by Natty Soltesz

The other day Johnny came in to gym. I was at the desk, being a weight room monitor, which is what I do for work – put weights away, clean off machines.

Johnny was there to work out. He’s my bro. We have a couple classes together and he lifts as much as I do so we’re always hanging out.

I said something to him about his shoulders because they were looking good.

“I’m not juicing if that’s what you’re getting at,” he said.

“No, no,” I said. His shoulders looked uber pumped but Johnny didn’t seem like the steroid type. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Biff is one of our bros and he shoots up. It looks good on him, it’s just not for me. “Are you doing something different?” Johnny gave me this look.

“Not exactly,” he said, and smiled. “I’m doing a supplement. Sort of.”

“Is it from GNC?” Johnny looked around. He leaned toward me and talked low over the clanking weights, whirring treadmills and grunts from the guys doing deadlifts on the other side of the room.

“I’m eating my jizz,” he said.

“What?” Johnny looked at me and laughed.

“I read about it on the internet. It’s protein, you know? And testosterone. I put it in with my shake.”

“Dude,” I said. Then I had to laugh. “That’s sick.”

“It’s natural. It’s, like, putting back in your body the helpful stuff that goes out when you cum.”

Johnny was still working out when my shift was done so I did some squats and bicep curls with him, then we hit the showers.

“So if it’s supposed to be so good for you, how come my girlfriend doesn’t get all pumped and jacked and shit when she swallows my load?” Johnny shrugged. He ran his soapy hands over his smooth and bulging torso.

“I’m not saying it’s a miracle. It’s just an extra boost. Plus, be real – how often does she really swallow your load, anyway?”

When I got home I tried to find the article on the internet that Johnny was talking about but I couldn’t. Still, it seemed like it sort of made sense. And actually, if I’m being honest about things, the idea of it sorta turned me on. I figured it couldn’t hurt, and Johnny was doing it anyway.

So I took all my clothes off, laid down on my bed and jacked off. When I jack off I like to feel my body, like I’m imagining a girl touching it and admiring my perfect young muscle-guy physique. I thought of how much a girl would want to eat my cum and the idea of doing it myself was turning me on like crazy. I shot jizz all up my abs and chest and some of it went over my shoulder. Still there were huge thick ropes of it slashing across my torso and it made me think that, yeah, there really might be a lot of nutrition and power in that stuff that I was losing every time I came. I scooped it up real quick but as soon as I took a taste I gagged a little. I’d lost the feeling, and my jizz was cold and gross. So that experiment failed.

I told Johnny the next day. “Put it in your shake, bro,” he said. “You don’t even notice it.”

“I don’t do supplements,” I said.

“I’ve put it in my breakfast before. Egg whites or cereal or whatever. Just mix it in.”

So that was a good idea. I made myself an omelet that night and right before I ate I opened the omelet up like a pussy and shot my load right inside. Ate it naked. It was pretty good.

I didn’t notice a difference the next day when I worked out but it was a good workout and I felt pretty powerful afterward. I busted the shit out of my chest and abs. Johnny was with me.

“I’ve done it sometimes where I shoot right in my mouth,” he said, sliding on his underwear in the locker room.

“How?” I asked. We were the only ones there. Johnny showed me by getting on his back on the locker room floor and throwing his legs over his head, ass in the air.

“Like this,” he said. “You aim for your mouth and just unload right in and swallow at the same time.”

“Wow.” I was getting hard thinking about it and when Johnny stood up I saw that he was in the same state.

“It is kinda fun,” Johnny said when he noticed me and the embarrassment had passed, a little. “I think it’s better to take it direct anyway,” he said once we’d gotten outside. “Cold it loses nutrients. Shoot it right in and it’s entering and leaving your body at almost the same time.”

I did it that night. When I felt up my body I felt up my ass too, which I do sometimes but it was all up in the air and exposed so it felt extra sexy. I’ve got a nice firm smooth ass. I shave it. When I came I missed my aim a little and shot some on my face and chin, otherwise it worked like a charm.

Maybe it was in my head but I really felt like I could feel it afterward. In fact I did it again, the next morning before I left for class.

“The best thing about it is that it’s something you do all the time anyway,” Johnny said. “And the more you do it, the better.”

