Taking it for the Team

by Natty Soltesz

Coach called a team meeting for after school on Wednesday. The big game was coming up, so I figured it was just a pep talk. His were legendary at our school. But I already had the distinct sense that something else was going on, and I asked Mario about it at lunch that day.

“Didn’t Coach just have a meeting with you and the other first-string guys?” I said. Mario took a bite of his apple. I could tell he was hesitating.

“Yeah. This is for the whole team, though,” he said.

“Well how did your meeting go?” Mario looked down at the table but he had a slight smile on his face. “C’mon man, there’s something you’re not telling me.” His smile spread until he was laughing.

“Look, all I’m gonna say is, even though it’s kinda crazy, you gotta trust Coach. And…it’s pretty fucking awesome.”

That was all he’d say. I had a feeling it was about sex, but I couldn’t figure out how, exactly. Coach had always been forthright about sex and the affect it could have on our lives on and off the field.

The final bell rang and everybody streamed out of school to catch their bus. Me and my best friend Joey headed down to the locker room. I nodded to Mario as he and several other of the first-string players filed in behind us. They all had this knowing look on their faces.

Coach was standing in front of his glassed-in office at the far end of the locker room. This was his usual spot for giving us a pep talk, or a reprimand. He was smiling, his strong arms folded in front of him as he chatted with Brent, our quarterback. He had on his usual outfit – a polo shirt that fit tightly across his barrel chest, top buttons undone to show a bit of chest hair, his whistle hanging below that. Short shorts that clung to his powerful thighs and glutes. Coach was a handsome guy. He had this commanding presence that made you forget his small stature.

Me and Joey took our usual spot, leaning up against the lockers. When we’d all filed in Coach asked Derrick – who was near the back – to shut the doors.

“Lock them, too,” he added. The room got really quiet.

“Alright guys. Thanks for coming. As you well know, we’ve got our rematch with United coming up. A lot rests on this one. I called this meeting to talk in a bit more depth about how we’re going to mentally prepare for it, and to propose a tactic I’ve already explored with your first-string players. A tactic that was met with some success, wouldn’t you say, Brent?”

Brent got a huge smile on his face. “Definitely, Coach,” he said.

“Right,” Coach said, smiling back. “It’s unorthodox, for sure, so it’s important to note that not only do you need to trust your coach on this one, but you also need to keep this conversation entirely in this room. This is team business, only. Does everybody understand?” I can’t say that I did, but I said “Yes, Coach” just the same.

“As much as the community – your parents, teachers, neighbors – love it when we’re winning, they don’t understand the dedication and persistence that goes into those victories. That’s why I need all of you, right now, to agree that this conversation does not leave this room. Got it? I want to hear that from all of you.”

“Yes Coach!” we said in unison, booming and enthusiastic.

“Good,” he said, looking pleased. “I’ve always imparted to you guys the importance of mental preparation for a game. We’ve talked about how that requires minimizing distraction. Your lives have no place on the field, it’s true, whether it’s that big physics test on Tuesday, or a fight you had with your parents. Dwelling on these things are a detriment to your performance and your team.”

We’d heard this a million times before.

“But the number one distraction, bar none, for guys your age, is sex.” Some nervous chuckles. “I don’t have to tell you guys this. Believe me, I’ve been there. The average man thinks about sex every three minutes. For teenage boys, it’ s more like every three seconds. That seem about accurate?”

“I’d say it’s a low estimate,” Jonathan said. That got a laugh. Jonathan is probably the smartest guy on our team and he’d probably studied the actual statistics.

“Point being,” Coach said, “sex can be the one thing that’s hardest – pardon the pun – to excise from your brain when it comes to your game. I know that some of you have girlfriends. Brent, how’s yours?”

“She’s cool,” Brent said.

“Does she tend to your needs, regularly?”

“Sort of,” Brent said.

“Are things pretty easy with her otherwise?”

“When she’s not being psycho, sure,” Brent said. Coach laughed.

