Bro & Go

by Natty Soltesz

I groaned when I saw my brother in the doorway to my bedroom. He had this grin on his face that did not bode well for my evening.

“What?” I said. “I’m studying!”

“So?” he said. “Mom said you have to do whatever I ask, didn’t she?” I sighed and kept my nose in my book, hoping he would go away. Chet walked over to my book and flipped it closed.

“Chet! I have a test tomorrow!” I protested.

“So study later,” Chet said. “Right now I need you to do something for me.”

“What,” I said as I narrowed my eyes. Chet maintained his shit-eating grin.

“I need you to lick my asshole,” Chet said.

“Ew! No!” I said. “Get out of my room and leave me alone!”

Chet took a deep breath and shook his head. Then he turned his face to the ceiling. “Mom!” he called out.

“Chet! No!” I said.

“What?” I heard my frazzled mother call back from downstairs. “I’m busy!”

“Anthony won’t do what I’m asking him to do!” Chet said.

“Anthony!” my mom scolded. “Listen to your brother and do what he says!”

“But Mom–” I said and she stopped me.

“No buts! I’ve got a million things to do and I don’t have time to deal with you guys. Just do what your brother says. I don’t want to hear anything else about it!” Mom said.

I glared up at Chet, but he just smiled. “Hear that, Anthony? Whatever I want.”

“Fine!” I said, and rolled over on my bed to give him room.

“That’s right,” Chet said, and slipped off his shorts and shirt. His cock was hard as he laid face-down on my bed. I took my position between his legs. There it was: my brother’s pert, rounded ass. God, why did he have to be such a dick? I sighed in frustration as he got himself comfy, his ass cheeks flexing as he settled onto his stomach, opening the book I’d just been reading as if he was settling in for a while. “Well c’mon,” he said, looking back at me. “I haven’t got all night and it’s not gonna lick itself.”

I huffed but then I stuck my face in my brother’s ass and started lapping at his hairy crack. Chet flipped through the pages of my science textbook. “Is this the kind of bullshit they’re teaching you these days?” he said. I licked the curves of my brother’s butt, deliberately avoiding his hole because I know that’s what he likes best. But that didn’t work for long.

“You better get your tongue in my hole, Anthony,” he said.

“You just said to lick your ass,” I countered.

“Yeah and that’s part of it. Get in there deep,” Chet said.

“You’re so disgusting,” I said.

Chet turned his head to the door. “Mom!” he said.

“Anthony! By god if I have to come up there…” my mom said. And so I sighed and really got my face into my brother’s ass, searching with my tongue until it touched his soft hole. I pressed my tongue to it.

“Ah! Fuck yeah,” Chet said. I felt him grinding his hard-on into the bed as I licked his hole. This is what my brother Chet does any time he’s horny and it’s such bullshit because my Mom allows it. Even though I have like a million other things I could be doing and I’m behind in school. She doesn’t care that he barely graduated, he’s always been her favorite and can do no wrong. Meanwhile he tortures me and makes me lick his cock and suck his ass nearly every day, sometimes twice a day.

And the worst thing is, I’ve kind of started to enjoy it. But I would never let Chet know that. So I couldn’t help it when my own cock started to grow, as Chet pushed his ass back into my face and I dug my tongue even deeper. It always makes him moan when I do that.

“There you go, little brother, just like that…damn, you really know how to eat ass. Even better than my girlfriend,” Chet said.

“What would she say if she knew you were having your little brother lick your ass on a regular basis, huh?” I said, using my brattiest voice.

“She won’t know, cause you know what I’ll do if you ever say anything,” Chet said. “Now shut up and get you face back in my ass.” I sank my face between my brother’s smooth, muscular cheeks, writhing my tongue into his musky hole as deep as I could. Chet kept flipping through my science book, commenting on it, pretending like he wasn’t enjoying this as much as he was. But I could feel from the space under his balls that he was hard as a rock and grinding it against the bed. I knew what that meant, and soon enough he turned over.

“Suck it,” Chet said, the book still in his face, shaved cock pulsing in the air.

“You said I just had to rim you,” I said.

“Yeah, well now I want a blowjob. Do I have to call Mom again?”

I sighed. As much as I hate Chet, there’s a certain way he gets when he makes me do this stuff that makes me want it as much as he does. And I especially love his cock, how hard it gets, the way he shaves it to the nub so it just slides so easily down my throat. I sucked it shallow, though, at first, just to annoy him. He grunted and pushed my head down so that his cock was buried in my throat. I choked, which made him smile.

“Too much for you, little brother?” Chet said.

“I told you, don’t choke me with it. I’ll tell Mom,” I said.