Our buddy Biff was with us. He’s the one who shoots roids, and like I said, he does it right. He looks huge and amazing. “Did Johnny tell you what he’s been doing?” Biff asked me after we’d showered up and Johnny took off.

“I’m doing it too,” I said.

“Me too,” Biff said low. “Seems like it makes a difference.”

“How can you tell from all the other stuff you take?” I asked.

“I dunno I just can,” he said, shrugging his Hulk shoulders.

The next day Johnny and I sat down at Panera where we’d gotten sandwiches after class. “Maybe we should hit the bathroom and increase the, uh, nutrient content,” Johnny said, looking down at our sandwiches. We laughed and I could tell that Johnny was getting off on it as much as me. So what we did, was, we slipped the top halves of our sandwiches into our pockets and went into the bathroom one at a time. I went first so I waited for Johnny who took even less time than I had. He showed me his jizzed-up bread and I showed him mine. “Wanna trade?” Johnny said, but I just laughed it off.

“One, two, three.” We bit into our sandwiches at the same time. It was so funny, sitting there eating our jizzwiches while all around us were oblivious girls and guys and professors and shit.

“I was thinking the other day, I wonder if you’d get more from another source than you get from yourself?” Johnny said a couple days later.

“That’s why you wanted to trade sandwiches,” I said.

“You gotta figure that it’s complex stuff – proteins and amino acids and hormones. If you ate somebody else’s, even like once in a while, it might be a lot more beneficial than always eating your own because you’d be getting different stuff.”

“Did the website say that?”

“No not really, I was just thinking it.”

“It makes sense,” I said. Johnny smiled and looked away.

“I mean, it’s kinda gay,” he said, still not looking at me. I was glad he said it, though, cause it needed to be said.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

That was all we said about it that day. But then we kept talking about it. We decided to each of us jizz in one of those pudding packs and exchange them. So we did that, and we ate them in the locker room before our workout, sitting across from one another. I could taste it, maybe a little. Johnny’s cum. He was eating mine too. I looked up at him and he must have been thinking the same thing cause we started grinning at each other. Biff came in and said “Why the fuck are you guys eating in the locker room?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Johnny said and we cracked up.

Then one night we were both drunk on a bottle of tequila. I’d never been to Johnny’s place but it was cool. We hanged out in his room and drank and looked through his workout magazines, he had tons of them. I realized that he was my best friend, and felt pretty sure that he was thinking the same thing, which was cool, cause we’d always just been workout buddies before.

Johnny had dumbbells in his room and we were drunk, doing bicep curls and shoulder presses and stuff. We started talking about the cum thing. I told Johnny that my favorite thing was to shoot off in my mouth, that I do it pretty much every time I jack off now.

“Same,” Johnny said. The way he looked at me made me know that we were on exactly the same page. Plus it was great to talk to someone about jacking off. Like it was something I’d been doing my whole life, but even with my high school friends, we would just jag each other about it even though we all knew each other did it.

We’d gotten in our underwear after we’d started working out and once we started talking about the cum thing we both started getting hard.

“I guess we’re both getting off on it.”

“We might as well admit it.” We laughed. “It was pretty fun eating each other’s.” I nodded. “What would be the big difference, anyway?” Johnny said.


“Yeah. We can just shoot it in each other’s mouths.” We got naked. Johnny’s cock was completely shaved and I was admiring it. He was totally hard and moving his dick around letting me look at his smooth mound and nuts.

“You got a big cock,” he said and reached out and grabbed mine, which was a little much for me but he apologized. So yeah, we ended up eating each other’s loads again, only straight this time, no pudding. I went first at least. I knelt down and Johnny shot off in my mouth. It was weird to see him jack off but sort of cool, too, like less of a big deal than you would think it would be. Like something best friends could get away with, same as a hug or slapping their ass.

When Johnny said he was ready to cum I was so drunk that I didn’t care, I just swallowed it down like it was my medicine. Then he knelt down for me. I concentrated on aiming it good cause Johnny hadn’t gotten any on my face, which I’d appreciated. I looked up at one point and then I felt this incredible warm wet sensation, and I swear at first I was shocked, I didn’t know where it was coming from. Then I realized and I looked down and Johnny’s lips were around the head of my cock. And he was sort of nursing it, not really sucking it, because I was still jacking off. It was like he was just getting a tight seal so he could ingest it all. But at the same time he was using his tongue real tight against the bottom like a baby on a nipple. It only lasted a second because I totally lost it and he swallowed it right down.