“That’s the thing with girlfriends,” he said, addressing us as a group again. “To get your needs met, you have to put up with a lot. Which can be just as distracting – if not more so – than the horniness that caused you to get with them in the first place.”

We all nodded. I’d broken up with my girlfriend just a few weeks ago and was well aware of the toll it had taken on my mental and physical energy. Then there was Joey, my best friend – I’d only seen less and less of him since he got with his girl.

“Now I’m not going to recommend that you break up with your girlfriends, or even that you stop dating. What I am going to do is suggest that there are ways to have your needs met that are less time and energy-consuming.”

“I think we all know about that, Coach,” Derrick said, making a jacking-off motion in front of his crotch. Everybody laughed.

“Thanks for that demonstration, Derrick,” Coach said patronizingly. “And sure, masturbation is important. I’ve told you guys that from the very beginning – maybe not in so many words, or in as…illustrative a manner as Derrick just presented it. Taking a load out of your balls is the first step to taking a load off your mind. Sometimes they can be one and the same.”

People were shifting around now, curious and maybe a bit nervous to hear where this was going.

“Now, some of you guys have been organizing a little pre-game group activity for the last few months. Is there anybody who’s not aware of that?” Only one or two guys raised their hands, but not me. I’d done the pre-game circle jerk at Brent’s once or twice. It hadn’t been a big deal – more of a bonding experience than anything. Just an option, if you wanted it: head over to Brent’s before the game and pop a load off with whoever was hanging out in his basement at the time. More fun that doing it alone. Sometimes we traded hands, which was kinda wild.

“Circle jerks are a tried-and-true thing for horny young jocks like you,” Coach said. “But using your hand – or your buddy’s hand – often leaves something to be desired, when it comes to getting off. Really, the most satisfying experience is to sink your cock into a tight, willing hole;  to fuck that piece until you shoot your load deep inside. Am I right or am I right?”

Now there was a nervous, excited edge to our laughter. We’d never heard Coach talk so frankly about sex, to use the same language that we used. His description was so spot-on and so…palpable, that it made me chub up right then and there. Honestly, that was the thing I missed the most about my girlfriend – my hard cock raring to go, her cunt wet and spread; pushing the head of it against that slick slit until it sliced right inside, enveloping my cock, gripping it tightly on all sides as I sunk it deeper and deeper until my nuts were pressed against her.

“Now I ran this idea by the first-string players just the other day. It turned out even better than I imagined, and with their approval, I’m bringing this new method to you.” Coach held out his hands. He paused. It was like he didn’t know what to say next. You could cut the tension with a knife.

“One thing you guys might not know about me is that I’ve been around the block, where the ladies are concerned. I’ve been married twice, had more girlfriends than you can imagine. And I’ve learned some things that you young scamps probably haven’t, yet. One of them being how good it can feel to have something up your ass.”

Now everybody was really uncomfortable. Though, honestly, I knew exactly what Coach was talking about – I’d been plugging my butt with my fingers while I jacked off since I was twelve. It wasn’t something I went around talking about, but I wasn’t particularly ashamed of it, either.

“My first wife was the first one to do it. Just a little finger action during oral sex. Totally shocking at first, then exciting. Then I had a girlfriend who gave me my first rim job.” At the word “rim job” everyone cracked up. “Now, now, I know you’re all laughing cause you’ve probably never had one before.”

“I have,” Derrick said, and everyone laughed again.

“Who gave you a rim job?” Brent asked.

“Angie,” Derrick said.

“Okay, enough,” Coach said, holding up his hand, but he was laughing, too. “Tell us about it Derrick.”

“Wull, I don’t know. She was, you know, sucking my balls, and she just went down there, and I was like freaking out at first but then it started to feel really good.”

“You guys who are laughing about it, you don’t know how good it can feel to have a tongue working against your asshole. It’s like nothing else.” I looked to Derrick and to Coach and I was kind of jealous. I knew about rim jobs, of course, but the sex I’d had with my girlfriend had been, in retrospect, unadventurous. Missionary position, penis-in-vagina. I’d never even had a blowjob before. More than once had I thrown my legs up and pressed my fingers against my hole, imagining a girl down there digging her tongue against it.

