Kickstarter Love & Wrap-up

What can I say about Kickstarter and my awesome backers that I haven’t said already? Nuffin. I recently sent out my rewards (aside from the book itself, which is coming out God-knows-when), and hopefully everybody has gotten them by now (and if you haven’t you should maybe let me know). So I just wanted to […]


24 Hours…

Only 24 hours to go on my Kickstarter project.  My backers have long since pledged enough money for me to buy illustrations for my book, but this is your last chance to buy yourself one of my collages or a book that I spooged in.  Just sayin.


Backwoods Update

Rebel Satori Press/Queer Mojo posted my bio information on their website. Exciting! I finally signed and sent off my contract for Backwoods this past week. Word on the street is that Michael will be finished with the illustrations by July. Whenever I stop to really consider that I managed to do this, I manage to […]

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Happy Bday DC’s!

So it’s the fifth anniversary of Dennis Cooper’s blog, and if you’ve never checked in with the community there, you’re doing yourself a disservice. DC’s got me my first contact with an editor, and my first contact with Rebel Satori Press, who are going to publish Backwoods. I owe them a great deal, but besides […]

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Kickstarter Love

So I’ve been posting some updates over on my Kickstarter project that you might want to check out, mostly lots of gushing over my backers (credit and love also due to the folks who’ve donated money via my PayPal link). The other day the folks at The Kickstarter Blog decided to highlight one of my […]


Three Days

It’s been three days. Tonight I reached my Kickstarter goal thanks to YOU. In conclusion: Holy Fucking Shit. It’s a brave new world out there for artists on the internet. Shit’s real, yo.


My Internet Debut

Here’s another view of my Kickstarter video.  My backers have brought me more than halfway toward my goal after only a few days.  How crazy is that?  I’m burbling over with gratitude.


Backwoods Update

It’s been awhile since I heard that Rebel Satori Press was going to work with me on publishing my book of erotica, Backwoods, so it’s time I gave an update on what’s going on. My dream for the book has always been for it to be illustrated. A while back I contacted Michael Kirwan about […]