Pre-Order Backwoods

I tell ya what – you wait around for months (years?) for something to happen, then in one day everything happens. You can pre-order Backwoods over at the Rebel Satori site.


Just So Horny by Michael Kirwan

Michael Kirwan’s recently-released book Just So Horny arrived in the mail today. You might remember that Michael Kirwan did the illustrations for my getting-closer-to-being-released (seriously! more on that later) book, Backwoods. Well the awesome news is that three of the illustrations Michael did for Backwoods are included in Just So Horny. They’re full-page illustrations and […]


Backwoods Non-Update Update

So here it is, summer, and I have nothing to report about the state of Backwoods. It’s in book limbo – everything is completed (though I’m sure it could use some editing), but no action is being taken to get it out in the world. I anticipated this. My publisher set the summer release date, […]



Here I am! My novel-in-stories of erotic fiction, Backwoods, is done done done and coming out this summer from Rebel Satori Press.  Michael has completed the illustrations, the cover is GLORIOUS, and in the next couple of days I’m going to be putting up a rudimentary promotional page on here, just to have something I […]


April 1, 2011

That’s when Backwoods is supposed to be released. From what I’ve seen release dates are subject to change, but I’m just glad to have some sort of anchor, something to remind me that this is really going to happen, my book is going to be published. Unless the whole thing is an April Fools joke. […]

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Posting for Posting’s Sake

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Can’t really say why I’m on a downswing, it just happens.  In fact I’m sort of overdue for posting a new story (I used my Butt Magazine story as an unofficial stopgap).  I will soon. Besides that I’m just having a summer.  Rob Wolfsham just visited me and […]


Meet Tom

This is Tom Frye. He’s straight and married. He’s pissed because one of the two openly-homosexual men in his town has shown up on his doorstep in the middle of the night. He’s a homophobe, but the funny thing is, he really enjoys taking it up the ass.  Strange. In other news HOLY SHIT MICHAEL […]