“There’s a lot of nerve endings down there,” Coach continued. “It’s worth exploring, sometime. But that’s not why we’re here today.”

“Yeah, Coach, why are we here?”

“I guess I’ve beat around the bush long enough. What I’m going to propose – and what me and your first-stringers pulled off with much success the other night – is that you guys can use me – your Coach – as a sort of stopgap, a release valve if you will. I’ve taken much bigger things up my ass since that finger years ago, mainly some toys. I hadn’t taken a cock up there before until the other night. Brent’s cock, in fact,” he said, motioning to Brent, who looked like the cat that ate the cream.

“I popped Coach’s cherry,” he said. Coach chuckled.

“That he did,” he said. I think we’d all known it was leading up to this, but you could hear a pin drop. The notion of Brent fucking Coach’s ass was too weird to truly believe.

“How was it for you?” Coach said to Brent.

“Pretty sweet. I came in like, five minutes.”

“And it wasn’t too bad for me, either. It felt good, actually, to give something back to you guys, who do so much for this team.” A few guys shifted uncomfortably. Nobody knew what to say. “So that’s basically that. I’m proposing that, before certain games – I’ll determine when and where – you guys can use my ass to get yourselves off.”

“You’re saying we get to fuck you, Coach?”

“Not whenever you want. I mean, you can’t call me up in the middle of the night and expect to sink your cock in my ass whenever a boner pops up. But otherwise, yeah. You get to fuck me. But only if you all want to. Only if you all agree to it, here and now.”

I looked around at everybody. You could tell that some guys weren’t too sure about it. But the thing was, the first-string guys had already done it. And if they’d done it, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? And honestly, who is going to say no to someone offering their ass for you to fuck, even if it is your Coach?

“I say fuck yeah,” Joey said.

“Thank you, Joey. Go easy on the language, though.”

“Sorry, Coach.”

“Well, how about the rest of you?” There were some murmurs, then some assent, then the tide shifted.

“Yeah,” we all said to each other. “Hell yeah.”


And then came Thursday, the day before our big game with United. Everyone in school was talking about it, but if they looked closer they might have noticed the football players talking in a more secretive manner. We were all wondering if and how and when it was going to go down with Coach.

I asked Mario what happened with the first stringers. “We met at Coach’s house. He outlined it pretty much like he did to all of us the other day. I mean, it is crazy, but all of us were definitely horny and down to try it. We went down into his basement and got naked and we were laughing and joking about it but we all had boners. Even Coach did. He had Vaseline and he just bent over the sofa. Brent went first.”

“Did you use condoms?” I asked. Mario looked at me askance.

“Why would we?” he said. I shrugged. It seemed a reasonable question but obviously protection had not been part of the equation. To tell you the truth that turned me on pretty fiercely – I’d never fucked without a condom before. “I mean, it was weird getting sloppy seconds. But it was also okay, you know, cause it’s my teammates.”

“We helped ourselves to Coach’s bar while we were waiting to go. It ended up being kind of a party, drinking and fucking. Each of us got our nut and then somebody said Coach ought to get his. He was kind of like…he didn’t care if he got off, but we got him. We held him down and jacked him off. It was funny.”

Before the final bell rang, Joey came into homeroom and he was kind of wobbling on his feet. He looked like I’d never seen him before, and when he smiled at me I realized it was cause he was spent. He sat next to me and whispered in my ear.

“Coach wants you down in the locker room after the final bell.”

As I descended the stairs to the gym I ran into Jonathan. He smiled at me. “Can you believe we’re doing this?” I said.

“It is a little uncanny,” Jonathan said. “But Coach’s reasoning is sound. I’m looking forward to it.” I smiled at him. I liked Jonathan; he was in my Calculus and he always helped me out. It was just like him to look at it logically.