We didn’t talk about it and the next time we hanged out we did it again. That time I used my lips and tongue on him.

We were working out all the time and getting pretty fucking ripped. Who knew what role the cum really played but it all made sense, sort of, and it was fun and felt good so who cared?

Johnny’s grandma died so he was out of town, and me and Biff ended up working out together. I found out that he and Johnny had been doing it too – shooting in each other’s mouths. “I’m hooked,” Biff kept saying.

I said it would make sense to mix it up even more, so Biff and I ended up doing it in this auxiliary locker room hardly anybody ever uses, in the basement. Biff got mine first and, oh man, he was really sucking my dick. I mean just totally sucking it, no doubt. I came in like ten seconds and he seemed satisfied, but I guess he noticed a look on my face cause he asked me what was up.

“You really sucked it,” I said, thinking that it was something I needed to say but he just shrugged.

“Yeah, might as well, so what?” He had a short fat cock. I sucked it. He was right, of course. It wasn’t a big deal and it was even sort of fun, knowing how good it must have felt for him.

The next day Biff and I met up at my place before hitting the gym and we did each other at the same time. You know, sixty-nine style. Biff on the bottom. We came at the same time in each other’s mouths, it was amazing.

“You cum a lot,” Biff said, wiping his mouth. “It’s awesome.” I watched him shoot up his steroids from a little kit he kept in his bag.

We were at the gym for like four hours, it was nuts. I thought about how people say that when you cum it takes a lot out of you, like you hear about football teams where the coach tells them that they aren’t allowed to jack off all season to keep them hungry and aggressive. It seemed like we had a better thing going on because we got to cum and then it went right back in us, but I guess that would be weird for a football coach to ask his players to swallow their own loads.

When Johnny got back he said there was something he wanted to try, and it was really gay but he didn’t care.

He wanted me to shoot cum up his ass.

“It’s a different delivery method,” he said. “Going through your digestive system, it’s gotta encounter all this stuff that breaks it down. Stomach acid and stuff. Your rectum is like this direct line to your bloodstream. That’s why gay guys get HIV.”

He didn’t have to justify any of it to me, I told him. I’d been thinking the same thing. But I’d have to get drunk first. So we did, in Johnny’s room. Then he got on his bed bare-ass naked with his firm ass spread out, which was shaved, too, just like a pussy. I used Vaseline and lined up his asshole with my cock and slid it in after a couple of tries.

Then, I dunno. Fucking him, with the knowledge that my orgasm was all that mattered, kinda did it for me. It was good. I found myself trying to make it last, sliding my cock in and out of his clean ass like it was a prime piece of trim. He jacked off while I did it and timed it so that we came at the same time. He shot off on the bedspread and I just scooped that up and ate it.

Later he said he wasn’t sure about it all because a lot of my cum had come out of him when he’d taken a shit later that night.

“It might be better to eat it,” he said. “Who knows.”

“It felt better than I imagined,” he said later. I had to try it. We got naked and he lay back on his bed and I sat on it. I focused on controlling the muscle so I could relax, and when I did I saw what Johnny meant. It did feel good. I came before he did.

Eventually we all came and did it together, Biff and Johnny at Johnny’s place. Biff hadn’t tried it yet so we tag-teamed his ass. He took it real good, his cock was hard almost the entire time, so we ended up just taking our time and enjoying it. I mean we went at it for an entire evening, even into the next morning.

“Total fag fuck frenzy,” Johnny said at one point and we all laughed. I mean, that’s what it was in a way, but in another way it definitely wasn’t because we’re all straight, we’re just close bros. Which makes it so fun because it’s like we can do whatever we want with each other and nobody has to know, so why should we care what we do if it’s fun and it’s getting us off?

There was one point where me and Johnny were laying on the bed and Biff was taking turns riding our dicks. Which was hot in and of itself, because Biff is this huge ripped lug and there he was just riding me and Johnny like a total fuck slut, one of us after the other, going from cock to cock, his own fat hard on wagging and flopping like a conductor’s baton as he fucked himself on us. And I could feel Johnny’s body next to mine and I felt close to both of them at that moment, but Johnny most of all. So I looked over at him and he looked over at me and it was this perfect moment where I felt like we were both in exactly the same place. He reached over and felt my face and I reached over and felt his. And the next thing I knew he was coming in closer to me and me to him and our lips met and we started making out. I was feeling the perfect hard angle of his stubbled jawline and working my tongue against his and, god I can’t believe I’m saying this but it was like two becoming one. Like this ultimate expression of our friendship, this utter moment of male bonding.