“Just get back down on that dick, worm,” Chet said. I rolled my eyes and licked his cock like a lollipop. Then slid it in my mouth again. A little moan escaped my lips and Chet smirked. “Yeah, you love this dick. I don’t know why you try to act like you don’t.”

“I only do it cause you make me,” I said.

“Bullshit,” Chet said. “You loooove licking your brother’s ass and sucking his cock. And you like it even better when I slide it in your tight little hole,” Chet said. I ignored him, mostly because I was blushing at how right he was. Usually I protest eating his ass, but by the time he gives me his cock to suck I get so horny and then I want it in my ass so bad. It’s crazy, and I hate how right he is, so I never say anything about it.

I took Chet’s cock all the way into my throat and he held my head down there. I didn’t choke this time. My cock was so hard in my shorts. I licked down to his shaved balls and slipped them one by one in my mouth. He lifted his legs and I lapped at his hairless hole some more. Then I went back to his cock and sucked it tight and deep.

“Damn, bro, you’re gonna make me want to fuck you,” Chet said. “Too bad this book is so boring,” he said, tossing my science book off the bed. “C’mon, Anthony: bend over.” I stood up and sighed like I was annoyed, but Chet saw my hard cock tenting out my shorts. “Don’t act like you hate this,” he said.

“I do,” I said.

“Well tough shit. Bend over,” Chet said. I gritted my teeth and shook my head. “Now,” Chet said, and I huffed and threw my arms but went ahead and shucked off my shorts, then got into position: all fours on the bed. Chet chuckled and shook his head. “C’mon Anthony, just take my cock and stop being a little shit about it. I’ll even lube you up this time,” Chet said.

“Well that’ll be a first. It seems like you enjoy making it hurt,” I said. Chet laughed.

“Only because I know you can take it,” he said, and spit into his palm. He slapped his slicked-up palm against my hole and slipped a finger inside. “Damn, this ass is so much tighter than my girlfriend’s,” he said, pumping his finger inside me. My hard cock was dripping from it.

“Yeah and I bet she won’t let you fuck her without a condom,” I said as Chet lined up his cock to my asshole and pushed against it. I felt that first pressure and braced myself. But Chet didn’t go inside, not yet.

“You know she won’t,” Chet said. “She won’t get on birth control and she’s afraid I’ll knock her up. But no chance I’ll knock you up, is there little bro?” Chet said, and shoved himself inside to the hilt.

“Ow!” I said.

“Shut up,” Chet said.

“Go easy on me!”

“Just take it and quit complaining. Look how hard you are,” Chet said, and reached down to stroke my dripping boy dick. “I’ll make you cum if you let me fuck you hard.”

“How thoughtful of you,” I said.

“Yeah, well, you are my brother, after all. Don’t you love me like I love you?” Chet began to thrust his cock into me. God it felt so good. There’s just something about getting railed by my older brother that turns me on so much, and I hate that he’s made me this way but I can’t deny that it’s all I think about, some days. Even when I should be finding a boyfriend, or girlfriend, sometimes I think I don’t care because I won’t get it as good as I do from Chet.

“Whatever,” I said, rolling my eyes. “You better not cum in me,” I said.

“Why not?” Chet said.

“Cause it’s gross!” I said. “Cum on my ass or face or wherever.”

“Aw c’mon, little bro, don’t be such a spazz,” Chet said. “Here, flip over on your back.” I made a show of my annoyance as I flipped over for him. “That’s better,” Chet said, sliding his cock back into me. “Don’t you want to look in my eyes when you cum?”

“No,” I said, but Chet just laughed. He spit in his hand and started stroking my cock as he ramped up his thrusting. He was holding both of my ankles in his left hand and stroking me with his right as he fucked harder and harder. The faster he fucked the more I couldn’t hold my mask of annoyance. The thing about Chet is he really does know how to fuck, and his rhythmic, intense thrusts were sending me into another world.

“Look at me,” Chet said. “I’m gonna cum inside you.” I looked at him, and nodded. “That’s right. Cum with me, little bro. Take this fucking dick and cum with it inside you.” I stared into Chet’s eyes as my cock began to pulse and shoot in his hand. “That’s right!” he said, eyes wide with delight when he saw the huge load streaming out of my cock all over my hairless body. “Take my fucking load, Anthony. Here it comes. Fuck!” He held his cock deep in me and I felt it pulse as his jizz released inside my ass. Shot after shot. He always shoots the hugest loads and I knew it’d be leaking out of me all day, making a mess in my underwear and constantly reminding me of the fact that he was my older brother, fully in charge.

When he was done he stood up and gave my ass a hard slap. “Till next time, huh little bro?” Chet said before striding out of my room. I sighed and grabbed a towel to clean up. Then I got back to my studies.

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