The gym was eerily quiet but the locker room was even quieter. Brent was there, leaning against a locker. He tipped up his chin at us. Steve, the rookie, was sitting on the bench. He looked really unsure. We waited, not really talking, until Coach walked in. He had on his usual uniform – tight t-shirt, whistle around his neck, short shorts, and clipboard under his arm. I looked at his firm, round butt. I couldn’t believe I was going to get to fuck that.

“Hey there, guys,” Coach said. “Come back to the office with me.”  We filed inside and Coach shut the door behind us. “Apologies for the close quarters,” Coach said, and leaned against his desk. The office was a small, oblong-shaped room with Coach’s desk at one end and a couple file cabinets on the other – I leaned against one of them. The middle part of Coach’s desk was cleared off. The curtains on the windows Coach used to watch us while we suited up, stripped down and showered off were shut tight.

“I’m sure you’re all aware of why you’re here, but I want to say it up front: you’re here to fuck my ass until you cum.”

I almost laughed. It was sort of shocking for Coach to put it so bluntly, but that was his way: when he wanted to get a reaction, to cement something in our consciousness, he always talked frankly.

“If any of you don’t want to partake in that, that’s fine, but tell me now.” I looked around. Jonathan seemed cool and confident. Brent had a grin on his face – he reached down to tweak his cock in front of his shorts. I think that’s when I really started to get excited. I mean, I’d been curious to fuck a guy in the ass – Coach especially – but I’d never considered what it would feel like to fuck him around some of my teammates.

Steve was the only one who seemed freaked out, but he didn’t say anything. I wondered if he was just going along with it because everybody else was.

“Okay. So that’s consent from all of you, yes?”

“Yeah,” we all said. Even Steve.

“Good,” Coach said. “Now this is my third round today. And I gotta say, it’s been rewarding. A little tiring, of course.  I’ve taken a shower and cleaned myself out as best I could between each round, but, you know, this is sloppy seconds. Or sloppy sevenths if you want to get technical about it.”

Coach reached down into his desk drawer. “The only other thing I want to mention is that the point is to get your nut.” He pulled out a giant pump bottle of lube and set it on the desk. “I don’t mind you enjoying yourself a bit – that’s what this is about, after all – but please don’t try to hold off. If you feel your nut rising, go with it, get off, and let the next guy have a turn. I have a whole team to take on, after all. Please, just be respectful.”

Coach lifted off his shirt. I took a moment to admire his fit, hairy chest. “So who’s gonna go first?” he said. We looked around at each other. Jonathan said “I will.”

“Great,” Coach said, and he began to take off his shorts. “You all should get naked. No reason to wait.” As we stripped Coach pulled off his shorts and underwear. He stood there; his flaccid, thick cock perched atop his hairy balls, watching us shuck off our clothes. I was already chubbing up and I was relieved to see that Jonathan and Brent were in the same state. Only Steve seemed unsure of himself. He was a shorter guy, but well-developed, with a patch of hair on his chest and a nice thatch of dark hair over his pubes. Still, I had a feeling he was a virgin and would need some encouragement.

“Alright, Jonathan. You look like you’re ready,” Coach said, motioning to Jonathan’s long cock which was already throbbing. Jonathan smirked as he stroked it.

“I am. I haven’t gotten laid in over a month.” Coach spread a towel over his desk them climbed up on it, spreading his ass out behind him. What a sight it was: Coach’s firm round cheeks, covered in a light dusting of hair, with his pink, slightly used-looking hole winking at us.

Jonathan was tall and slim but really fit; I’d always admired his cut, visible muscles. He strode over to the desk, hard cock in his hand. He reached forward and ran his hand over Coach’s ass. It was such a fine ass, was the thing – I mean, I think we’d all admired it before; it was a real bubble butt. Jonathan looked back at us as he felt Coach’s ass, cupping those firm cheeks in his palm. When he rubbed his thumb over Coach’s hole it squinched up then relaxed again.

Me and Brent were both jacking off. Steve was just watching. Jonathan got into position and laid his cock on Coach’s crack. Coach was on all fours, his strong back parallel to the desk. “There ya go, son,” he said as Jonathan rode his cock along Coach’s deep, hairy crevasse.

