New Story Alert!

I know I don’t give this blog a lot of love and attention lately, but I really do love it. Case in point: I’m currently working on my application for an artist fellowship, and while looking through the story files on my computer today (I was updating my resume and including my writing experience for the first time) I came across this one: Upwardly Mobile.

It was never submitted anywhere, never published, but it’s totally finished and (I realized as I read through it) not all that bad.

So it’s times like this that I’m glad to have this website as a venue for stuff that I’d otherwise have no purpose for. Like I said, it’s not a bad story – a little sexual socioeconomic fantasy (that was actually inspired by an episode of “Mad Men”) that does what it does.

And all of this helped me to put off writing my resume a little longer, which is a good thing.