It was like 2 am and neither Biff or me wanted to go home so we just all crashed out in the bed together. And we were kind of snuggling up and it felt comfortable and great. But I was kind of glad to leave the next morning because it was also confusing, like a little too gay for comfort. But then Johnny and I went out that night and we both picked up chicks and fucked them, which was a nice. We called each other the next day and told each other everything we’d done with them. Which ended up getting us hot so we jacked off with each other on the phone. And ate our loads, of course.


K. Mack is this older guy who works out at the campus gym. He was a safety for the Bengals back in the 90s and for, like, an old guy, he’s really built. He’s a total fixture there at the gym because he’s staff for the athletics department which is in the same building. Everybody knows him.

We were in the locker room, me and Johnny and Biff, our first workout since our fuck fest. I think we all knew that we were going to do it again eventually, and it was this fun shared secret. But K. Mack was in there and we’d just gotten out of the shower when he came in and started undressing. And I think how it started was that K. Mack took off his shirt and Johnny made some remark about how hairy he was.

He’s got this broad chest and huge shoulders, I mean his rib cage must be like twice as wide as mine, and it’s all covered in this thick spread of brown chest hair.

“It’s a sign of virility,” K. Mack said.

“Of what?” Biff said.

“It means he’s a stud,” I said, and everybody laughed. But I saw K. Mack kind of glance at Johnny and Biff and me, because all three of us are totally hairless. I mean, none of us even shave our chests because there’s nothing to shave. And we all shave our cocks and assholes because, well, I think chicks dig that and it seems gross to have all that hair down there. But K. Mack slipped off his shorts and his big fat cock flopped out and it was in this crazy thicket of hair and what can I say, it looked good. I saw Johnny and Biff looking at it too.

“It means I’m a man,” K. Mack said, slipping his hand under his nuts and hefting up his package. His cock swelled up a little, and I could tell it was a real fucking huge cock. He walked off to the shower, his firm ass flexing, all covered in that hair.

That night Johnny and I gave each other a cum injection and afterward, we started talking about K. Mack.

“You have to wonder if he has something that we don’t. You know, like in his hormones,” I said.

“I heard he fucks like half the freshman girls every year.”

The next day I see Johnny talking to K. Mack in the corner and I knew something was up. My heart race increased just thinking of what Johnny might be coming up with. We worked out and K. Mack kept looking over at me, and he winked at one point.

“I told him what we’ve been doing. He’s down with it,” Johnny finally managed to tell me. K. Mack came up to us right after that and slapped us both on the shoulders. He had these huge hands.

Me and Johnny went back to his place. He stripped us down and we got on our knees in front of him and took turns sucking his huge, hairy cock.

“I shoot huge loads so there’ll be plenty to go around,” he said. And damn if there wasn’t. He had these huge nuts and Johnny and were sucking and licking them. I mean it was totally turning me on just imagining what was in them, his fucking seed which was probably so loaded with protein and testosterone.

Finally he shot and Johnny and I were scrambling to eat all we could. Some of it got on our faces so we licked it off each other.

We got Biff to come over the next time and we all ended up taking turns riding K. Mack’s big stick. He just lay back and let us work on him like the stud he was. He’d saved up a seven-day load for us, which I thought was a nice gesture. We fucked all night and he shot a load in each of us. And we went to sleep like that, the four of us in bed together, each of us with a load of K. Mack’s cum up our ass. In the morning K. Mack sucked each of us off and swallowed all of our loads.

“I’m not sure about your theories but I respect your methods,” he said. “Probably something to be said for young, fresh cum, too.”

“That makes a lot of sense,” Johnny said, waxing scientific as always.

I mean it was all so gay. Most definitely gay. But at the same time it was all in the service of our bodies. Johnny works out cause he plays tennis and basketball, it helps his game. Biff wants to compete in bodybuilding competitions. Me, I just want to look good so I get laid.

But I can’t deny the fun of it, at the same time. It’s like, I’m getting laid in order to look good to get laid. I think that’s ironic but I’m not sure.