“Coach, this might seem strange but I always like licking a girl before I slide my cock in her. Do you think I could do that with you?”

“Sure, Jon,” Coach said. “Only don’t take too much time.”

“I won’t,” Jonathan said, and I could tell he was excited as he leaned down and licked up Coach’s crack. His tongue made contact with Coach’s asshole. Coach let out his breath. Jonathan licked around it, then speared his tongue deep, stroking his cock all the while. I was seeing a whole new kinky side of Jonathan. He was really getting in there, sometimes using his hands to spread Coach’s big butt wide and dig his tongue deeper. I wondered if he was eating some cum from the teammates who had gone before.

He pumped lube into his palm and slapped it onto Coach’s hole. He spread more onto his cock. Then he pressed his cock to Coach’s hole and slid inside. He held it deep in there for a moment then started pumping it.

“There you go, son. How’s that feel?”

“Amazing, Coach,” Jonathan said. He looked back at us. “Incredible.” He held onto Coach’s big butt cheeks as he fucked. I had a side view and there was something about Jonathan’s abs, each one so defined, that was totally intriguing. I got a little closer and Jonathan saw me and smiled, so I walked closer still.

“That look good to you, Audley?” Coach said. Audley’s my last name; Coach always used it.

“Yeah,” I said. I was so hard. Brent came up to us. He slapped Coach’s ass while Jonathan fucked it. Coach groaned. He actually liked it. So I gave it a slap too, and then Jonathan did the same.

“Fuck, this is gonna make me cum,” Jonathan said.

“That’s right stud, give me that load. Shoot it right in me,” Coach said, and he moaned. I chanced a feel of Jonathan’s abs. He didn’t seem weirded out so I kept my hand on them, feeling them clench and release as he worked his hips against Coach’s ass. Brent followed suit except his fingers went right to where Jonathan’s cock was slicing into Coach’s tight pink asshole, feeling it as it slid in and out. Jonathan smiled at us and started showing off a little, flexing his abs, pulling his cock all the way out and pausing before I rammed it back in.

“Here I cum,” Jonathan said. He slammed deep and held it. “Oh, fuck!” Brent had his hands on Jonathan’s balls, cupping them as they emptied their load deep into Coach’s hole.

I went next. Jonathan slid out and I just took his place, spreading some lube on my cock – which I didn’t even really need because Coach’s ass was dripping with Jonathan’s cum. Brent stayed close to us; Jonathan walked over to where Coach’s towel was hooked and used it wipe himself off. Steve was still on the sidelines, but his cock was ragingly hard.

I started pumping Coach’s ass and it was like heaven, just the warmest wettest tightest feeling. There was also something about the fact that Jonathan had just been in there, had just lost his load – plus all the other guys, too. I loved feeling Coach’s firm ass as I fucked it. I ran my hands up his tight lower back.

“That’s it, Audley. Fuck that ass, get that nut.” Coach kept up a steady stream of dirty talk and encouragement – his way of helping us to get off, I guess. At one point I leaned down onto Coach’s body and held it close to me, my hips still working my cock into him.

“Yeah Audley, fuck him,” Brent said. He was doing the same thing that he’d done with Jonathan, slapping Coach’s ass, feeling where my cock was going into Coach. When he felt my balls I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Gonna cum in you, Coach,” I said.

“That’s right, Audley. Fill that cunt. Get me pregnant.” Coach’s words really turned me on. Compared to what it had been like fucking my ex, there was something more intimate about this: fucking Coach raw without a condom, pumping it right into him. Brent held my nuts tight as they scrunched up and I unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum into Coach’s hole. When I pulled out a river of cum poured out.

“Damn,” Coach said, reaching back to feel it.

“Don’t even need to lube up,” Brent said.

“Hell yeah,” Jonathan said as Brent took position and slammed his fat, stout cock into Coach.

“Dammit, McKinley, take it a little slower.”

