to his, crushing our bodies together, colliding in the lust of our shared orgasms.

“That was wonderful,” Dad said, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close.  “You did a better job than I ever could have expected.”

“Thanks, Dad.  Are you sure it’s okay that I came in your ass?”

“Well, if there’s one big difference between my butt and a pussy, it’s that I can’t get pregnant.  By God, if you ever knock up a girl, your ass will be grass.  But as long as you’re with me, you don’t have to worry about that stuff.”

“You mean we could…practice…again sometime?”

“I don’t see the harm, especially when we both got some nice loads out of it.  You know what they say; practice makes perfect.”