Detail from Backwoods cover illustration by Michael Kirwan

Here I am!

My novel-in-stories of erotic fiction, Backwoods, is done done done and coming out this summer from Rebel Satori Press.  Michael has completed the illustrations, the cover is GLORIOUS, and in the next couple of days I’m going to be putting up a rudimentary promotional page on here, just to have something I can link to.  More info as I get it!

I haven’t written a word besides journal entries in the past three months.  It’s getting old!  I need to get back into writing, but haven’t been able to concentrate.  The big change in my life is that I’m single now, and though I don’t really care to talk about that on the internet, it feels way too significant to gloss over.  Know that I’m doing okay and working through things day to day.  I know that people out there care, and it means a lot to me, but please don’t offer me sympathy.  I’ll be fine.

I hope to start posting more on here in the coming weeks, including resuming your Friday Nifty experiences.  As always, thanks for reading!