“Sorry Coach,” Brent said. But after he’d paused for a few minutes he went right back to it. Brent was just such a bull, it was his way to be aggressive on and off the field. It was such a pleasure to watch him fuck. He had this amazing body – just thick and muscular all over, like a colt. Jonathan and I really got into feeling his body. When my hands went to Coach, I was surprised to find that his cock was hard. He pushed my hand away when I started stroking it, though, so I felt up his chest and nipples. I’d always wanted to touch Coach’s chest, I realized. It was just so thick and manly. As I was doing it, though, my cock started to get hard again. I was a little shocked when Coach took it in his mouth, but it felt amazing.

“Fuck yeah,” Brent said when he saw what was happening. “Eiffel tower.” We slapped palms over Coach and I fucked his face while Brent fucked his ass. I wondered if Coach could take both of our cocks in his ass at the same time but I couldn’t think of a way to ask him for this.

Jonathan seemed fascinated by Brent’s ass. It really was a nice one, smooth and tanned and really muscled. When Brent leaned into Coach and sort of spread his ass out behind him, Jonathan got behind Brent and started licking it.

“Fuck that feels good,” Brent said, sort of pausing his fuck while Jonathan went for it. “Oh my god, fuck yeah, lick my ass,” Brent said. I couldn’t believe we’d gotten to this point: Coach getting spit-roast while Jonathan gave Brent a rim job. Steve was looking on in something like horror but his hardon said all that needed to be said.

When Brent came, Coach took my cock out of his mouth. “Thanks,” I said.

“You’ll have to finish that off yourself,” Coach said, motioning to my hard cock. “Only one round per player today.”

“Steve’s turn,” Brent said. All four of us looked back at him.

“C’mon Steve!” we said.

“Get that hard cock over here!”

“Fuck him, little Steve!”

“Get that dick wet for the first time!”

This made Steve smile a little but he was obviously nervous. We helped him out. Brent got a handful of lube and spread it on Steve’s prick; Jonathan placed Steve’s hips in the right place and I took hold of his cock and directed into Coach’s sloppy hole. He pushed it inside.

“How’s that feel, little stud?” Brent said.

“Good,” Steve said. I believed him – his eyes were practically rolling back in his head.

“Go on and fuck him,” I said.

Steve started out tentatively, with cautious pumps into Coach’s ass. But as he got comfortable fucking Coach, he got more and more aggressive. It was so hot to watch. He had a great little ass, hard and hairy, so I wasn’t surprised when Jonathan dove into it. But I was surprised when I saw Brent pull little Steve’s face to his. They started making out with tongues and everything. It was a nice thing for Brent to do, I guess; to give Steve the entire sexual experience on his first time. But he wasn’t going to last long.

I took hold of Steve’s hairy balls. Coach was spitting out encouragement: “Fuck my ass you hot little virgin, pump that cherry cock into me, fill me with your load.” Steve broke off from his kiss with Brent to catch his breath. I was jacking my cock and Brent was too. We looked at each other and we just went for it – Brent took my head in his hand and pulled me into him and we kissed.

“Gonna cum!” Steve announced. I knew I was going to, too, and the way Brent was moaning as he made out with me told me he was, too. Sure enough, I broke off from the kiss just in time to see Brent’s load streaming all over Coach’s ass. My own followed suit, and Brent and I kept our hands wrapped around each other’s  necks, our faces close, our breath close as we creamed our second loads onto Coach and Steve, some of it getting pushed back into Coach with Steve’s cock. Jonathan seemed content to watch and not get off another load.

“Good job, kid,” Brent said, slapping Steve on the shoulder. Steve looked sheepish, but proud of himself. I felt better than I had in months – it had been a truly great fuck. I felt ready for the game, ready to take on United. Coach had been right. He always was. He couldn’t hide his pride in us as he sat up on his desk, a puddle of cum forming under his ass.

We took care of him. Brent made out with him. Jonathan licked his nuts and Steve jacked Coach’s cock until it came. I licked and sucked on Coach’s tits. Coach came like a volcano and we all took turns licking it off of him. It was, truly, a team effort.