Story Situation Poll Results

Congratulations, pollsters: you did the right thing. I know I pushed for the Seann William Scott/Stifler story, but truth be told I voted for the ill-fated story about a tanning salon clerk. But that’s cool – apparently THREE OTHER PEOPLE think it’s a good idea, too (even my devoted bf suggested I nix it). What is it about preening, body-conscious dudes that turns me on so much? Sorry, world – you may never know (unless, of course, said world reads any of the dozens of other stories where I write about shaved, cologned assholes).

Anyway, the Stifler story is already a quarter of the way written, and I have a good feeling about it. It’s making me laugh, at least. These celebrity/slash fiction pieces are the most fun to write, mainly because I don’t have to come up with the characters. Hell, I can basically plagiarize¬†Wikipedia:

Stifler is a popular, confident, oversexed jock. He can be a bully and a prankster, but is always good natured. He is known to have had many sexual partners, with 23 acts of sexual intercourse and at least one act of oral sex in his freshman year of college alone.

Done and DONE.

In related news, it seems our beloved SWS has gained some weight. It’s okay with me – I’m sure his ass is just that much more succulent.